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Premier Alliance Company Brochure


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This brochure explains Premier’s services, which encompass 3 core practice areas: Business Performance and Technology; Governance, Risk and Compliance; and Finance and Accounting.

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Premier Alliance Company Brochure

  1. 1. Success in Any Direction
  2. 2. Success in Any DirectionThe Premier Alliance story is really about you.It begins with your business goals.It proceeds with the formation of a partnership.Together we chart our course, armed with proven strategies, and theflexibility to adapt to the unforeseen.Setting out together, we travel with associates who have the skills andfortitude to see us through.We may change course along the way, but we never lose sight of ourshared goals.Our story is about finding success in any direction.We help our clients go where they need to go by providing the bestnavigational options available.Most importantly, we provide the best people.They are capable of providing the keen insight, expertise and intelligenceneeded to navigate the most daunting changes, optimize any course, andavoid the hidden pitfalls.We call this 360˚ Intelligence Delivery.Quite literally, it’s about delivering the best brainpower available, ensuringthat you find success in any direction.
  3. 3. A full cIrcle Of TAlenT AnD exPerTISe TO MeeTyOur buSIneSS neeDS In The fAce Of chAnge,AnD AT The MOMenT Of OPPOrTunITy.
  4. 4. 360˚ Intelligence Deliverychange is an inevitable part of business. It arises from market turbulence,regulatory shifts, new technologies, organizational restructuring,expansion and contraction - all of which, while challenging, are inherent tothe ebb and flow of the business lifecycle.On the flipside, opportunity is also inevitable. And it can come whenyou least expect it. The key is to recognize it, and optimize it. PremierAlliance is the expert partner that makes this possible, whether you areseeking advice from a knowledge-based expert, looking to engage orconsult a subject-matter expert, laying the foundation for a new venture,outsourcing a project, or augmenting your management team with anexperienced executive.As an advisory and consulting firm with broad, cross-functional expertise,we can put the right people at your side to ensure that your organizationresponds with adaptability in the face of change and resilience in the faceof adversity.regardless of your circumstances, our focus is on steering your businessin the direction of success. When the solution requires 360˚ IntelligenceDelivery, you can count on Premier Alliance to deliver.
  5. 5. unIfIeD, crOSS-funcTIOnAl SOluTIOnS geAreDTO helPIng clIenTS effecTIvely MAnAgechAnge frOM All DIrecTIOnS.
  6. 6. OUR SeRviCeS given that change comes in many Core Practice Areas forms, we believe that to be managed Our services encompass three core effectively, it must be addressed from all practice areas: directions; that is, by both responding to change from outside forces, and initiating Business Performance and Technology change from within. We partner with cfOs, cIOs and other Our services put this belief into practice. executives to ensure that operational We help clients respond nimbly to processes and activities align with external change, whether in the market enterprise goals in delivering maximum or regulatory environment, by marshaling returns that contribute to bottom line resources swiftly and implementing performance. The focus is on sustainable effective and sustainable short- and solutions and measurable results. long-term solutions. We also work with our clients to help them optimize the returns from their We also help clients proactively initiate technology investments. Services include change, circumvent pitfalls and position business process management and themselves for long-term profitability reengineering, expense and investment and growth. This strategic, internally- rationalization, information management driven process can involve enacting best and more. practices, evaluating business models and organizational structures, and Governance, Risk and Compliance identifying potential opportunities. In helping clients address regulatory, Our experts, in collaborative partnership risk and compliance issues, we empower with your team, are prepared to guide them with a deeper understanding of you every step of the way. risk as well as business insights that will contribute to enhanced performance down the road. Services include risk management, regulatory compliance, internal audit and business resilience. Finance and Accounting We provide a broad cross section of expertise, specializing in allowing our clients to seamlessly manage critical finance efforts during periods of change. Our team can assist you with specific subject-matter expertise or the resources to facilitate broad projects spanning multiple finance and operations areas across your company. Services include project and interim delivery in Sec reporting, general and cost accounting, financial planning and analysis, and technical accounting.
  7. 7. IMPrOvIng PerfOrMAnce by refInIngbuSIneSS PrOceSSeS IncluDIng TheAlIgnMenT AnD OPTIMIzATIOn Of TechnOlOgyInveSTMenTS WITh enTerPrISe gOAlS.
