Everhart austin learning and brain final project


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Everhart austin learning and brain final project

  1. 1. By Austin Everhart EDUC 6520 Winter 2013 Prof. Quannah Parker-McGowan Music and the Brain
  2. 2. Brain Benefits of Music: Listening Therapeutic - strengthens connections in the cortex, lullabies, relieve stress Educational - Mozart Effect (study showed improved spatial-temoral reasoning), enhance recall, visual imagery, and spatial thinking (working with hands)
  3. 3. Brain Benefits of Music: Creating Closely connected to mathematics (patterns, counting, geometry, ratios, sequences) - activates same areas of the brain (left frontal cortex) Reading - believed strong relationship (fluency, decoding, phonological distinctions) Verbal Memory
  4. 4. Brain Benefits of Music: Exercise Music and movement are connected in our brains Increased activity in cerebellum when listening to music Emotions can power us mentally, making exercise easier with music
  5. 5. Music: Are we born with it? Music has been found in every single human culture Many neuroscientists believe that humans are hardwired for music A biological basis is perhaps evident in mothers cooing their babies, a behavior found only among humans, helping to form the bond between mother and child There are some that disregard the idea that music is an adaptation, seeing music as a “fortunate accident of a complex brain”
  6. 6. Music Neuroscience - A growing field... Research is reaching across disciplines and topics Aspects of music Focused population groups Techniques (EEG,MRI, etc.) Music therapy Education Psychology Culture
  7. 7. “A commonly held view, in many differing world cultures and at many different times, is that the experience of music has both a significant effect on an individual’s mind, body, and relationships with other human beings, and plays a useful role in the social, “real world””. - Introduction to The Neurosciences and Music IV: Learning and Memory
  8. 8. Music Therapy “Music Therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals” - American Music Therapy Association Aristotle and Plato cited healing powers of music Music therapy’s first reference in 1789 article “Music Physically Considered” 1800’s - 1st dissertations, interventions, and systematic experiment
  9. 9. Music Therapy - How it could work... Music may only affect our auditory cortex directly, but our frontal lobe gets involved and evokes emotions and thoughts - this is perhaps how music can heal Musical activity and performance is complex! Subcortical and interhemispheric pathways Right Brain (creative, emotional) AND Left Brain (math and organization) Limbic system is heavily involved - emotions and emotional memories Music exposure also heals with neuroendocrinal changes - feel good chemicals
  10. 10. Music Therapy When Meds Fail: A Case for Music Therapy: Tim Ringgold at TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon TED Talk - Robert Gupta: Between music and medicine Q&A with Robert Gupta
  11. 11. Implications/Ideas Promote the use of music in our classrooms! Expose our students to different types of music Bring music into reading and writing instruction (songs and rhymes) Encourage the creation of music - music programs, instruments, drums, etc.
  12. 12. References
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