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What is terrorism


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Published in: News & Politics
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What is terrorism

  1. 1. By: Eren, David, Jevon, and Eleanor
  2. 2. What is Terrorism?• There are many ways to describe terrorism• Terrorism is a criminal act that affects many people• Terrorism is often used against a stronger side in aconflict• Terrorism is an act that’s supposed to prove a point oroppose something without the victim knowing theexact intention• Terrorism is common in people pursuing worldwidegoals
  3. 3. What Happens During Terrorism?Who Organizes It?• The key elements of terrorism are violence, fear, andintimidation• Terrorists want publicity and for the victims tosymbolize their cause• Terrorists’ violence is supposed to draw attention totheir cause• The effectiveness if terrorism depends on the public’sreaction• The organizations that organize it are small, making ithard o target them
  4. 4. What Are The Points of View ofTerrorists?The terrorists think that is right to frighten othercounties.Americans feel less safe and worried about attacksAmericans think there should be moreprotection/security
  5. 5. What Are Some Examples ofTerrorism?9/11/01 Destruction of the World Trade CenterApril 15 2013, The Boston Marathon Bombing
  6. 6. Which Topics is TerrorismConnected to? Why?It is connected to bullying.If you break down the first part of terrorismsdefinition “violence and intimidation” its like whatbullies do they’d say and do hurtful and harmfulthings to get they want.
  7. 7. What Else is it Connected to?Its also connected to security in the U.S.If terrorist enter the white house they coulddestroy the security in the white house and mess upthe nation
  8. 8. How Can We Help?We can help by creating more focus on terrorism byincreasing security around the nationIf we don’t pay attention to terrorism, everywhere inthe U.S. could be a possible location for a terrorismattack
  9. 9. How Has Terrorism Changed OurEnvironment?Terrorism can scar a person or make them weakduring a crisis.Terrorism can also change a country, for example,terrorism has made America’s security system growstronger.Terrorism has changed our world and showed us thatour world is becoming a harsh place.
  10. 10. What and When Was The First Actof Terrorism in America?In 1920, a bomb was planted in a horse drawn wagon,the explosion was big enough to kill 35 Americancitizens
  11. 11. What are the Causes and Effects ofTerrorism?An emotional scar or very deep hatred of a countrycan cause a person to terrorize a country or state.The affect of terrorism depends on what the terroristwants to accomplish.
  12. 12. How Has Terrorism Changed Overthe Years?Violence is a way that terrorism has grown.Now, terrorist attacks are more frequent in the world.In 1920, a terrorist attack was a small explosion thatwould harm a small amount of people, now, terroristattacks count as a big bomb going off.
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