AMURT Romania News Paper (January to May 2012)


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In January, we told our students that they are the pioneers in creating a new solution for a successful integration.

We modeled the training programs based on a simplified social and economic behaviour in today's world. Providing the students with realistic look at the job-business market they must live in and gives first-hand experience in creating and working with the social issues which will dominate their lives.

From this "micro-society" world, we are now moving to the real world. Between June to August, all students will have to attend certified vocational courses of their own choice as well are related to the job market. During this time we are preparing for the social enterprise establishment to start in September.

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AMURT Romania News Paper (January to May 2012)

  1. 1. 5 SKILL DOMAINS ­ Daily living skills ­ Self­care & Personal develop. ­ House & Communty resources ­ Social image & Relationships ­ Work & Entreprenerial skillsGRASSROOTS ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LIFE SKILLS | AMURT Romania | January to May 2012 The idea of social enterprise has MISSION STATEMENT become a promising solution in both Encourage and facilitate self solving economic and service is­ development among vulner­ sues, that applies business able people through immedi­ strategies to achieving philanthropic ate actions and programms goals. that lead to their socio­eco­ We modeled the training programs nomic independence. based on a simplified social and economic behaviour in todays world. Providing the students with realistic look at the job­business market they must live in and gives first­hand experience in creating and working with the social issues which will dominate their lives. From this "micro­society" world, we are now moving to the real world.In January, we told our students that are not enough. Still many youths Between June to August, all stu­they are the pioneers in creating a fall back on the streets when not dents will have to attend certifiednew solution for a successful integra­ finding jobs or their qualifications vocational courses of their owntion. dont match the demands of labour choice as well are related to the job market. Also the conomic crisis cre­ market. During this time we are pre­We have been successfully providing ates an impossible condition as well paring for the social enterprise es­life skills and vocational skill trainings as affecting the fundings and dona­ tablishment to start in homeless youths. But these skills tions to maintain the services. January February March AprilOur 3rd year of providing To install the new heating This year our beneficiaries AMURT Romania modelslife and work skills for youthsystem, was converted in­ are the pioneers in creat­ its training program on so­started with 10 new stu­ to real time learning. ing the new entrepreneur cial and economic beha­dents and we added one Changed to a wood pellet skill domain. viour of todays world. We PLAN FOR 2012new skill domain (Work & burner. The 2000 liter dies­ United Way of Romania in­ implement a curriculum us­ el tank removed and re­ Curriculum:Entreprenerial skills). vited us to participate in ing a departmental flow­ • Innovative visual and practical placed with one big pellet the public Easter exhibi­ chart.In our two years of efforts tools. distribution box. tion, to produce decoration The departments created,to prepare ho­meless youth materials. The exhibition various forms, storage, leg­ Vocational training:to exit the streets, life and To design the box, visual • Certified courses.vocational skills are not spatial skill was taught by was held for five days in al and business systemsenough. The youths are still practicing with different ob­ different companies. An are designed to facilitate Entrepreneurship:falling back on the streets jects and shapes. Per­ excellent opportunity to ex­ the transactions and nego­ • Start your own business.when not finding jobs or spective drawings and ercise within a working tiation between youths that Investments:their qualification doesnt orthographic projection. routine with the help of our manage those depart­ • Heating system: new wood burnermatch the demands of the When fixing in one place, newly created "depart­ ments. and central system. ments". "Recreation &current labour market. breaks somewhere else. This so­called "micro­soci­ • Furniture: kitchen and beds. Sport" assigned and pre­We are creating together The water pump broke, ety­business school" • Social enterprise: create and pared the location for each construct.with them, the needed final and the old radiators were provides students with real­ space. TV room was con­stage of integration, a com­ too small. The youths istic look