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  • berkun commented on Five Dangerous Ideas For Designers Five Dangerous Ideas For Designers 2 weeks ago
    • berkun berkun I certainly agree with much of what you've written here. And the aim of your book is certainly a good one. The argument I make in the presentation itself is largely about power. If you don't have the power to make design decisions then perhaps what the organization is telling you as that to be a designer, you have to take on the role of being a team leader, and not being specialized anymore. Few designers want to do this. I understand that. But then there is a trap: the power structure has defined one role for what design is, and the designer wants a different one. The designer won't win that battle. The only other alternative is to become savvy about power and influence and to commit oneself to salesmanship and persuasion as essential skills. More than anything else I was hoping to express the fact that designers are already very good design - focusing their education on design skills won't have as much value towards their ambitions as learning skills not typically seen as design skills.  2 weeks ago
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