Giant Venn Diagram: New Approaches to Educational Partnerships


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Slides providing more information on exemplars in educational collaborations, including new methods and tools for evaluating, developing, and sustaining impactful partnerships

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Giant Venn Diagram: New Approaches to Educational Partnerships

  1. 1. education civic infrastructure cultural infrastructure Allison Trombley SxSWedu 2014 Proposal A new way of thinking about sustainable education partnerships GIANT VENN DIAGRAMS
  2. 2. education civic infrastructure cultural infrastructure Find the overlap between you and your partners… The overlap area where innovative and sustainable collaborations reside
  3. 3. Giant Venn Diagram: New Approaches to Partnership This SxSWedu workshop is intended for those involved in creating and sustaining partnerships to improve educational resources and outcomes • school and district leaders • non-profit administrators • education entrpreneurs • teachers, artists and community leaders
  4. 4. Giant Venn Diagram: New Approaches to Partnership Join us for a hands-on workshop where you will: • Better understand the mechanics of sustainable collaborations • Explore case studies of successful collaborations at different scales • Utilize new tools and approaches to plan, design, and implement partnerships • Meet other education leaders, network, and participate in “pop-up” collaborations
  5. 5. Collaborations are developed to leverage: • Funding • Capacity, Knowledge, and Resources • Processes and Approaches • Constituencies and Audiences
  6. 6. •Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion & Wallace Foundation •Gates Foundation & Denver Public Schools •Federal i3 development grant & Columbia College Chicago Funding •Teach Plus- teachers and policy makers •Turnaround Arts- Arts advocacy for turnaround schools •The Good Play Project & Project Zero Capacity/Knowledge/Re sources •Interchange Arts Consortium & St Louis Public Schools •Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project & JHS 185, Queens •Johns Hopkins’ Diplomas Now (CIS, City Year, districts) Approach Examples of collaborations leading change…
  7. 7. Leading the charge, arts and non-profit organizations have built sustainable and impactful collaborations with schools for over 40 years.
  8. 8. This workshop will examine: • National and district collaborations, such as the federal Turnaround Arts program and Boston’s Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School • City-wide collaborations with non-profit organizations intended to offer access to high-quality arts education in St Louis Public Schools • School-organization partnerships and teacher-artist collaborations between Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project and JHS 185, Queens
  9. 9. What are the benefits, challenges, and mechanisms of creating and sustaining learning partnerships? WORKSHOP ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS
  10. 10. How do educational partnerships create leadership and learning opportunities for diverse constituents at different scale levels? WORKSHOP ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS
  11. 11. How can schools and organizations find the right partner fit and align to achieve innovative educational outcomes that are critical, timely, and mission-driven? WORKSHOP ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS
  12. 12. Participants will: • Utilize a case study approach and hands-on activities to explore new approaches to building high-impact, sustainable partnerships • Use new tools and methods (including the Giant Venn Diagram) to assess partnership fit, design collaborations, sustain relationships, and evaluate outcomes • Meet education leaders, network, and design “pop-up collaborations” that will further understanding of what’s involved in building sustainable partnerships
  13. 13. Allison Trombley • over 50 education collaborations • 60+ schools, 200 teachers, and 25 organizations in 4 states (MO, MA, NY, MT) • programs serving 4,000 students directly • partners include St Louis Public Schools, Boston Public Schools, NYC DOE, Silk Road Project, Harvard University, Turnaround Arts, National Geographic, Calliope Magazine, Stanford SPICE, Central Park Summerstage, American Museum of Natural History, MoMA, and individual artists
  14. 14. Allison Trombley is an educator with 12 years experience as a teacher and arts administrator specializing in the strategic creation of pilot programs and collaborations. She spent the first 8 years of her career working in urban schools in St Louis, MO, where she taught creative writing and media production. She later worked for St Louis Public Schools and local organizations as an independent education consultant focused on arts integration and innovative programs that raise student achievement. Most recently, she designed and managed K-12 programs for Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project. She now works with organizations to increase educational opportunity and impact through collective action. In her spare time she writes poetry with scientists and navigates rivers by kayak.
  15. 15. For more information, please contact If you’d like to learn more about developing sustainable collaborations, please vote for this workshop at the SxSWedu panel picker Select “Giant Venn Diagram”