Campaign Finance Reform


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Rising Above the Partisan Fray, Most Organizations Call for IRS Rulemaking to ContinueRead More: Cam...

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Campaign Finance Reform

  1. 1. Campaign Finance Reform R i s i n g A b o v e t h e Partisan Fray, Most Organizations Call for IRS Rulemaking to Continue Read More: Campaign Finance Reform, Irs, Mccutheon, Tax, Disclosure, McCutcheon v. Fec, Bright Lines, Obama Administration, Political, Rulemaking, Campaign Finance, Politics News Despite the obvious need for revised rules, the IRS rulemaking has unfortunately become a divisive partisan issue and the political punching bag du jour. Let's Disarm the Nation and the World -- Starting at Home Read More: Gun Violence, Campaign Finance Reform, Nuclear Weapons, Pakistan Nuclear Weapons, North Korea Nuclear Program, William Sloane Coffin, McCutcheon v. Fec, Gun Control, Citizens United, Nra, Iran Nuclear Weapons, Politics News From our provincial position, 'evil' nations like North Korea should not have dangerous weapons.
  2. 2. From their provincial position, our possession of nuclear weapons provides a practical and moral imperative that they have equally deadly capabilities. Russell Conwell: His Theology of Wealth and Today's GOP Read More: Supreme Court, US Supreme Court, Sheldon Adelson, Campaign Finance Reform, Koch Brothers, Wealth, Gop, Christianity, Christians, Republican Party, Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan Budget, Republicans, Politics News I thought of Russell Conwell's bizarre nineteenth-century theological glorification of wealth this past week when the Supreme Court removed one of the last remaining limits on the amount of money wealthy donors could spend in political campaigns. In the Wake of McCutcheon, Can Democracy Tame Capital? Policy solutions are easy to come up with. The enormous challenge is that the more wealth is concentrated, the harder it becomes to enact those policies. All Is Not Lost: How to Win Money-in-Politics Reform If you have a heartbeat, you are one of the vast majority of Americans thoroughly disgusted by this week's McCutcheon Supreme Court decision. It allows one donor to write a $3.6 million check to buy political influence, providing us all with yet another "just-when-you-thought-it-couldn't-- et-any-worse" moment. As if we needed it. You are also likely someone who rationally believes that money-in-politics corruption is a huge problem and something that simply cannot be fixed, because doing so requires the fox (politicians) put a lock on the henhouse (campaign contributions). But don't give up just yet. Contrary to popular belief, the money-in-politics problem can be fixed by emulating
  3. 3. the stunning successes of marriage equality and marijuana decriminalization over the past twenty years. Here's how to do it. The Roberts Court Tees Up The End Of Campaign Finance Reform Read More: Corruption, McCutcheon v. Fec, Campaign Contribution Limits, Citizens United, John Roberts, John Roberts Campaign Finance, Campaign Finance, John Paul Stevens, Chief Justice John Roberts, Video, Campaign Finance Reform, Sandra Day O'Connor, Campaign Contributions, Soft Money, Anthony Kennedy, Mccain-Feingold, Politics News WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission on Wednesday has potentially big implications for the future... How We Can Fight Back Against the Supreme Court It was nice while it lasted. Democracy at the national level is dead now. We have replaced it with an open auction. This will not at some future date lead to a worst case scenario. We're already living in that scenario. Please Spare A Thought For The Real Victims Of The McCutcheon Decision Read More: Supreme Court, Eat the Press, Lobbying, Lobbyists, McCutcheon v. Fec, Money in Politics, Campaign Finance, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, Campaign Finance Reform, Political Speech, Supreme Court Mccutcheon, Politics News
  4. 4. The Supreme Court's latest decision in McCutcheon v. FEC continues the long process of deforming our once-thought-to-be-timeless experiment in "We the... Supreme Court Continued This Week on Its March to Destroy the Nation's Campaign Finance Laws With its Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions, the Supreme Court has turned our representative system of government into a sandbox for America's billionaires and millionaires to play in. McCutcheon and the Vicious Cycle of Concentrated Wealth and Political Power By taking Citizens United one step further and effectively eviscerating campaign finance laws, the Court has issued an invitation to oligarchy. Democratic Candidate Calls Big Campaign Finance Ruling The Worst Since Dred Scott Read More: Elections 2014, Supreme Court, Supreme Court Campaign Finance, Rick Weiland, McCutcheon v. Fec, Senate Races, Rick Weiland Senate, Dred Scott Decision, South Dakota, Campaign Finance, HuffPolitics Blog, Politics News, Politics, South Dakota Politics, Campaign Finance Reform, Slavery, 2014 Election, Dred Scott, Politics News
  5. 5. Democrat Rick Weiland, who is running for Senate in South Dakota, had a dramatic reaction to the Supreme Court's Wednesday ruling striking down aggreg... Figured Out Dark Money Groups, Super PACs? Thanks To The Supreme Court, You'll Have To Learn About This, Too Read More: Supreme Court, Joint Fundraising Committee, Elections 2014, Supreme Court Campaign Finance, Super PACs, McCutcheon v. Fec, Mitt Romney, 501c4, John Roberts, Campaign Contribution Limits, Barack Obama, Campaign Finance, Video, Campaign Finance Reform, Campaign Contributions, 2014 Election, Dark Money, Politics News WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court's ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission has opened the door for wealthy donors to spend even more on pol... After Today's Supreme Court Ruling, Here's How All This Will End Read More: Supreme Court, Supreme Court Campaign Finance, Fec, McCutcheon v. Fec, Lee Goodman, Campaign Contribution Limits, John Roberts, Citizens United, Campaign Finance, Video, Campaign Finance Reform, Disclosure, Campaign Contributions, Soft Money, Mccain-Feingold, Supreme Court Mccutcheon, Politics News If understanding campaign finance laws is still on your to-do list -- what's the difference between a super PAC and a 501(c)4 again? what counts as il... The Supreme Court Has Struck Down Overall Campaign Contribution Limits
