Seo Basics for Developers


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Website designers and developers do not develop websites keeping in view the SEO of website. They just care about the functionality. But a great product without marketing is useless.

I created this presentation to educate the developers and designers about basic SEO elements they should consider while creating a new website.

If some things can be taken care of at initial stages then it can result in greater overall success later.

Hope others will find it useful too.

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Seo Basics for Developers

  1. 1. SEO Basicsfor Web Developers
  2. 2. The Basics• What is a Search Engine?• What is online advertisement, internetmarketing, online marketing or e-marketing?
  3. 3. Is there any Relationship between SEO,Programming and Website Development?
  4. 4. Anybody Can’t be a SEOSkills Required to be a Successful SEO(Search Engine Optimizer)
  5. 5. You Cannot Learn SEO in a DaySEO can be quite overwhelming if you try to take the wholeof it in a single bite.
  6. 6. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization
  7. 7. SEO DefinitionOld School of Thought New School of Thought• SEO is the process of gettingyour content to display nearthe top of appropriate searchresults.• It is the process of getting trafficfrom the “free,” “organic,”“editorial” or “natural” listingson search engines.• All major search engines such asGoogle, Yahoo and Bing havesuch results, where web pagesand other content such as videosor local listings are shown andranked based on what the searchengine considers most relevantto users.Source: Search Engine Land
  8. 8. Remember: SEO is not• Black magic• Silver bullets• Rocket science
  9. 9. SEO is= great content+ good structure+ quality links
  10. 10. Commonly used SEO Terminologies - I• Keywords: Keywords and keyword phrases are the wordsused to describe a site’s or a Web page’s theme. These wordsare important in search engine optimization.• Title Tag: These tags are basically HTML tags that arelocated at the top of Web pages. The tags are used to definethe text that will be used as the title in all the search listingson the World Wide Web.• Meta Tags: Meta tags are basically HTML tags that are usedfor the storage of information related to Web pages.• Traffic: Web traffic is the number of visitors on a website.• Anchor Texts: Anchor texts are the visible texts that arehyperlinked and that allow you to move to other Web pages ina website by clicking on them.Source: SEO Glossary
  11. 11. CommonlyusedSEOTerminologies-II•Search Results Page(SERP)•Organic SearchResults•Paid or PPC orSponsored Results•Knowledge Graph
  12. 12. How to carryout SEO?• Keyword Research: Find Keywords▫ Which have good search volume▫ Have less competition▫ Are relevant to the content on page▫ Know the intention behind search• Keyword Research Tools▫ Google AdWords Keyword Tool, trafficestimator, Webmaster Tools; Google Suggest and GoogleTrends▫ Wordtracker▫ Bing Keyword Research Tool▫ SEMRush▫ Keyword Discovery
  13. 13. How to carryout SEO?• On-page Optimization▫ It refers to factors that have an effect on your Web siteor Web page listing in natural search results. Thesefactors are controlled by you or by coding on yourpage.• Commonly used on-page optimization factors▫ Site Architecture and Design▫ Title tag▫ URL Structure▫ Content of page▫ Image Alt Text▫ Sitemaps• Latest in the line are Rich Snippets.
  14. 14. How to carryout SEO?Anatomy of PerfectlyOptimized Page
  15. 15. How to carryout SEO?• Off-page Optimization▫ Off-page optimization refers to factors that havean effect on your Web site or Web page listing innatural search results. These factors are off-site inthat they are not controlled by you or the codingon your page.
  16. 16. How to carryout SEO?Link Building ActivitiesLocal & business listingDirectory SubmissionSocial BookmarkingClassified AdsSearch EngineMore Link Building ActivitiesArticle SubmissionPress Release SubmissionFile SharingImage SharingBlog CreationSocial MediaSome Link Building Techniques