Mahindra XUV500 Digital Campaign


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This study outlines the research insight of channelizing all the online chatter to one location, using social media to drive the frenzy, and finally, engaging the consumer in revealing the much talked - About car, themselves.

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Mahindra XUV500 Digital Campaign

  1. 1.                                                                                                                 Case  Study     Of                                                
  2. 2.   1. About  XUV500     Mahindra   &   Mahindra   Ltd.   (M&M),   a   part   of   the   US   $12.5   billion   Mahindra   Group,   unveiled   the   eagerly   awaited   Mahindra   XUV500   at   Pune   in   Maharashtra.   Designed   and   developed   in-­‐house   by   Mahindra,   the   XUV500   is   Mahindra’s   first   global   SUV   platform,   with  significant  inputs  in  styling  and  development  from  customers  across  the  globe.     2. The  Brief  /Objective     M&M   Auto   redefined   its   image   and   the   SUV   market   in   India   with   the   launch   of   the   Scorpio   in   2002.   Now   the   company   was   focused   on   launching   another   game   changer   –   a   global   SUV,   codenamed   Project   W201.   Project   W201   was   announced   roughly   3   years   ago.  Hungama  was  given  the  task  of  creating  a  teaser  and  product  launch  campaign  that   would  stand  out  from  everything  that  was  ever  done  before  –  within  the  category  and   for  the  medium.  This  vehicle  was  a  game  changer  for  M&M  Auto  in  terms  of  its  image,   consumer   perception,   and   reach.   It   was   a   global   launch,   with   a   product   created   for   a   global  market.     Client  brief  was  to  handle  the  campaign  unlike  anything  Mahindra  had  ever  done  before,   on  digital.  Also,  given  that  this  vehicle  was  going  to  be  targeted  at  SEC  A,  we  figured  that   about   80%   of   the   TG   would   be   online   and   active.   This   was   Mahindra’s   biggest   launch   campaign,  after  the  Scorpio.       3. Research  Insights   With  the  research  we  found  that  there  was  an  unbelievable  amount  of  speculation,  gossip   and  rumours  already  in  the  digital  space.    Our  strategy  included  channelizing  all  the  online   chatter   to   one   location,   use   social   media   to   drive   the   frenzy,   and   finally,   engage   the   consumer   in   revealing   the   much   talked   about   car,   themselves.         4. Creative  Concept   The  campaign  was  divided  into  4  activities  to  be  executed  within  one  month  -­‐     ·∙          Reveal  the  Name  of  the  W201   ·∙          Guess  the  Price  of  the  XUV500  contest     ·∙          Unlock  the  XUV500  angles   ·∙          Reveal  the  XUV500  for  yourself           Considering  the  amount  of  curiosity  there  was  about  this  product,  we  decided  to  tease   the  consumer  to  build  the  anticipation.  At  the  same  time,  we  would  reveal  a  little  more   about  the  vehicle.       5. Execution     Our  first  activity  was  Reveal  the  Name  of  the  W201.  Users  were  invited  to  mouse  over   an   area   on   the   website   and   uncover   the   real   name   of   the   W201.   An   audio   file   also  
  3. 3.  conveyed   users   how   to   pronounce   the   brand   name.   The   activity   was   supported   via  banners   and   a   social   media   campaign   on   FB   and   Twitter.   Users   could   also   take   part   in  the  activity  on  the  Facebook  fan  page.                          ‘Guess   the   Price   of   the   XUV500’   was   a   never-­‐done-­‐before   activity.   Consumers   were  shown  an  XUV500  under  wraps,  and  asked  to  guess  the  price.  They  then  had  to  share  the  activity   with   friends.   The   person   whose   guess   came   closest   to   the   actual   price   would  WIN  THE  XUV500.  There  were  also  20  tickets  to  the  F1  Grand  Prix  in  India,  up  for  grabs.  An   FB   plug-­‐in   on   the   website   homepage   showcased   buzz   on   social   media,   regarding   this  contest.            
  4. 4.      MEDIA  BANNER      In   order   to   give   consumers   a   better   idea   of   what   to   expect   from   the   XUV500,   we   also  created  and  launched  a  series  of  ‘sneak  peek’  videos.  We  spoke  to  the  people  involved  in   creating   the   XUV   –   from   the   R&D   Project   Leader,   to   the   Senior   VP   of   Product  Development  at  Mahindra  and  Mahindra.  We  spoke  to  crazy  fans,  bloggers  and  online  experts.    The  activity  was  constantly  promoted  through  social  media  and  banner  spends.        For   those   who   were   dying   to   see   the  XUV500,   we   offered   them   another   alternative.   Fans  could   unlock   different   angles   marked   on   the   wrapped   vehicle.   As   soon   as   a   certain  number  of  ‘likes’  was  reached,  the  webcam  feed  changed  to  show  a  different  angle  of  XUV500.        When   the   vehicle   was   finally   launched   on-­‐ground,   we   gave   consumers   another  interactive   experience,   where   they   could   pull   off   the   wrapper   on   the   XUV   themselves  and  unveil  the  car.  
  5. 5.        Media  vehicles  chosen  –     Social  Media  –  Facebook  +  Twitter,  YouTube  and  Mahindra  XUV500  website  Key  issues  kept  in  mind  while  executing  the  campaign  –     Short  turnaround  time     Overwhelming  response   Bite  sized  info  without  revealing  too  much  WEBSITE  HOMEPAGE    
  6. 6.   6. Results   Mahindra’s  XUV5OO  registered  5000+  bookings  within  6  days  of  launch   o Guess  the  name  site   150,000  people  revealing  the  name   450,000  likes  to  reveal  the  first  ever  ‘under  wraps’  360  degree  car  view   115,000  entries  in  10  days   Over  100,000  visitors  a  day  (highest  traffic  to  an  auto  site  in  India)   o Unveil  the  XUV   40,000  unveils  in  one  evening   35000+  test  drive  requests   Touching  900,000  unique  visitors  to  the  site   120,000  fans  on  Facebook   700,000  destinations  where  XUV500  has  been  mentioned   7. Credits   Company:  Mahindra  &  Mahindra   Brand:  Mahindra  XUV500   Digital  Agency:  Hungama  Digital  Media  Entertainment  Pvt.  Ltd.   Chief  Creative  Officer:  Carlton  D’Silva   Creative  Team:  Team  Hungama   Account  Management  Team:  Team  Hungama    
  7. 7. C S S UD E A E T IS