  6. 6. Read More: Supreme Court, Video, Campaign Finance Reform, Campaign Contributions, McCutcheon v. Fec, John Roberts, Citizens United, Campaign Contribution Limits, Shaun McCutcheon, Campaign Finance, Politics News WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down the aggregate campaign contribution limits, thereby opening the door to even more money in th... Democracy vs. Oligarchy Read More: David Koch, Chris Christie, Sheldon Adelson, Koch Brothers, Charles Koch, Scott Walker, Democracy, Jeb Bush, Campaign Finance Reform, Campaign Finance, Politics News The great political struggle we now face is whether the United States retains its democratic heritage or whether we move toward an oligarchic form of society where the real political power rests with a handful of billionaires, not ordinary Americans. Repairing Democracy Read More: Supreme Court, Politics, Elections, Sheldon Adelson, Congress, Campaign Finance Reform, Jared Huffman, 2012 Election, Alan Lowenthal, Super PACs, Elections 2012, John Sarbanes, U.S. House of Representatives, Citizens United, Campaign Finance, Money and Politics, Government by the People Act, Politics News We believe there are several reforms needed to fight back against the scourge of unlimited and secretive campaign spending, bring transparency and accountability to the system, and, more importantly, support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
  7. 7. The Super Rich and the Rest of Us Growing inequality is the logical outcome of the way we pay for our politics. When the super rich have disproportionate influence over political outcomes, they are the principle beneficiaries. This Chart Shows How Little We Really Know About Where Political Money Comes From Read More: Dark Money Infographic, Union Campaign Contributions, Social Welfare Money, Wisconsin Right to Life, 501(C)(4), 501c4, Citizens United, Campaign Finance, Social Welfare Groups, Campaign Finance Reform, Social Welfare Spending, Labor Union Political Spending, Dark Money, Politics News More and more money is going into U.S. elections without any disclosure of where it's coming from. Spending by "dark money" groups -- organizat... Dear Mr. President, the Time Has Come For You to Tackle America's Biggest Problem -- Congress We elected you to make these changes. But, no true reform will ever precede election reform. This can be your legacy. The McCutcheon Case: Consequences if SCOTUS Strikes Down Overall Contribution Limits Read More: Buckley v. Valeo, Supreme Court, McCutcheon v. Fec, Citizens United v. FEC, Super
  8. 8. PACs, Fec, Campaign Finance Reform, Campaign Finance, Scotus, Shaun McCutcheon, Politics News If the SCOTUS were to strike down the overall contribution limits in the McCutcheon case, we would be back to the same kind of corrupting contributions that resulted in the Watergate scandals in the '70s and the soft money scandals in the '90s. The legal and political consequences would be enormous. Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder 'Can't Understand' State's Campaign Finance Mishap Read More: Ben Cohen, Ben Cohen Vermont Campaign Finance, Ben Cohen Citizens United, Campaign Finance Reform, Hpl, Vermont, Money in Politics, Campaign-Finance, Citizens United, Vermont Campaign Finance, Campaign Finance, Politics News Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Ben Cohen sat down with HuffPost Live on Thursday, expressing how perplexed he was by Vermont's recent campaign finance bill.... Here's How Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Wants To Stamp Money Out Of Politics Read More: Ben Cohen, Ben Cohen Stamp Stampede, David Crosby, Money in Politics, Ben & Jerry's, Public Financing, Campaign Finance, Video, Campaign Finance Reform, Jackson Browne, Stamp Stampede, Ben Cohen Money in Politics, Shepard Fairey, Citizens United Amendment, Politics News WASHINGTON -- These days Ben Cohen, co-founder and former CEO of Ben & Jerry's, is trying to make an impact with stamps, not scoops. His target: the i...
  9. 9. Democrats Rally Behind Reform Bill To Fight Big Money Read More: Campaign Finance Reform, Campaign Finance Reform Act, Small Donors, Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, John Sarbanes, Money in Politics, Citizens United, Public Financing, Campaign Finance, Sarbanes Campaign Finance Reform, Politics News WASHINGTON -- House Democratic leaders joined together on Capitol Hill Wednesday to introduce a new campaign-finance reform bill to help lessen the in... How Hawaii Government Can Work Again Voter owned elections is not a panacea. There will be more work to be done, but it is the baseline for action, if the government is ever going to represent the vast majority of people. How Henry Waxman's Campaign Contributions Changed Congress Read More: Pacs, Congress, Video, Campaign Finance Reform, Leadership Pac, Campaign Contributions, Henry Waxman, Henry Waxman Campaign Finance, Fundraising, Mccain-Feingold, Campaign Finance, Politics News WASHINGTON -- With the news that Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) will retire at the end of the year, it's time to remember how the 20-term veteran helped...