Best Internet Security 2012: The Top 3 Software Suits.


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Best Internet Security 2012: The Top 3 Software Suits.

  1. 1. Best Internet Security 2012: The Top 3 Software Suits.Best Internet Security 2012 information as PDFWhat is the best Internet Security software for 2012?1. Best and cheap internet security 2012 Bitdefender Internet Security2012****2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2012**3. Webroot Internet Security 2012*Our best internet 2012 security suites are:Winner: Best internet security 2012 Bitdefender- Lifetime PC $79,952. Best internet security 2012 Kaspersky Anti-virus $59,95 1/5
  2. 2. 3. Best internet security 2012 Webroot AntiVirus $39,954. Norton AntiVirus $39,995. ESET Nod32 Antivirus $39,996. AVG Anit-virus $34,997. GData Anti Virus $29,958. Avira Antivirus $23,499. Vipre Antivirus $29,9510. Trend Micro Titanium $39,95We looked at these parameters when looking for the best internet security 2012 antivirus:How much protection does the best internet security 2012 software offer you?What you are looking for is software that protects you from viruses, worms, Trojans, Spyware,Key loggers, Phishing scams, email-borne threats and root kits.All 10 solutions performed excellent, except from Avira, Vipre and Trend Micro. I wouldn’t saythey performed badly, but the other software packages just performed better than they did.Level of EffectivenessThe best internet security 2012 software package just needs to offer a very solid protection foryou, right? The results from industry-standard security software testers were compared withprofessional security organization. What comes out is the overall effectiveness.All packages performed optimal, although the same three packages, Avira, Vipre and TrendMicro, were performing a little worse than their opponents.You want the best internet security suite to be installed easilyThe only thing you really want with the best internet security 2012 suite is to be protectedinstantly. This means the moment you install this on your computer, you want it to perform ascan in order to make sure that your computer is safe and from that moment you want to beprotected.We took a look at this and compared again. Trend and Vipre were actually performing the worstfrom this top 10. They seemed to be a little more complicated than the other packages.You want the best internet security 2012 software easy to be usedThe software just should do the work; you don’t need to understand the why and how!. Youdon’t want to spend time learning more about being able to work with this program. Allpackages perform well. The only program falling behind a little is Avira.We all want extra features with the best internet security 2012 software!Why? More features usually mean more benefits. In this case we are looking for more security,better and easier way to use the software en you want it to perform at its best. Vipre and Trendseem to do this a little worse than the others. But don’t forget, we are dealing with the top 10,which means that they all perform way better than all other choices you have.Regular updatesRemember, we are dealing with criminal pros. They will do whatever it takes to stay ahead ofthe measures these best internet security 2012 software programs offer. This implies that your 2/5
  3. 3. software is as good as its latest update. Every day new viruses hit the internet, which meansyou need to update on a very frequent basis. But you don’t even want to bother with the fact toremember to update. This should be done automatically. The only internet security software thatneeds to improve on this seems to be Avira.You want help and support the moment things go wrongYou don’t want to understand the why and how this best internet security 2012 software works.You just want to be helped the moment you have a problem. You want to be able to accesssolutions fast and the right form of help. This means that if you cannot find it quickly, you wantto be able to give them a call, email them, have a live chat, search a forum, and search a list ofFrequently Asked Questions or just to browse the tutorials. 9 of these software packagesperform excellent. The only falling short a little is Avira AntiVirus software.To summarize our best internet security 2012 reviewYou want to have a best internet security 2012 solution that has to effective against the variousdangers on the internet. You also want it to be configured in such a way that it doesn’t slowdown your performance of your computer. And it has to be easy to use in every respect. Sobasically you are looking for a solution that will save you time, doesn’t cost the world and itshouldn’t slow down your computer.All finalists of the best internet security 2012 test performed excellent in the area of detection ofthreats. Virus detection, detection of worms, Trojans, spyware, malware and root kits. All ofthem performed 100%. So no difference here.Trend Micro is the only package that doesn’t provide additional protection against browserexploits.G Data and Avira don’t have a system ready that will detect the danger of key loggers.Avira also doesn’t provide instant messaging