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Solomon Edwards Chicago Practice

  1. 1. At a Glance<br /><ul><li>SolomonEdwardsGroup, LLC is a leading business advisory and staffing solutions firm. Our customized solutions provide our clients with the right combination of talent and know-how to achieve their business objectives.
  2. 2. With practices specialized in Accounting & Finance and Banking & Financial Services, our strength lies in our ability to tactically assist clients with special projects, transaction support & integration, business process optimization initiatives, and regulatory compliance requirements.
  3. 3. Because we provide both business advisory and staffing services, SEG can customize a solution for each client we serve. If you need an individual to fill a role on an interim or permanent basis, a large team to execute a project initiative, or expert consultation on a technical issue, we can help. 
  4. 4. We operate seven offices in major cities throughout the country and maintain a global network of partners to serve multinational clients.</li></li></ul><li>Accounting <br />& Finance<br />Regulatory <br />Compliance<br />Transaction Support & Integration<br />Our Services & Solutions<br />Our core service capabilities encompass business advisory, project management, interim staffing and professional search. We deliver our services to our clients across a spectrum of functional and industry verticals that enables us to provide the specific expertise and methodologies required to deliver outstanding results.<br />Business Process Optimization<br />Banking & Financial Services<br />Technology Services<br />Business Advisory & Project Management<br />Interim Staffing<br />Professional Search<br />
  5. 5. Our Services & Solutions<br /><ul><li>Interim CFO & Controller
  6. 6. General Ledger Accounting & Reporting
  7. 7. Financial Modeling
  8. 8. Financial System Assessment & Optimization
  9. 9. Business Process Improvement
  10. 10. Policy & Procedure Development
  11. 11. Business Intelligence Tools
  12. 12. Financial Planning & Analysis
  13. 13. Budgeting & Forecasting
  14. 14. Shared Service Center Support</li></ul>Business Process Optimization<br />Accounting & Finance<br />Transaction Support & Integration<br />Regulatory Compliance<br /><ul><li>Project Management Office
  15. 15. Due Diligence
  16. 16. Merger Integration
  17. 17. Financial Carve-out
  18. 18. IPO Readiness
  19. 19. Bankruptcy & Turnaround
  20. 20. Technical Accounting
  21. 21. US GAAP & IFRS Advisory
  22. 22. SEC Reporting & Compliance
  23. 23. Sarbanes-Oxley
  24. 24. Internal Audit Services
  25. 25. Technology Risk</li></li></ul><li>The Value of SEG<br />Client Need Defined…<br />SEG’s Value…<br />Ownership Change - <br /><ul><li>Mergers & Acquisitions
  26. 26. IPO’s
  27. 27. Leveraged Buyout
  28. 28. Private Equity investment </li></ul>Delivering the talent and know-how to execute due diligence, merger integration, technical accounting, SEC reporting, IPO readiness, SOX compliance and more. SEG can mobilize and manage resources for special projects, provide professionals to back-fill positions during the change process or recruit talent to fill roles on a permanent basis.<br />Representative Clients…<br />
  29. 29. The Value of SEG<br />Client Need Defined…<br />SEG’s Value…<br />Compliance - <br /><ul><li>SEC Reporting
  30. 30. Financial Restatements
  31. 31. US GAAP / IFRS
  32. 32. Sarbanes - Oxley
  33. 33. Bank Compliance </li></ul>Delivering the talent and know-how to enable our clients to comply with applicable regulations across of broad spectrum of issues. SEG can serve as a technical advisor, mobilize and manage resources for compliance initiatives, provide professionals to augment client teams during peak compliance periods, or recruit talent to fill permanent roles.<br />Representative Clients…<br />
  34. 34. The Value of SEG<br />Client Need Defined…<br />SEG’s Value…<br />Business Growth / Downturn - <br /><ul><li>Start-up Operations
  35. 35. New Management
  36. 36. Resource Constraints
  37. 37. Employee Turnover
  38. 38. Bankruptcy / Turnaround</li></ul>Delivering the talent and know-how to enable an organization to evolve with changing business and economic circumstances. SEG can quickly provide resources with the right experience to deliver results on an interim basis, back-fill vacant positions, or recruit talent to fill permanent positions from staff to senior executive levels.<br />Representative Clients…<br />
  39. 39. Highlighted Client Successes <br />
  40. 40. Highlighted Client Successes <br />
  41. 41. Highlighted Client Successes <br />
  42. 42. Client Quotes<br />“SolomonEdwardsGroup was integral to our efforts to build Hexion Specialty Chemicals. Their professionals are top notch and their ability to parachute into a transaction and produce immediate results is the reason we work with them.” <br />“SEG’s ability to translate complex accounting and reporting issues into plain English combined with their knack for providing us with practical implementation tools has proved to be a very helpful combination for us in our post IPO transition.”<br />"SolomonEdwardsGroup has been an excellent business partner for Vantium. Their people have been great and are incredibly professional. Our SEG consultant hit the ground running and helped us to easily transition from one controller to another. If we hadn't had SEG and their consultants ready in the wings, we would have had a much more painful process."<br />
  43. 43. For More Information<br />Richard Zenner<br />Business Development Manager<br /><br />Office: 312-466-0101<br />Mobile: 708-224-6943<br />Brian G. Markley, CPA<br />Partner<br /><br />Office: 312-466-0101<br />Mobile: 484-557-0933<br />Christopher Denver, CPA<br />Principal<br /><br />Office: 312-466-0101<br />Mobile: 312-685-5600<br />SolomonEdwardsGroup, LLC<br />Chicago Office<br />525 West Monroe, Suite 570<br />Chicago, Illinois 60661<br />Atlanta<br />404-497-4141<br />Houston<br />713-960-8880<br />Chicago<br />312-466-0101<br />New York Metro<br />212-545-9500<br />Washington D.C. Metro<br />703-738-9600<br />Dallas / Fort Worth<br />972-505-2000<br />Philadelphia<br />610-902-0440<br />