Mobile development with the corona sdk

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Pune Mobile developer conference presentation by Altaf Rehmani

Pune Mobile developer conference presentation by Altaf Rehmani

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  • Name : here to share some knowhow and experience of developing apps with the corona sdk.
  • Here is some more background about me: mergerPassionate about products solving business problems or providing value
  • Walter and Carlos from ex-adobe (flash engineering team)Pros and cons with going with this approach.
  • We all know games are the hottest selling apps in ths app / marketplaces.
  • Recent hackathon in LA – yielded a number of games in 12 hours non-stop contest.
  • Need sdks to compile android on windowsUse a mac – compile for both iOS and Android.
  • Show app on all three devices.
  • Show more sample code and running samples


  • 1. Rapid Game Development with Corona SDK
    - Altaf Rehmani
  • 2. Altaf Rehmani - Introduction
    15 Yrs Financial Services IT
    3 Years Startup Experience (redbytes software)
    Merged with Iniquus IT services Ltd.
    Capital Markets: Trading, Settlement, Treasury, Compliance
    Clients: Publishers, Real Estate, Retailers, Catering
  • 3. Jun – Sep 2011
  • 4. Recently Developed Apps
    Fun With ABC
  • 5. Swim With numbers
  • 6. My Talking album
  • 7. Color Carnival
  • 8. Learning Hindi
  • 9. What is Corona?
    A cross development mobile sdk from AnscaMobile (
    An SDK that empowers developers to write mobile games and graphical rich apps for iOS and Android, quickly, and easily.
    Corona produced apps have been downloaded 22m times
    Corona apps are approved for the Nook Platform.
    Price – USD 349 per year to publish for both iOS and Android. Free Trial forever.
  • 10. Success Stories
    Bubble Ball 14 yr old – Robert Nay (> 7m Downloads)
    Float – Crawl Space games ~ 1 million downloads; one day to prototype; 2 months to develop
    Blast Monkeys – > 300K downloads: created in 14 days
  • 11. What is the SDK?
    Lua Interpreter (110KB interpreter)
    Open GL – ES 2.0 (graphics hardware acceleration standard)
    Open AL
    Physics engine built around Box2D
    Native C, C++ libraries (injected at runtime depending on the platform)
  • 12. Things we love about the SDK
    Huge Productivity Gains
    Cross Platform Ability for iOS and Android
    Simple, effective Dev environment and workflow
    Helpful and active community
    API keeps expanding
    Physics and other Framework support
    Lots of sample code and third party tools
    Migration path from Flash to Corona
  • 13. Productivity
    Displaying an image
    Objective C (iOS)
    Java (Android)
    Corona sdk (both platforms)
  • 14. Simple and effective dev workflow
    Projects are kept separate folders
    Assets are compiled into app
    App Code starts in  the “main.lua”
    Code Editors of your choice:
    Text Wrangler, BBEdit, Xcode, Notepad ++ ..
    Works on Windows and Mac
    Compilation does not happen locally!
  • 15. Cross Platform Development
    Support for Nook in the Final stages.
    More Platforms – in the future
  • 16. SDK is good at
    2-D Games
    Graphical-oriented Utilities
    Rapid Prototyping
    Apps which are graphical in nature
  • 17. Catch the Ball – Game Prototype
    basketballs dropping from the sky
    Use a basket (hoop) to catch them
    Don’t catch bombs, but catch a special bonus ball
    Scoring: + 1 for each basketball, +5 for special bonus, -2 for bomb
    You have 10 lives, each time you drop a ball life decreases.
  • 18. Limitations of the SDK
    Android Only 2.2 or higher
    Android Armv7 only.
    iOS notifications not available
    Android inapp purchase – not available
    iAds only possible through a workaround
    Some iOS features don’t work yet on android
    when not to use
    If you need native code integration and 3rd party toolkits integrated
    If you need a business app with native device UI controls targeting both platforms
  • 19. Sample Code available
    And Much More..
  • 20. What about Lua?
    Lua is small
    As small as <100 KB (DLL/LIB)
    Easy runs on small devices or in small apps.
    Lua is simple to use
    To use-well suited for small software
    To learn- ~20 keywords, ~20 operators
    Powerful arrays
    Lua is fast
    Apart from this, dynamic typing first class functions, easy interop, written in C, ample libraries.
  • 21. Benefits to game developers
    SDK is easy to use; powerful with 500 APIs
    Lua , fast powerful and easy to use language
    Ability to publish to both iOS and Android
    Animation and sprite techniques
    Physics engine
    inApp purchases for both iOS
    inMobi and Papaya Mobile Ad networks
    Dynamic Content Scaling
    File manipulation, xml / JSON parsing, SqlLite
    Reusable frameworks and code available from community – Director, Memory monitor etc
    Social integration, Launchpad, partnership with inMobi and Papayamobile
    Native Device Features(accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, MAPS, async http
  • 22. Tools for game developers
    Spriteloq – convert Flash animations to Corona
    Kwik – Photoshop CS5 plugin to create comics, storybooks from psd files
    CPM – Corona Project Manager to manage your projects
    Particle Candy – professional effects for games
    Lime – include tilemaps created in Tiled
  • 23. App Dev Experiences
    The Good
    Real Fast development
    Ability to cater for multiple resolution and devices
    Focus on creativity and content
    Excellent community of developers
    Source code available for common patterns
    Daily build, improved features
    • Android and iOS differences
    • 24. Native UI look
    • 25. Limited to what the SDK has to offer.
    • 26. Both platforms may not have common elements
    • 27. Marketing and App discovery
    • 28. App Economy
  • Looking For
    Training and consultancy
    Contact me at:
    Twitter: altafr