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T1 03 music video evaluation
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T1 03 music video evaluation


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  • 1. In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products? Andy Williams
  • 2. Introduction In this presentation I have evaluated our music video and ancillary products we have created for the song “Bunker Hill” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This evaluation is based on Andrew Goodwins theory. The convention that we are predominantly show is rebellion but in more of a modern way i.e. Modern clothes, graffiti and isolated backdrops rather than conforming to group socialisation.
  • 3. Lyrics reflect a visual right from the beginning as our character is standing next to a train track as a speeding train hurtles past. It is not a complete representation of the specific line “Off the bus, onto the train.” but we have interoperated it differently to show lack of socialisation adding to the convention of rebellion and isolation.The mask featured within our music video meets Goodwins 4th point of intertextuality as the mask isoriginally from V for Vendetta all though we did not intend to directly link the 2 together. None the lesswe decided to make this part of our star persona of the band, therefore when the train has passed thezoom feature was used to show a close up of the character promoting our star meeting the “demandsof the record label” using clear symbols/props to promote the band which is Goodwins 3rd point . Notonly this but it allows us to use this prop to ensure continuity throughout our media products.
  • 4. These pictures show theprogression of the zoom whichhas been edited to the beat of thesong making the mask the centerof attention as it fades out fromone picture of the mask toanother. This again displays a bigsymbol of our created band“Tooz” whose logo is situated inthe top right corner.By our character wearing this mask it follows theconventions of other artists that decide to disguisethemselves when performing even though we seethe faces of the performer and the character in thevideo. This challenges conventions of somewhatsimilar artists due to the choice of costume butduring research in to our star persona we foundthat many of the artists remained wearing theirmasks apart from Deadmau5. We have done thisso that the faces of the band can be recognisedallowing individual persona’s within the band and agroup persona based around the mask.
  • 5. These stills show evidence of Goodwins 5th point of voyeurism being used as our character and performer are shown as if they are being watched without them knowing. Part of the reason that we have done this is to show that the mask is watching our character as it is slowly turning him crazy within his own head which isWe have decided to use an isolated our interpretation of thesetting that features graffiti when the lyrics.performer is lip syncing. This is anotherkey factor of our main convention,rebellion and graffiti has also been usedin the past to challenge real worldproblems such as war and wasconsidered rebellious and Banksy is themost known for his abstract images thatconflict with society today.
  • 6. When brainstorming ideas of what to feature we decided to use anarrative and a performance and by using the mask we were ableto link the 2 using the mask as a symbol. This is one of the mainconventions in a large number of music videos for example thevideo created for the Red Hot Chili Peppers song“Californiacation”.We have followed this convention as webelieved it to be more interesting for viewersto watch rather than just a live performancefrom the performer. This allows us to conveyrebellion in more that 1 way as we are able toisolate the performer and character as theymay not conform to societies ideal image.Other conventions that are regularly shown inrock songs is that the narrative showsromance possibly involving a band member.We have challenged this ideologie by justusing 2 subjects for our music video. This isdue to our interpretation of the lyrics as wedecided to use the mask and show itconsuming our characters mind instead of aromantic narrative involving a girl as wewanted our music video challenge ideologies.
  • 7. One of the tasks given was to create a magazine advert topromote the album “the revolution” and also the band “Tooz”.As rebellion is a keyconvention of our band wedecided to experiment withthe use of flames in ourimage as flames can beuncontrollable, spread To make this product lookquickly and burn almost like a legitimate magazineanything in its way making advert we decided to add ait a very destructive selection of icons e.g. Theelement. These aspects iTunes and Amazon logo asmake it perfect to the title the consumer needs toof our album “The know where they canrevolution”. We have also purchase the product. Toestablished continuity meet the demands of thebetween the digi-pak and record label we have addedour advert by using various the Warner Bros logo asimages that include flames. this is the record label weUsing The Gaussian blur have chosen along with a 5effect we have made the star rating from “kerrang”character look isolated as which is one of the largesthim and the flames are the rock magazine’s in theonly part of the image that Not only this but The Gaussian blur effect shows isolation which is world. Making it relevant toare in focus making them the genre.the centre of attention. a challenge to the convention of socialisation.
  • 8. For our digi-pak we decided to use a black background, this is so we could use certain images and make them the centre of attention. The intention of this is that the bright colour up against a pitch black background will not only catch the eye of the viewer, but the will be able to identify the band due to the logo and mask and also establish a link between that and our magazine article. To make thisTo ensure that the product lookconsumer would professional weautomatically be have added aable to recognise number ofthe band that have features such asproduced the album logos, track list,due to the DVD list and asymbolisation of the barcode. TheseV mask also the are the featureslogo, situated on that would bemost faces of the added on a realdigi-pak. To meet media product tothe conventions of The intentions of these images is to show conventions meet demands ofthe artist we used of rebellion especially the graffiti that reads “Begins the record labelspecific images with rebellion, ends in Revolution.” as graffiti is widely and also informsuch as the flames, used around the globe to convey the points of view the viewer of whatbeer bottle and the throughout society and a prime example of this is they is availablegraffiti. banksy and the phrase used relates to the album cover. to them on the disc.