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ISBE Take Away


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My picks from this year's International Small Business and Enterprise Conference. #Creative #Enterprise #Social #Critical #Entrepreneurship

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ISBE Take Away

  1. 1. Frances Brown @fbrownwork TAKE AWAY#ISBE2012 EMBEDDING EMBEDDINGA few related tweets... Importance of networks and@rtunstall - Moving onto analysis of ented networking. Pre-embeddedat multiple levels - teacher/student, course, networks and embedding in theprogramme, institution, national policy & community via strategic “Fitting in and standing out.”compare networking.@rtunstall - Call for more ented case NETWORK NETWORK NETWORKstudies, mixed methods, multiple data forms “Musicians spending a lot& combined ‘inside/outside’ research team of time and money to be in@rtunstall - Policy-makers translate business the community.”expectation through curriculum. Teachersthen supposed to translate through teaching#disconnect “You can’t just show up in a@CEAnnette - Highlights of CI track: Entrepreneurs feeding into the shirt and tie and expect theProblems with definitions (again); networks &networking; importance of visualising ideas@fbrownwork - Joan Lockyear talking community. Contacts and reputation. HUMAN CAPITAL HUMAN CAPITAL money to roll in. You need to cherish the place where you do business.” Edward McKeeverabout the nature of universities - the balance Networking with... INTENT DEFINITIONSbetween the educational and economic DEFINITIONSdrivers@RoLyonz - Small creative industrychanges staff roles to ‘directors’ to improvetheir networking rep@CEAnnette - Creative Industries networks:Spatial proximity is not as important aspersonal relationships & shared past Complex intent within ‘The Entrepreneur’ needs a re-brand. Even highexperiences. musician-entrepreneurs: growth business owners struggle to identify with the@CEAnnette - @Zuleika_CfE #ISBE2012Lovely to see the complex picture &messiness of creative industries Tactical intent – entrepreneurship following MEASURING definition. Adding to the discourse on high growth businesses by using qualitative techniques to find the ‘voice’ of the high growth business owner ratherentrepreneurship. intent to practice as an artist. “What there is than ‘the firm’.@CEAnnette - @Zuleika_CfE What’s differ- Pragmatic intent – multiple, and what thereent about the creative industries? no burningdesire to set up a business - but wanting to weak attachment, part-time. appears to be.” VOICEpractice. Mapping enterprise education with@CEAnnette - Getting work in music Issues with mapping and defining the creative methodological tools focussing on stakeholderindustries: all about personal networks, and cultural industry. Many small businesses emotions and actions.informal & reputation. ‘place based cannot be found/seen/tracked so measuring is METHODOLOGIEScommunities of practice’@KellyJs - Importance of tutor in the studentexperience. Comes through very strongly in very problematic. Sometimes artificial. METHODOLOGIES MAPPINGstudent responses.@CEAnnette - Tensions & resistance to Still arguments ofenterprise education in creative industrystudents. From alumni & educators. #he when!B.O.T.R“Encourage frugal attitude to resources, cre- INCLUDED PRESENTATIONS Social, Environmental + Ethical Enterpriseate value from existing resources, sourcing •Entrepreneurs in their Communities: Their Role and Impact - McKeever, Edward •Entrepreneurial Behaviours in the Public Sector in Poland: Case Study Research Results - Ingram, Tomaszfrom new places and to new ends.” •Lack of entrepreneurial management leads to failure of social enterprise governed by an institutional partnership - Seddon, Fred“New perspectives on resources not •Entrepreneurial philanthropy within the context of the Big Society: Case study evidence - Shaw, Elizabethshort-term opportunistic entrepreneurship Enterprise Educationmisrepresenting what enterprise is about and •Entrepreneurship Education in Context: Big Society or Big Rhetoric? - Matlay, Harryfor.” Korsgaard, Steffen • The Entrepreneurial Thesis - placed in a taxonomy of thesis genres - Blenker, Per • Enterprise Within the Curriculum Can Make Real Positive Social Impact Happen - Pates, Sara“Academic Entrepreneurship: Don’t assume • Vocationally-Based Methodologies as Pedagogical Approaches to Fostering Entrepreneurship Among the Educationally Underprivileged - Cooney, T.everyone is willing capable or able to go Critical Perspectives in Entrepreneurshipalong that path.” Joan Lockyear •Entrepreneurship As Re-Sourcing: Towards a new image of entrepreneurship in a time of financial, economic and socio-spatial crisis - Korsgaard, Steffen •Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Economic Development - Henricson, Kristina“Dynamic growth orientation - ongoing cycle • From “Unexpected Entrepreneur” to “Gazelle”: a critical perspective on the dominant story of high-growth entrepreneurship - Beaven, Zuleikagrow and fade” Beaven, Zuleika & Clare • Entrepreneurship: The Ennobling of Labour? - Lockyer, JoanSchofield Creative Industries Entrepreneurship •Entrepreneurial Embedding: case study evidence from the creative industries - Shaw, Eleanor•Mapping your networks, styles and •What’s behind a definition? Netting the ‘slippery fish’ - Oxborrow, Lynndeveloping strategies to enable growth • Navigating Rocky Times: Creative Restart in Christchurch - Mills, Colleen•Measuring what is actually happening on the • Making a Living in the Music Industry: The Experience of Recent Music Graduates - Mason, Colinground in cci ecosystems • Creative Workers, Cities and Innovation - Lee, Neil • Collaborative Learning with Creative Enterprises in the EU – a case study approach - Harding, Steve•Mapping enterprise education processes to • Pop Pop UP Shops: The Road Less Travelled for the Craft and Jewellery Design Sector in Ireland - Browne, Josephinedevelop better understanding • Creative Enterprise Education in Higher Education – Views from Art and Design Subject Lecturers - Brown, Frances • Organizational Creativity and Firm’s Growth: The Moderating Role of Corporate Entrepreneurship - Bratnicka, Katarzyn • Complex Entrepreneurial Journeys: “Pragmatic” and “Tactical” Nascent Musician-Entrepreneurs - Beaven, Zuleika