Adhearsion for Devs - CloudComm 2011


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Presentation given on Adhearsion at Cloud

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  • Now I’ve introduced myself, who are you? Developers? (languages?) Sysadmins? (operating systems?)\n
  • Predictable progress and safer deployments thanks to Ruby best practices like TDD, Capistrano, Agile; eminently readable code\nTell stories about our successes with startups and MVP\n
  • Ensuring you speak everyone’s language.\n
  • Note that Rayo is part of Prism 11, released today. What Infrastructure: Not only is the deployment “in the cloud” but both platforms are hosted applications. No need for sysadmins or server management at all.\n
  • In the event you want to provide more specifics for each.\n
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  • Goal: establish the maturity and activity of the project. This is a safe place for Enterprise to invest time/money. Mention DoD deployments and telco carriers running Ahn. MIT license allows for redistribution without source code.\n
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  • Adhearsion for Devs - CloudComm 2011

    1. 1. and the cloud ✓ checkBen KlangPrincipal/Technology StrategistMojo Lingo
    2. 2. Who is Ben Klang? • Ben Klang is the leader of the Adhearsion project since 2010. • Has worked with telephony and VoIP since 2002, then at a small startup in his father-in-law’s basement. • 15+ years of deep technical experience, including systems architecture, network management, scalability and load testing, voice application design. • Believes in agile, telecommuting, distance collaboration and free time.
    3. 3. What is Adhearsion? • Voice Application Development Framework • Adhesion you can hear – glueing the voice layer to the rest of the world. • Open Source • Ruby language – easily integrates with Rails, but not dependent • Platform agnostic – runs anywhere Ruby or Java does. • Runs small, scales to … (announcement coming Thursday) • Cloud-Ready • Real-time
    4. 4. What makes Adhearsion so cool?Audience Type BenefitsApplication Provider Fastest Way to Develop Voice Apps, Period.System integrators, VARS Fastest Way to Develop Voice Apps, Period.Mobile, fixed & IP-based operators Fastest Way to Develop Voice Apps, Period.Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Private Fastest Way to Develop Voice Apps, Period.EquityIT managers, CIOs, Fastest Way to Develop Voice Apps, Period.Business Process Analysts
    5. 5. What really makes Adhearsion so cool?Audience Type BenefitsApplication Provider Easily package apps for redistributionSystem integrators, VARS Strong (and growing) ecosystem of Ruby developers (Thanks, Rails!)Mobile, fixed & IP-based Enrich existing infrastructure with new, game-changingoperators servicesInvestment banking, venture Market-ready Apps in weeks or days, not monthscapital, private equityIT managers, CIOs and Business TDD, Agile, bulletproof deployments with Capistrano,Process Analysts eminently readable code
    6. 6. Adhearsion Applied  Call center workflow optimization and integration  Sales force automation  Conferencing applications  Translation services  IVR  Polling  Robo-calling
    7. 7. Adhearsion Architecture: How Does It Work?
    8. 8. Adhearsion on Asterisk • 100% Open Source stack • Arguably lowest TCO with no per-port licensing • Most common Adhearsion platform today – thousands of apps in production • Asterisk is everywhere – embedded products to most Linux distributions • No TTS or ASR included, but may be licensed separately • Adhearsion easily co-exists with FreePBX (Elastix, PBX-in-a-Flash, Trixbox, AsteriskNOW, others)
    9. 9. Adhearsion on Tropo • Fully Cloud-based service – no servers to maintain • Built-in, high-quality ASR and TTS in 24 languages (!!) • Nothing to license; just pay per-minute usage • Free for developers – no cost until app is in production • Easiest, Cheapest way to prototype a new idea quickly
    10. 10. Telephony DSL (Domain Specific Language)
    11. 11. Adhearsion Timeline: Been and Going• 2006 - First code written • Adhearsion LLC by Jay Phillips, visionary acquired by Voxeo, • Adhearsion of framework Foundation • Voxeo forms Voxeo• 2007 – First public Labs, Tropo (non-profit) release formed • Ben Klang takes over as project • Jason Goecke joins • ANNOUNCEMENT lead • Adhearsion goes on 09-15-11 • Adhearsion World Tour • AdhearsionConf reaches version 1.0 10-8-11 • First AdhearsionConf
    12. 12. Adhearsion: By the Numbers  15,889 lines of code  14,393 Downloads To Date (since 2009)  >82% unit test code coverage  7 Contributing Countries  5 years of active development  $0 licensing costs
    13. 13. Adhearsion Timeline: Cumulative Downloads Join the Trend!
    14. 14. Questions... http://mojolingo.comTwitter: @Adhearsion Twitter: @MojoLingo +1.404.475.4840
    15. 15. Formatted if needed