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Short presentation on Flexalen installation of the Westin Hotel in Panama, Central America.

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Westin Hotel Instalation En

  1. 1. Flexalen the solution.<br />Thermaflex Insulation México<br />Westin Hotel Panamá<br />Chilled water & Hot sanitary water distribution<br />networks<br />
  2. 2. The project<br />PROJECT INFORMATION<br />HOTEL Westin Hotel<br />OWNER EmpresasBERN<br />LOCATION Playa Bonita, Republic of Panama, Central America<br />INSTALLATION COMPANY Empresas BERN <br />APPLICATION Indoor – Chilled / Hot Water<br /> Outdoor – Chilled water (trench) <br />USED LIQUID Pure potable water with no corrosion treatment <br /> (network mixes with steel)<br />THERMAFLEX PRODUCTS 16,130 mts PB-1 pipes<br /> 270 mts Flexalen 600 single pipe<br /> 17,200 mts of insulation.<br />INSULATION Thermasmart and Thermasheet <br />WELDING TECHNIQUES Poli-fusion, Electro-fusion and Butt fusion<br />ANCHORING done by installation company<br />
  3. 3. Coronado Bay Hotel<br /><ul><li>The Hotel is located in Playa Bonita, beach known for its natural beauty and rainforest environment. Designed to offer its guests luxurious rooms for business and/or pleasure.
  4. 4. The project: 620 rooms with different sizes and comfort levels, 23 floors, six magna conference rooms, clubhouse, four restaurants, shopping center and one of the largest swimming pools in the region.
  5. 5. Flexalen was selected as the best option for chilled water and hot water networks.</li></li></ul><li>Flexalen the best option<br /><ul><li>Flexalen system was selected because:
  6. 6. Fast and easy to install
  7. 7. Energy savings
  8. 8. Long life (+50 years)
  9. 9. Less risks for installers
  10. 10. Speed flow benefits
  11. 11. Less risks of leakages
  12. 12. Experience in two previous installations</li></li></ul><li>Installation<br /><ul><li>The Hotel is located directly in front of the ocean and next to the mangrove. The humidity conditions are extremely wet (up to 90%).
  13. 13. The PB single pipes are insulated with 25mm of Thermasmart with a range of 25mm to 110mm diameter.</li></li></ul><li>Installation<br /><ul><li>The first levels are a mix of PB pipes and steel. The main raiser is 10” diameter and the derivations are as shown in these pictures, with steel couplings with transition to PB with flange connectors.</li></li></ul><li>Installation<br /><ul><li>The flexibility allows to save accessories in certain points like derivations; for example elbows 45º were not considered for the entire network.
  14. 14. Steel pipes are being insulated with Thermasheet 2” insulation thickness </li></li></ul><li>Chilled / Hot water lines<br /><ul><li>Chilled water is protected by Thermasmart insulation but not corrugated protection. The indoor application require condensation protection but not mechanical, even when all the lines will be allocated in the same corridor, the anchoring for Flexalen is exclusive.
  15. 15. The how water lines are connected to cupper adaptors and these lines goes inside the wall. Again the accessories were not necessary due to flexibility and the advance program is two weeks before the original one, good motivation for installers.</li></li></ul><li>Installing fan coil<br /><ul><li>The valves of fan coil equipments are insulated with Thermasmart, there are 1,240 sections to insulate and an special group prepares these sections and once ready they are installed.
  16. 16. The installers received the training also in insulation some moths ago.</li></li></ul><li>Installing air handler<br /><ul><li>The air handlers are not on site, but the connections are ready. With metallic transitions from PB-1 to steel, the system is welded.
  17. 17. Transition PB-1 pipe to Steel pipe in the beginning of the main line of the corridor.</li></li></ul><li>Information<br /><ul><li>Temp of chilled water supply 5ºC
  18. 18. Temp of hot water network 62ºC
  19. 19. Ambient temperature up to 36ºC
  20. 20. Insulation ¾” – 4” pipes 25mm (1” Thermasmart)
  21. 21. Insulation 6” pipe 50mm ( 2” Thermasheet)
  22. 22. Humidity 65% - 90%</li>