The tapping solution a revolutionary system for stress free living


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The tapping solution a revolutionary system for stress free living

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The tapping solution a revolutionary system for stress free living

  1. 1. The Tapping Solution : A RevolutionarySystem For Stress-Free LivingWhat if you lived in a world where you never had to be stressed aboutanything, or where at the very least you dealt with an extremely low level ofstress?A world where you had the money, relationships, health and happiness thatyou truly wanted? Where you always felt that you were in control of youremotions and your life? How would your life be different and better?If youre like most people in our fast-paced society, youre probably dealingwith an enormous amount of daily challenges and carrying a tremendousamount of stress, whether youre aware of it or not.When you stop and think about it, which of these things cause you stress inyour life, whether it be at a high or low level?- Dealing with or making enough money- Physical Pain In My Body- Your Weight- Your Job, Your Boss or Your Business- Your Relationships- Your Direct Family- Not Sleeping Well at Night- Your Extended Family and Other Relatives- Not Feeling Good Enough / Smart Enough- Food, Alcohol or Other Addictions- Your Childhood Or Other Parts of Your Past- Social Interactions- Your Health- Not Getting Enough Done in Your LifeAnd beyond these examples, what stresses you the most right now?Click here to go to the tapping solutionbook…For most people, just reading the above list reminds them about how theyfeel about their current life, and of their daily obligations, of all the thingsgoing on that cause them stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Many people dontunderstand that emotional well-being is essential to their physical health.And unfortunately...
  2. 2. Most People Have the False Belief That There Is Nothing They Can Do AboutStress and That Dealing With It Isnt That Important AnywayBut consider this...Stress Has Been Shown to Affect The Brain And The Ability to Think Clearlyand Make Good Decisions. When stress hits, whether at a high or low level,your body goes into what’s called “fight or flight.” In fight or flight, largeparts of your brain actually shut down when you need it most. Criticalsections of your brain literally go on strike! So if youre dealing with stressevery day, your brain is not functioning at the level that it could be. Justthink about the toll that this can be taking on your professional success (andyour ability to make money), how you interact with others (especially yourromantic relationships), and how you feel about yourself.Stress That Gets Stuck In The Body Leads to Long-Term Health Challenges:Stress decreases nutrient absorption, increases salt retention making youbloated, affects your cholesterol, and impacts your immune system,endocrine system and nervous system!To make matters worse, when you go from the “fight or flight” mode ofstress into a “freeze” state, your body is effectively storing the stress of thatmoment. Dr. Robert Scaer, a neurologist who has researched traumaticstress, has found that the “freeze” response encapsulates stress in ourbodies, preventing us from moving on after a stressful event until we’vefound a way to release the stress that’s literally lodged in our bodies, in ourmuscles, even our cells.Stress Releases the Chemicals of Adrenaline and Cortisol Which Both Lead toWeight Gain:These two chemicals have been shown to slow down digestion and constrictblood vessels along with a few other key biological changes that control howyour body and brain function and how strong your food cravings come on.Essentially, when were dealing with stress it affects EVERY area of ourlives...So If Stress Is Such a Major Issue That Impacts So Many Areas Of OurLives, Why Dont More People Do Something to Deal With It?After years of working with clients Ive found some similar patterns inregards to why so many people are living with such high amounts of stress,with little or no action taken to deal with it...1 - Many people arent even aware of the level of stress theyre carryingevery day. They feel it is "normal" for them to feel the way they do and areunaware of how things can feel different.
  3. 3. 2 - Others who are aware of the stress they are carrying dont think they cando anything about it. They feel that their finances, health, relationship,emotions and other areas of their lives are out of their control and thus theyfalsely believe that the stress that they are dealing with is also out of theircontrol.3 - Many that are aware of their level of stress and who want to dosomething about it either dont know what to do, or feel that they dont havethe time to do anything to deal with it, or dont feel that its importantenough in the scheme of what they have going on in their lives.Unfortunately what most people dont realize, what I didnt realize for so longin my life before, is the effect that stress, along with anxiety and overwhelmthat comes with it, has on all areas of their lives.If Theres One Lynchpin, One Magical Button, For Improving All Areas of YourLife...Its to Eliminate the Underlying Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm ThatYoure Dealing With Every DayI can absolutely, with no doubt in my mind, promise you that addressing thestress youre dealing with will create enormous improvements in all areas ofyour life and most importantly, will make life significantly easier and moreenjoyable.Im talking about...-Eliminating physical pain from your body-Creating financial success-Finally having lasting weight loss-Letting go of fear, guilt, shame and other negative emotions that holdyou back-Improving your ability to think clearly, allowing you to make betterdecisions in all areas of your life-Eliminating phobias-Releasing any hurt and trauma from painful events in your past-Attracting the partner and relationship of your dreams-Finally sleeping well at night-And much, much more...When it comes down to it, what we really want is to enjoy our lives more,right?We want to feel better in our bodies, we want to have more money toexperience better things, we want to have better relationships, we want tohave the time to spend with our family and friends without having to worryabout anything else.
  4. 4. In "The Tapping Solution," you will discover a simple, easy-to-implement wayto dramatically improve every area of your life in ways you never beforeimagined were possible..."How did tapping work so fast?""Tapping," also known as "EFT," is a revolutionary technique that combinesancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, with life-alteringresults.The technique itself literally involves "tapping" on the meridian points of yourbody while focusing on the issue you want to work on. This simple-to-learnand easy-to-use technique is, time and again, giving people around the worldincredible results.Doctors are turning to it when nothing else works. Psychologists andpsychiatrists are astounded at how its changing their practice. Motivationalspeakers and leaders are finding its the missing ingredient to help peoplecreate real change in their lives.Its even been featured on TV. Some professional athletes even consider ittheir "secret weapon."In every walk of life, people around the world are turning to Tapping for onesimple reason...because it works!And this book, "The Tapping Solution," is the most in-depth book everwritten on the subject.Whether youd like to find pain relief or improve your physical health andvitality, whether youre looking for healing and to release old traumas andwounds or alleviate your everyday stress, whether you want to lose weight orbecome more financially abundant, Tapping is providing incredible results formillions around the world and it can do the same for you!Click here to read more about tappingsolutions