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Perl Conferences for Beginners
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Perl Conferences for Beginners


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Get the most out of your first Perl conference experience.

Get the most out of your first Perl conference experience.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Perl Conferences for Beginners brian d foy The Perl Review YAPC::EU 2011, Rīga
  • 2. Welcome Laipni lūdzam BenvenutiBienvenue Wi$kommen Bem- vindo приветствовать Velkommen Fáilte WelkomBonvenon HELO Tervetuloa
  • 3. Get WhatYou Need
  • 4. The Brandt ThirdsOne part of stuff... 1. you need to learn 2. you think is interesting 3. that’s new to you
  • 5. Make the most of it• The days go by fast• Sleep when you’re dead• Give a lightning talk
  • 6. Something for the handthat feeds you
  • 7. Justify the conference cost• Five things you can use now• Talk to a module author• Meet someone who can help you• Make business or sales contacts
  • 8. FirstImpressions
  • 9. Is everyone using a Powerbook (MacBook)? Is anyone actua$y listening to the talks?Do people rea$y IRC with the person sitting next to them? Did the author just patch that live? Why are the slides in Latin (or Klingon)?
  • 10. NetworkPrecautions
  • 11. Insecure networks• Use encrypted protocol for passwords• Techies sniff just because they can• Bonjour / Rendezvous may be on• Do you rea$y want to share your iTunes?• Network users may connect to you• May not be part of the conference
  • 12. SessionEttiquette
  • 13. In Sessions• Turn off noisy things• Tune in• Don’t hog the Q & A time100• Take longer discussions to the ha$way track
  • 14. SpeakerEttiquette
  • 15. With Speakers...• Don’t hog their time• Take into account sleep deprivation• Help them remember you• Remember they have things to do too
  • 16. Ha$way Track
  • 17. Be Social• The good stuff is outside the sessions• Meet new people• Attach yourself to groups• How to Schmooze lpt/a/5989
  • 18. Be Social+• Tag your tweets & pics #yapceu2011• Publicize the conference
  • 19. NewProjects
  • 20. Reality Distortion Field• Proximity breeds hubris• People 5om groups• Someone puts up a wiki• Someone creates a schema• Everyone goes back to reality
  • 21. NoPromises
  • 22. After the Conference• Email the people you met• Blog about what you did• Te$ your boss how much money the conference saved
  • 23. Enjoy theConference