protection.P2P/File Sharing protection is not offered by G Data and Avira and Avira don’t provide goodsecurity against hackers.Phishing (trying to steal your credit card numbers through internet sites) is not covered byWebroot Antivirus, Norton and Vipre.In the area of Identity theft protection ESET, Avira and Vipre do not provide you goodprotection.ActiveX protection is not covered by G Data.A lack of cookie protection has been found with Webroot, G Data and Avira.While surfing the web you want a good web protection as well. Vipre and Trend Mirco are notsufficiently enough equipped.You also want to be covered against spam activities. Kaspersky, Norton, ESET, G Data, Avira,Vipre and Trend Micro don’t provide enough protection for this.In Avira and Vipre we also detected that blacklisting and white listing is not good enough.And the real-time protection of G Data could be improved in order to give you enough security. 3/5
  4. 4. The quick and deep scan possibilities of Avira are not good enough.AVG and G Data don’t provide good password protection settings and at the same time it israther difficult to adjust your security levels within these programs quickly.On a tutorial level, Kaspersky, G Data, Avira, Vipre and Trend Micro (our worst internet security2012) didn’t perform well. And Webroot and G Data don’t have a forum.All packages seem to be good for the most popular configurations, like windows 7, Vista or XP.Here is how we come to this conclusion for the top rated internet security2012:If you start to surf the internet without this protection, you simply know that your computer isinfected. No doubt about that. There are people on the internet that solely concentrate oncreating new kinds of viruses, various kinds of spyware, Trojan horses (that’s how this kind ofvirus is called), worms and many other kinds of scripts, called malware. This is their fulltime‘job’. Their sole intention is to get to you and misuse you and your computer. So these guyswill do anything in order to bypass the security measures. But if you are surfing the internetwithout protection, you can be certain, that these specific programs will find your computer andwill take it over.Conclusion best internet security 2012:Really, if you are hacked without internet security software, it really is your own mistake. Sorryfor being so blunt, but it is a fact. You can do something about this. But more about this later.Maybe you recall the time when these viruses were some kind of harmless. They were only veryannoying. I remember the time when I caught a virus which opened all kinds of pages for mewithout me wanting it. I was really ashamed about this as in many cases it were pages that weredealing with porn. My wife thought I was doing this, until I showed here what happened.Well, these times were child play in comparison to what is happening now! The new kinds ofviruses are much more advanced. These viruses can really harm or actually damage yourcomputer completely. But the most dangerous ones are the scripts that are stealing all yourinformation and even more importantly, your identity, like your bank account details, passwordsand logins. And these threats can really cause you a lot of troubles, as you have to prove thatyou are innocent; but how do you do that? Really, this is a real and very big problem!A good resource for this is best internet security 2012 on Wikipedia.This is the reason why you really should start to think about a solid protection against thesecriminals; you need the best internet security 2012 software. You need at least a basic internetsecurity solution on your computer. In the past these solution would really slow down theperformance of your computer. These times have passed. Today’s solutions provide you with ahigh level of security, while keeping your computer at a high performance level. So there is no 4/5
  5. 5. reason anymore not to install this kind of software on your computer anymore. You simply have to. So, what do you want to expect from the best internet security 2012? Whatever solution you choose for, they always have pros and cons. There is no perfect solution. But there is a perfect solution for your specific needs. You have to decide what you think is the most important for your situation and based on these facts you should make your choice. We took a look at simply the best internet security 2012 software packages available on the market. We know that you are looking for effectiveness and usability, as otherwise these software solutions will only slow you down. So our investigation focused on solutions that will provide you with optimal security while being user-friendly at the same time. We had a whole list of many good solutions for best internet security 2012, but it all came down to the ultimate 10 software packages. We tested about 30 software programs. This is too much to handle for you. So we selected the top 10 internet security software programs in order to make it easy for you. One thing is for certain after our test, our greatest internet security 2012 is: Click the to take advantage of this incredible offer! Click this link Best Internet Security 2012: The Top 3 Software Suits. 5/5Powered by TCPDF (