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Perl Conferences for Beginners


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Get the most out of your first Perl conference experience.

Published in: Technology

Perl Conferences for Beginners

  1. 1. Perl Conferences for Beginners brian d foy The Perl Review YAPC::EU 2011, Rīga
  2. 2. Welcome Laipni lūdzam BenvenutiBienvenue Wi$kommen Bem- vindo приветствовать Velkommen Fáilte WelkomBonvenon HELO Tervetuloa
  3. 3. Get WhatYou Need
  4. 4. The Brandt ThirdsOne part of stuff... 1. you need to learn 2. you think is interesting 3. that’s new to you
  5. 5. Make the most of it• The days go by fast• Sleep when you’re dead• Give a lightning talk
  6. 6. Something for the handthat feeds you
  7. 7. Justify the conference cost• Five things you can use now• Talk to a module author• Meet someone who can help you• Make business or sales contacts
  8. 8. FirstImpressions
  9. 9. Is everyone using a Powerbook (MacBook)? Is anyone actua$y listening to the talks?Do people rea$y IRC with the person sitting next to them? Did the author just patch that live? Why are the slides in Latin (or Klingon)?
  10. 10. NetworkPrecautions
  11. 11. Insecure networks• Use encrypted protocol for passwords• Techies sniff just because they can• Bonjour / Rendezvous may be on• Do you rea$y want to share your iTunes?• Network users may connect to you• May not be part of the conference
  12. 12. SessionEttiquette
  13. 13. In Sessions• Turn off noisy things• Tune in• Don’t hog the Q & A time100• Take longer discussions to the ha$way track
  14. 14. SpeakerEttiquette
  15. 15. With Speakers...• Don’t hog their time• Take into account sleep deprivation• Help them remember you• Remember they have things to do too
  16. 16. Ha$way Track
  17. 17. Be Social• The good stuff is outside the sessions• Meet new people• Attach yourself to groups• How to Schmooze lpt/a/5989
  18. 18. Be Social+• Tag your tweets & pics #yapceu2011• Publicize the conference
  19. 19. NewProjects
  20. 20. Reality Distortion Field• Proximity breeds hubris• People 5om groups• Someone puts up a wiki• Someone creates a schema• Everyone goes back to reality
  21. 21. NoPromises
  22. 22. After the Conference• Email the people you met• Blog about what you did• Te$ your boss how much money the conference saved
  23. 23. Enjoy theConference