at the job­busi­ Partners & Sponsors: verted to a "carpentry"plete program providing life learned about wiring, re­ ness market they must live • Unted Way of Romania workshop to manufactureskills entrepreneurial know­ place a water pump, and in and gives first­hand ex­ • Ministry of Labour (Law 34) 75 picture frames andledge and opportunities to install heating radiators. perience in creating and • DGASMB (Bucharest) paint 50 spoons. Computerleading to jobs. working with the institutions • AMURT Italy, Portugal and UK What type of vocational room for the production which will dominate their • Ateliere Fara Frontiere, FOROur modified “Life Skills & skills do the youths want? and painting different types Children, Parada Fundatia lives.Entrepreneurial Center" In the career planning ses­ of masks. The Activitypro­vides sustainable op­ sions, they identified comic room for 50 paper hats. A "microsociety" learning
  2. 2. Certified Vocational Skill Training LIFE SKILLS JUNE TO AUGUST 2012 January February March April portunities to earn a living characters related to differ­ environment enables Item wise it was a simple by developing innovative ent professions. youths to apply classroom task but the learning to learning tools to help learn knowledge to real world Direction of activities resul­ work with a routine, artist­ to support young people settings, for example, man­ ted in a "microcosm of so­ ically, creatively, and in a and make safe and healthy age a storage, accounts, ciety" where the youth coordinated manner, was decisions that positively news paper, public relation, were exposed to the out­ the challenge. The impact their lives. marketing, making de­ side world through their weather was sunny and The number of skills do­ own activities of rudiment­ some of the productions cision, starting a business, mains are reduced to five ary company manage­ were done outside the and paying bills, etc. Be­ represent­ing the five basic ment. Starting with building. A pleasing "family comes realistic when run­WORK SKILLS necessities: food, clothes, "Design and Planning" de­ industry" ning the daily life skill tasks atmosphere health, shelter and educa­ partment and executing where small talks, gossips, in maintaining the Centre, tion. The five skills are the plans through other coffee and tea are in­ shopping, cooking, clean­ combined into three basic departments, made the cluded. Gave the what a ing, and learning different learning kits. learning fun, challenging social enterprise will be, vocational skills. and interesting. feel like. Design & Informatics Repair & Construction Farm & Industry Pro Storage & Information Buy & Account Things start from an Repairing and con­ Work in coordination Items such as food, To maintain an up­ idea, then to a design structing housing fa­ with the Centers clothes and con­ dated record of cost which shows the cilities. Maintenance needs to develop ag­ struction items is a prices of regularly howto. Combined checks daily the con­ riculture and garden­ daily transaction in purchased items, with informatics is to ditions and reports ing. Small industries the Center. Items such as food, clean­ design a system that things to fix. Small to help make self­ have to be recorded ing and personal. delivers the right in­ renovations, fixing sufficient economic­ when arriving and Simple bookkeeping:SEPTEMBER TO formation, to the right the roof, painting ally. Close coopera­ distributed. Also re­ assets, liabilities, in­ DECEMBER person in the right walls and occasional tion with the Sales coding the details come, and expenses place and time, in the larger construction of Department in the such as size, color and to provide net right way. rooms. marketing. and cost price. and worth reports. Sales & Marketing Security&Registration Maintenance&Transp. Recreation & Sport Media & PR Creates and super­ Security to provide Relates to the up­ The "need to do This news paper is vise the establish­ protection against keep of properties something" is an es­ the work of this de­ ment and main­ danger, damage, and building. Re­ sential element of partment. To promote tenance of the Cen­ loss, and crime: cords the condition human biology and an inspiring image of ters businesses op­ "safety, continuity, of furnitures and psychology. To find AMURT in the eye of erations. Creating, and reliability". To re­ rooms, operates the and create recre­ the public ­­ cordial communicating, de­ gister peoples com­ heating system and ational and sport relationships with livering, and exchan­ ing and going, the clothes washing activities for enjoy­ government, NGOs, ging offerings that activities and duties ­ machine. Find ment, amusement, newspapers, radio have value for cus­ starting and ending solution for transport and health. and television sta­ tomers and partners. dates. of items and people. tions.