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AIESEC Academy | Recruitment

  1. 1. TM Recruitment Elizabeth de la Cruz
  2. 2. Recruitment TM Objective: The student will learn the recruitment process form the beginning, learning the basics and tools he/she can develop in order to run TM recruitment. Mentor Information: Elizabeth de la Cruz Arredondo. Recruitment Coach NST TM Joined AIESEC in 2012 From AIESEC in Ciudad Juárez 1
  3. 3. Recruitment TM Step One! Talent Goals and Planning. In this step VP TM and LCP should do evaluations of the LC, these evaluations will consider the EB vision and what kind of resources they need. Goal setting is very important in this step, once goals are set they can identify the necessities the LC has and defines what profiles each LCVP needs and JDs they need to develop. Example EB Vision: Increase iGIP growth Resources needed: ER, sales, project managing, finance support and marketing profiles. Goal: Sell 2 iGIP TNs JDs Needed: ER manager, customer service, sales manager, logistics, finance tracker, marketing support. Step Two! Internal Allocation/ EP reintegration Already existent members sometimes or most of the time have the feeling that they should try new and challenging things, internal allocation is the step where most of these members can fulfill the need of new things and explore new areas, and this process will help the areas to fill the JDs opened for the new goals and EB Vision. 2
  4. 4. Recruitment TM EP reintegration consists in contacting the existent returnees and let them join “the other side of the exchange process” helping the LC fill JD needed, and they also are a complete AIESEC member because the already lived the experience of being on exchange. This is a very valuable human resource. Step Three! Promotion Promotion could be one of the hardest thing to plan, because with the last two steps you’ll know what kind of profiles the LC needs, and your campaign should focus on these profiles. A tip for a good promotion is to make a segmentation of which universities or faculties has the profiles that you need, after the segmentation is good to promote in these universities/faculties trying to get their attention based on the career they’re studying. Online promotion on social networks it’s always a good idea, because everyone it’s in a social network and in this way they can know that you are recruiting and there are openings at your LC. Always remember to get support from de Marketing area. Step Four! Info Sessions This step consists in delivering conferences or sessions in which the future member will know what AIESEC is about and all the benefits that 3
  5. 5. TM Recruitment come with being an AIESECer. What AIESEC does and what are we looking for, why they should join and finally how the recruiting process is for the future TMP member. Step Five! Assessment Center The objective of this step is to observe the different profiles of the potential membership of AIESEC to be able to determinate if they have the profile that the areas of the Local Committee needs The purpose is to allow the Executive Board to meet personally the new prospective members to define if they have what the area needs. By this each new recruit will have a better compromise from both sides and will increase the retention rate. It will also allow any member to be part of the recruitment and decide with whom they would like to work with during their AIESEC experience. Step Six! Review board This step means interviewing your candidates, to be sure that they are future TMP Members. According to each LC criteria your EB and TM area interview your candidates to be sure they can fulfill the JDs opened and also to be sure that this person is a future AIESECer. In these interviews you can evaluate the five AIESEC 4
  6. 6. TM Recruitment competencies and also their professional competencies. Step Seven! SMI (Induction and motivation seminar) This seminar consist in a full agenda covering what is AIESEC, history, culture, the AIESEC way, our values and competencies, what are the opportunities they have, manage their personal goal setting, which are the areas, and how do we work together as a team and as an LC. Last Step! New member integration In this final step we do the “allocation” process, this means we locate each member recruited in to a functional area of our LC. In this step is important to consider the first step evaluation to see what is the new member’s best option, so he can develop skills he needs and wants. In this step every TMP member should be raised in 5
  7. 7. TM Recruitment Follow-UP Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact facilitator at: Skype: elizabeth.delacruz06 6