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Hyperian financial management Online Training @ Adithya Elearning

  1. 1. 1.Introduction to Financial Management  Financial Management Solution  Financial Management Architecture  Financial Consolidation, Reporting, Analysis and Product Components  About Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management Suite 2.Navigating in Financial Management  Logging On to Workspace  Opening Applications  Managing Documents  Navigating Financial Management  Financial Management Applications Overview 3.Managing Dimensions with Performance Management Architect  Creating Dimensions  Creating Dimension Members  Managing Members  Working with Grid Editor  Dimension Library  Property Value Inheritance  Creating Alternate Hierarchies  Setting Up Languages 4.Importing Dimensions from a File  Managing Languages  Loading Metadata  About Metadata Load Files  Formatting Metadata Load Files  Setting Up Dimensions  Viewing Job Status
  2. 2.  Loading Metadata with Interface Tables 5.Creating and Deploying Applications  Creating Applications  Validating Applications  Deploying Application Process  Lifecycle Management Overview  Deploying Applications  Viewing Job Status  Working with Local and Shared Dimensions  Configuring Application Settings 6.Configuring Accounts and Custom Dimensions  Auditing Account Data  Intercompany Account and Other Account Properties  About Accounts and Custom Dimensions  Setting Up Account Types and Hierarchies  Setting Up Accounts and Custom Dimensions 7.Setting Up Entities, Calendars, and Scenarios  Setting Up Scenarios  Setting Up Entities  Setting Up Calendars 8.Loading Data  Exporting Data with Extended Analytics  Copying and Removing Data  Formatting Data Load Files  Loading Data Files  Extracting Data 9.Entering Data Using Data Grids
  3. 3.  Adding Cell Text and Line-Item Detail  Saving Grid Settings  Accessing Data Grids  Changing the Grid Layout and Display  Selecting Members  Entering Data and Filling Multiple Cells  Spreading and Calculating Data 10.Creating Member Lists in Financial Management  About Member Lists  Creating Member Lists  Creating Static Member Lists  Creating Dynamic Member Lists  Loading and Extracting Member Lists  System and User-Defined Member Lists  Identifying Member Lists in a File 11.Managing Rules With Calculation Manager  Creating Rule Sets  Deploying Rules  Calculation Manager Overview  Creating Formulas  Creating Rules  Importing and Exporting Calculation Manager Objects 12.Setting Up Security  Data Access and Document Access  Assigning Access to Security Classes  Running Security Reports  About Levels of Security  Provisioning User and Group Security
  4. 4.  Application Settings for Security  Loading and Extracting Security 13.Creating Data Forms  Defining Columns and Rows  Formatting Columns and Rows  About Data Forms  Accessing the Form Builder  Defining the Point of View  Exporting Data to Spreadsheets 14.Managing Task Lists  Creating Task Lists  Adding Items to Task Lists  About Task Lists  Organizing Task List Items 15.Entering Intercompany Data  Setting Up Entities and Accounts for Intercompany Data  Creating and Running Intercompany Matching Reports  Intercompany Transactions Overview  Intercompany Elimination Process  Formatting Intercompany Reports with Oracle BI Publisher 16.Adjusting Data with Journals  Opening Periods for Journal Entry  Setting the Point of View  Journal Balance Types  Journals Overview  Creating and Running Journal Reports  Creating Journal Templates and journals
  5. 5.  Entering Journal Data  Managing the Journals Review Process 17.Translating Data  Checking Translation Status  Translating Data in Data Grids  Data Translation Overview  Entering Exchange Rates  Custom Translations Overview 18.Running Consolidations  Consolidation Process Overview  Managing Ownership Percentages  Checking Consolidation Status  Consolidating Data  Setting Up Organization by Period 19.Managing the Review Cycle Using Process Management  Viewing Process Units  Validating Process Units  Moving Process Units Through the Review Cycle  Locking and Unlocking Data  Process Management Overview  Enabling Process Management  Managing Phased Submission 20.Sharing Data Using Data Synchronization  Filtering and Mapping Dimensions  Viewing Data Flows  Scheduling and Running Data Synchronizations
  6. 6.  Data Synchronization Overview  Creating Mapping Tables  Creating Data Synchronizations 21.Analyzing Data Using Smart View  Creating Free-Form Worksheets  Entering Data by Using Data Forms  Smart View Overview  Functions in Smart View  Connecting to a Data Source  Viewing Data with the Ad Hoc Analysis Tool  Displaying Cell Text and Calculation Status  Calculating, Translating, and Consolidating Data in Smart View Highlights in Training Process; Conducting demos any time to your convenience. Providing 24/7 Technical support with lab services. Certified Trainers. Easy Payment options. Hands on training for better performance in Real time Environment. We maintain flexible Batch system for your better understanding. Certified Course Content Standard Material, Real time Examples. Completing training in the given Duration. Weekdays and Weekend Batches are available.
  7. 7. Contact Information; Skype Id ; adithyaelearning Contact Number ; +91 8790679998 , 9848371343. USA + 001 224 585 7588 Email id ; adithyaelearning@gmail.com, info@adithyaelearning.com Website ; www.adithyaelearning.com