The disadvantages of solar panels


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The disadvantages of solar panels

  1. 1. The Disadvantages of SolarPanels• The energy that the sun gives off is renewable and, if properly captured, it can be used to heat water and generate electricity. The main way to capture solar energy is by using solar panels. Solar panels have gained significant foothold among many house owners, in the recent years. People choose to invest in such panels because they can save important sums of money with the energy bills.• However, in spite of their huge advantages, solar panels have a series of disadvantages, which need to be taken into consideration with due seriousness. Some of the main drawbacks to solar panel installation will be highlighted in the following lines. For more information on how to make a solar oven go to
  2. 2. Undeveloped technologyThe market of solar panel fabrication is still in its infant phase.Many producers admit that solar technology able to provideenergy on a large scale has not been invented yet. This meansthat the energy output that solar panels can supply is verylimited. It is usually not enough to cover the basic needs of anentire household.High installation costsBefore purchasing a solar energy system, you need to assessyour financial situation carefully. Can you really cover all theexpenses generated by such a system? Will you be able torecover your investment? Once you answer these questionshonestly, you will realize if the investment is worth it or not. For more information on how to make a solar oven go to
  3. 3. Long-term costs recovery•A very frequent issue that appears when people want to install solar panels is thefact that they overestimate the energy power that the panels are likely to produce.So, make sure you understand the real power of your solar energy panels, unlessyou want to be disappointed. A lot of people expect too much from their system.Having solar panels does not guarantee getting off the grid immediately.Low efficiency in areas poorly lit•Solar panels will not be very useful if the sky in the area where they will be installedwill be covered by clouds most of the time. It is important to remember that solarenergy production is influenced by the presence of clouds as well as pollution.Another thing that should not be forgotten is the fact that solar panels will notgenerate energy during nighttime.•As pointed out, the energy produced by solar panels does have its disadvantages.However, when we compare them with the multiple benefits (solar energy is clean,renewable and sustainable), we can safely state that the investment is worth it. For more information on how to make a solar oven go to
  4. 4. • For more information on the disadvantages of solar energy go to• Youll discover... • The facts about solar energy • Exactly how solar energy works • The price of installing solar energy • Solar energy for home and business • How to build a solar energy system • How to make a solar oven• ...and lots more! The information is ideal for students learning about solar energy and home owners who are looking into installing solar panels in their home.• Please email any questions to