Comparing the scrum definition to its practice


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My research report investigating the difference between the definition of Scrum and its practice

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Comparing the scrum definition to its practice

  1. 1. Comparing the Scrum definition to its practice Andre Odendaal Student Number: 421625 ELEN7040 – Investigation Project
  2. 2. Agenda• Definition of Agile• Definition of Scrum• Effective Software Engineering• Scrumbut• Research Method• Results• Conclusion• Questions
  3. 3. Definition of Agile
  4. 4. Definition of Scrum• Short development cycles called Sprints• Requirements kept in Product Backlog managed & ranked by Product Owner & times estimated by team• During Sprint Planning team selects top items for Sprint Backlog• Progress of items completed during sprint tracked in Burndown Chart• Team velocity calculated from burndown predicts time to complete rest of product backlog• Working code delivered at Sprint Review and accessed by Stakeholders who make new requirements• Team not disrupted during sprint so code is delivered, new issues added to product backlog
  5. 5. Effective Software Engineering Is Scrum definition an“(1) The application of a effective software systematic, disciplined, engineering approach? quantifiable approach to • Systematic – Yes, it has a the development, operation repeatable process and maintenance of • Disciplined – Yes, customer software; that is, the included in process, lack of application of engineering disruptions, working to software. (2) The study of software presented approaches as in (1).” - • Quantifiable – Yes, product Software Engineering Body backlog with estimated of Knowledge (SWEBOK) times, burndown chart tracking progress, velocity predicting time to complete
  6. 6. Scrumbut• Difficulty in practicing Scrum as defined is recognised• Expression (ScrumBut)(Reason)(Workaround)• Altering the methodology to work around problems only hides dysfunction
  7. 7. Research Method• Online survey and • Key areas of Scrum interviews surveyed• Based on Nokia Test – Iterations – Developed by Bas Vodde in – Testing 2005 – Enabling Specifications – Updated to include Scrum – Product Owner in 2007 for Nokia Siemens – Product Backlog Networks – Estimates – 2007 scoring added by Jeff Sutherland for certification – Burn down courses – Sprint Review• Piloted with known – Disruptions Scrum practitioners – Teams
  8. 8. Results Key Area Average Score Iterations 6.32 Testing 3.6 Enabling 4.7 Specifications Product Owner 3.17 Product Backlog 2.88 Estimates 3.08 Burn down 1.48 Sprint Review 1.47 Disruptions N/A Teams 4.09 Total 3.42
  9. 9. Conclusion• The practice of Scrum Is Scrum practice an effective compares poorly to its software engineering definition approach?• Teams are not completing • Systematic – No, teams are the Sprint cycle not completing Sprint cycle• Teams are not tracking their • Disciplined – No, Customer progress through the sprint not included, working software not presented • Quantifiable – No, product backlog not estimated, no burn chart or velocity
  10. 10. Questions Thank you