  8. 8. business Performance and TechnologyWe take a pragmatic approach to bP&T consulting, focusing on helping youstreamline your business operations for optimum efficiency while ensuring thatyour processes, as well as the IT infrastructure upon which they rely, are gearedto the following objectives: Rapid profit enhancement through expense reduction Measurable results Sustainable solutionsTechnology has evolved to the point where it cannot be separated from businessperformance - which it is used to both enhance and measure. Premier Alliancedraws upon particular expertise in performance management, workflow, datamanagement, organizational design, and technology to deliver the results yourequire – on time and on budget – ensuring that your IT investments support yourenterprise goals and yield maximum returns. We help clients manage technologythrough improved IT strategic planning, governance, operations, and themanagement of special projects.Whether you need a more secure data management system, assistance with aspecial project, or an expert to evolve your organization’s entire IT infrastructureor overarching IT governance framework, we can guide you through every stageof the systems management lifecycle, from selection to integration/migrationand optimization.Our Business Performance and Technology services include:Business Process Improvement and ManagementExpense and Investment RationalizationProcess Modeling/Work FlowProject AdvisoryIT Services: IT Organization Operational and Governance Analysis IT Strategy Development Application and Data Architecture Analysis and Design ERP Requirements Definition and Software Package Selection Shared Services Planning and Design
  9. 9. eMPOWerIng clIenTS WITh A DeePerunDerSTAnDIng Of rISk, AnD PrOvIDIngbuSIneSS InSIghTS fOr enhAnceD lOng-TerMPerfOrMAnce.
  10. 10. governance, risk and complianceevery business is exposed to risk, most often resulting from change - whether dueto market activities, the regulatory environment, or unforeseen events. PremierAlliance provides the expertise to help you not only anticipate risk and avoidnegative outcomes, but also identify opportunities that can help you positionyourself for long-term security and growth.vigilance in the area of regulatory compliance is of particular importance ata time of constant change. We can work with you to develop a program tocontinuously monitor and mitigate the risk of non-compliance.Internal audit functions have also come to the fore in the wake of economicupheaval and scandal. We have the experience and expertise to assess, support,implement and enhance your program to fulfill internal audit requirements, putproper controls in place, and meet the overall objective of fulfilling stakeholderexpectations.Another key consideration is business resilience. While the volatility of today’sbusiness climate demands resilience, many organizations lack adequateprograms to ensure business continuity in the event of a disruption or crisis.We can help you put a plan in place to ensure that your business operations andIT infrastructure weather any storm.Our Governance, Risk and Compliance services include:Enterprise Risk Management Risk Management Framework Development Risk Assessment Services Governance/Compliance Effectiveness Reviews Cloud Computing Risk EvaluationRegulatory Compliance Compliance Services & Auditing Control Optimization Service Auditor Reporting (SSAE16) International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)Internal Audit Outsourcing Co-Sourcing & Specialist Support Quality Assurance & Review Services Information Technology (IT) AuditsBusiness Resilience Crisis Planning & Risk Assessment IT Disaster Recovery Planning Business Recovery (Continuity) Planning
  11. 11. PrOvIDIng fInAncIAl exPerTISe AnD PeAce OfMInD DurIng PerIODS Of chAnge.
  12. 12. finance and AccountingIn the area of finance and Accounting, Premier Alliance’s proven methodologyhas earned us a loyal clientele. We provide support to companies of all sizesfor technical accounting research, financial and Sec reporting, and developingstrategic business plans and financial forecasts. We also provide resources, fromc-level to staff accounting, for complete or partial outsourcing of finance andaccounting functions.Our Finance and Accounting services include:Project and Interim: Finance and accounting support with knowledge-based expertise. Audit Preparation IPO Readiness and Preparation M&A Support Financial Planning and AnalysisTechnical Accounting Technical Accounting Research and Guidance Financial and SEC Reporting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) ImplementationTurnkey Accounting Support for Emerging Businesses
  13. 13. PrOvIDIng The beST TAlenT, AnD The MOST effecTIve SOluTIOnS,fOr Any clIenT neeD AcrOSS A brOAD rAnge Of InDuSTrIeS. headquartered in charlotte, north carolina, Premier Alliance provides flexible, scalable advisory, consulting and resource services to a broad range of national companies and organizations. We serve a range of organizations, from fortune companies to mid-sized and owner-managed businesses, as well as groups within larger organizations. We help our clients navigate change to ensure their success in any direction, from immediate, tactical problem-solving to long-term strategic business planning. Our highly regarded legacy resources, combined with diverse and proven advisory and consulting capabilities, have earned us a reputation for achieving exceptional results. Our business is built on long-term relationships anchored in trust.