HTTP API for Free? Check out CouchDB


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Presentation on CouchDB and its usage at VPRO. Given at Magnolia Conference 2010 in Basel and NoSQL-NL Meetup #4 at VPRO in Hilversum.

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  • HTTP API for Free? Check out CouchDB

    1. 1. HTTP API for Free? Check out CouchDB Nils Breunese, VPRO @breun
    2. 2. HTTP API HTTP is simple Every OS and programming language supports HTTP Lots of tooling available: proxying, caching, monitoring, etc. “Cool! So, how do I get one for my data?”
    3. 3. DIY?
    4. 4. Relax!
    5. 5. Apache CouchDB Document-oriented database Built-in HTTP server Map/Reduce Replication Written in Erlang, fast and reliable
    6. 6. CAP Theorem Consistency: all nodes see the same data at the same time Availability: node failures do not prevent survivors from continuing to operate Partition tolerance: the system continues to operate despite arbitrary message loss Choose any two; you can’t have all three
    7. 7. Eventual Consistency Consistency Partition Availability tolerance
    8. 8. CouchDB at VPRO - Broadcasts - Trailers - Clips Supplier 1 - Trailers - Etc. Media Supplier 2 Service Websites Etc. CouchDB ActiveMQ CouchDB Apps Twitter Publisher Mashup Etc. Flickr Harvester Etc. - Articles - Photos - Tweets - News - Etc.
    9. 9. Document
    10. 10. What’s a Document? JSON Schemaless Attachments
    11. 11. HTTP Document API Create POST /db Read GET /db/id Update PUT /db/id Delete DELETE /db/id (Also: HTTP Bulk Document API)
    12. 12. Views {“_id”: “myid1”, keywords: [“foo”,”bar”], title: “title1”, ...} {“_id”: “myid2”, keywords: [“foo”,”baz”], title: “title2”, ...} docs function(doc) { {key: “foo”, value: “title1”} doc.keywords.forEach(function(keyword) { {key: “foo”, value: “title2”} emit(keyword, doc.title); {key: “bar”, value: “title1”} }); {key: “baz”, value: “title2”} } map _count reduce {key: “foo”, value: 2} {key: “bar”, value: 1} {key: “baz”, value: 1}
    13. 13. Performance Append-only B-trees (crash proof) Views are pre-calculated indexes Incremental map/reduce Trade disk space for performance Very low RAM usage
    14. 14. HTTP View API /{db}/_design/{ddoc}/_view/{view_name} Query parameters: key=”foo” startkey, startkey_docid, endkey, endkey_docid limit, descending, skip, group, group_level, reduce /db/_design/unconf/_view/by_keyword?key=”foo”
    15. 15. Using the API Client-side: AJAX from browser (JSONP support in CouchDB) Invisible for search engines Server-side You can use a library like jcouchdb Indexable!
    16. 16. Formatting Data Show function: transform a document into... SVG, HTML, MP3, etc. List function: transform a view result RSS, etc.
    17. 17. Next Episode
    18. 18. Media Archive
    19. 19. Mashups
    20. 20. Public API Rewrite handlers for prettier URL’s API keys, monitoring, etc.? You might need an extra layer
    21. 21. CouchApp Replicatable HTML/JavaScript application Without any middleware! CouchApp tool to manage design documents
    22. 22. More CouchDB Website: Book: BigCouch: sharding GeoCouch: support for geospatial queries couchdb-lucene: full-text indexing and querying Myriad third-party libraries
    23. 23. VPRO Digital (Dutch)