Linked in helpful tips for growing a global network


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Linked in helpful tips for growing a global network

  1. 1. Helpful tips that have helped me grow my global network to over 30,000,000
  2. 2.         # of Users College Degree Average Age Average Income Male Female Decision Makers Average Portfolio 200M+ 87% 41 years $170K 64% 36% 49% for some product or service $350K
  3. 3.   In order to be invited by others to join their network, it is imperative to get your profile to 100% complete as quickly as possible! There are almost 300M professionals on Linked In looking at your profile, be sure and take the necessary time to get your profile done right!
  4. 4.    That is all you’re given when you join Linked In. You must make everyone of them count! The key to growing a large global network is getting others to invite you! 3000 invites sounds like a lot of invites, but you would be amazed at how quickly those can disappear.
  5. 5.   OPEN Networkers are people who are open to connect with virtually anyone and everyone. They may not know you and you may not know them, but you never know who they are connected to that may be the perfect connection for you! CLOSED Networkers are people who are not open to connecting to people they do not know. Attempting to connect with these folks could result in Linked IN penalizing you for being to aggressive.
  6. 6.     You’re encouraged to join groups on Linked In. You may join up to 50 free groups! Most groups require you to have your profile at 100% before joining their group. There are Open Networker Groups and those who are not Open Groups Join Open groups and participate in the very lively discussions inside of each group. This is another way of getting others to invite you to connect!
  7. 7.    This Open Networker Group is one of the largest groups on Linked In. JOIN this group and pay $50 annually (optional) to be placed on their Invite Me list! This is emailed out to all 150K members of this group each week! You will receive hundreds of quality invites every week! Guaranteed!! This is the #1 way I’ve built my vast global network
  8. 8.     With over 2M recruiters scouring all over Linked In, this is a group you must join if you’re seeking new opportunities! You must have a minimum of 10 Recommendation in order to join! As you can imagine, the recruiters are all over this group and it’s subgroups. 25 Recommendations allows you to join the Gold level and 100 Recommendations places you in the Platinum level!
  9. 9.   The best way to receive Recommendations is to begin giving Recommendations! I never offer Recommendations to those I have never done business with, and do not know. Doing so devalues the Recommendation process.
  10. 10.     One of the most important things about utilizing LI, is not just being on it, but Being Found on Linked In. Your Key Words is how you’re found in Linked In’s search engines. Key Words must be found in four places: Headline, Summary, Specialties and Experience The more times you’re found, the more opportunities you have! The more opportunities you have, the more success you’ll enjoy!
  11. 11. Contact Information Boe Parrish 405.990.0107