Amazing tides


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Amazing tides

  1. 1. By: Leigh Williams
  2. 2. . Tides can be good because they clean harbors by carrying waste material into the ocean (source 6). They can be bad by polluting the ocean because they carry the waste into the ocean. If they get to big they can cause some damage (source 7).
  3. 3. .tides are formed by the pull of gravity between the earth, moon and the sun (source5). Scientist say that neap tides are formed by the sun and moon not being aligned so their forces will cancel each (source 1). Scientist say that lunar tides are formed by the earth and the moon being attracted to each other ( source 1). Scientist say that spring tides are formed when the sun and moon are aligned it creates a very strong gravitational pull causing a lot of high and low tides (source 1)
  4. 4. .scientist can predict tides through tide gauges (source 2)This is a picture of a tide gaugeWhat will happen in the future?.in the future tides should still exists long as we have the moon sun and the earth
  5. 5. .tides can occur any where if there is a body of water.tides occur basically everyday (source 2).there is usually a high tide and a low tide everyday (source 4)This is a picture of theocean
  6. 6. .tides were discovered in 1686 by Isaac Newton (source 3).Isaac Newton was the first person to explain how tides are madeThis is what IsaacNewton looks like
  7. 7. . Tides are like ocean currents and they are like baby tsunamis. They both occur in the ocean and they create waves in the ocean.This is what a tsunamiLooks likeWhy do tides occur?.scientist say that tides occur because of the gravitational pull between the earth moon and sun (source 5)
  8. 8. Source 1: Keith Cooley. Moon tides. 2002. March 7,2012. 2: Wikipedia. March 2,2012. march 7,2012. 3: Enchanted Learning. 2012. march 7,2012. tides.shtmlSource 4:San Diego Tide Chart. Neal Hribar.2012.March 7,2012. 5: Brainpop. 2012.March 7,2012.
  9. 9. Source 6: Big site of amazing facts. 2012. March 7,2012.
  10. 10. If the moon was bigger and heavier, would tides be bigger?
  11. 11. If I put a both a big and heavy bowl and a small light bowl into a bucket and apply pressure, to represent the gravitational pull between the moon and the earth, then the big bowl should create a bigger tide because it has more gravity/pressure to apply to the water which should increase the tide size.
  12. 12. . One bucket that measures liters. 2 different sized cups, bowls or a beach balls.1 towel.1 ruler or something to measure with.tape.paper and pencil to record the answer
  13. 13. Independent-.the size of the 2 bowls, and how heavy they much pressure you much the bowls weigh. how far you push big the tides much water in the bucket. how big the bucket big the ruler is
  14. 14. 1. Fill the bucket up about 5 liters2. hold the ruler onto the side of the bucket3. See how high the water measures up to the ruler4. Tape something heavy to the biggest bowl5. Stick one of the bowls into the bucket of water6. Push down until the bowl hits the bottom of the bucket7. Let the water settle for about 30 seconds8. Record how high the water gets9. Do the same thing but with the other bowl10. Do at least 2 trials
  15. 15. With the small moon, the water raised ¼ of an inch.The water started at 5 inches and it raised to 5 ¼ inches.With the big and heavy moon, the water raise ½ inch.The water started at 5 inches and raised up to 5 ½ inches.For trial #2 the results were the same as in trail #1
  16. 16.  This is a picture of when I was testing the small moon. I am pushing the small bowl onto the bottom of the bucket which represents the gravitational pull between the moon and earth. The water rising represents high tides.
  17. 17. Data on tides from San DiegoThis is a graph on all of the tides that scientist predictwill happen in San Diego over the month of March, butover different years. feet
  18. 18. From this experiment, the bigger and heavier moon caused the tides to be greater than the smaller lighter moon. My hypothesis was correct. It was that the bigger moon would create bigger tides than the smaller moon because, the bigger moon had more pressure/gravity to apply which should increase the tide size, and it did.If I could change this experiment I would have used 4 different moons (bowls )(2 heavier and 2 lighter). So then I can really see if the big heavy moon creates bigger tides.