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Rehearsal Schedule -  Final 3 Weeks
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Rehearsal Schedule - Final 3 Weeks






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Rehearsal Schedule - Final 3 Weeks Presentation Transcript

  • 1. CELL BLOCK 33 – REHEARSAL SCHEDULE Date Time Focus TeacherWeds 1/2/12 P3 Scene 11 - George, Rajan, Sara, Logan SSA LESSON Scene 10 - Sathma, Nazish, Khatra, Navina, Najma, Nazish, Hassan(ROB stand in),Sannah(Zahra stand in), Parnyan, George(Michael stand in)Weds 1/2/12 Lunch Scene 10 – Sathma, Nazish, Khatra, Navina, Najma, Hassan, Sannah, Parnyan, George SSA Scene 6 - Michael, Zahra, Sara, Fatima, Zeeshan, Prabhleen DBHWeds 1/2/12 3.15-5pm Scene 7 – Michael, Hassan, Logan, Rajan, George, Parnyan, Zeeshan SSA Girls opening dance/Final Dance MWQ/SARA Scene 1 - Sathma, Prabhleen, Nazish, Zahra, Marie, Deborah, Hibo DBHThurs 2/2/12 P4 Scene 4 - George, Prabhleen(Zahra stand in),Sara, Navina, Sannah(Marie stand in) SSA LESSON Scene 2- from Yasmine’s entrance – Prabhleen(Nazish stand in), George(Michael stand in), Logan, ParnyanThurs 2/2/12 LUNCH Sathmaand Rajanre-record music as directed by MWQ in music dept MWQ Scene 4 - George, Prabhleen, Sara, Navina, Sannah SSAFri 3/2/12 P4 Scene 12 – ALL Creative Media students SSA LESSONFri 3/2/12 LUNCH Scene 12 – ALL CAST DBHFri 3/2/12 P5 Scene 8/9 –ALL Creative Media students DBH LESSONMon 6/2/12 Lunch Scene 3 - Michael, Zahra, Sara, Navina, Nazish, Hibo, Najma, Marie, Deborah, Sannah SSA/ MWQ Scene 2- from Yasmine’s entrance - Prabhleen, George, Logan, ParnyanMon 6/2/12 3.15 – 6pm Scene 12 and 13 – ALL CAST SSA/DBH/MWQ Scene 8/9 –ALL CASTTues 7/2/12 P2 Scene 5 - George, Zahra, Hassan(Rajan stand in), Marie, Prabhleen(Navina stand in), MWQ LESSON Sara + all prisoners
  • 2. Tues 7/2/12 P3 Singing Rehearsal – All songs MWQ LESSONTues 7/2/12 3.15-6pm Scene 5 - George, Zahra, Hassan, Marie, Prabhleen, Sara + all prisoners SSA/DBH/MWQ FULL RUN THROUGH – NO SCRIPTWeds 8/2/12 P3 DANCE REHEARSAL - ALL SSA LESSONWeds 8/2/12 Lunch DANCE REHEARSAL - ALL DBHThurs 9/2/12 P4 Scene 1 – 3 SSA LessonFri 10/2/12 P4 Scene 4 -6 SSA LessonFri 10/2/12 Lunch SINGING REHEARSAL ALL MWQFri 10/2/12 P5 Scene 7 - 9 DBH LessonDAY ONE HALF TERM 10AM – 4PM TECHNICAL RUN THROUGHDAY TWO HALF TERM 10AM – 4PM DRESS REHEARSALMon 20/2/12 3.15-6pm (Zahra comes back from appt at 4pm) FULL DRESS AND TECHNICAL RUN TO INVITED TEACHERS FOR FEEDBACKTues 21/2/12 P2 Scene 10 -13 MWQ lessonTues 21/2/12 P3 Troubleshooting MWQ lessonTues 21/2/12 3.15-6pm FULL DRESS RUN – ALL CASTWeds 22/2/12 Poss off timetable in afternoon?Weds 22/2/12 3.15 – 6.30 PerformanceThurs 23/2/12 3.15 – 6.30 Performance
  • 3. Need to RehearseOpening Dance – particularly the girls!Scene One – section between newbies and Carla’s GangScene two- from Yasmine’s entrance with Watson (Prabhleen, George, Logan, Parnyan)Scene three- to complete (Michael, all Zahra, Sara, Navina, Nazish, Hibo, Najma, Marie, Deborah, Sannah)Scene four- not been done (George, Prabhleen, Sara, Navina, Sannah)Scene five- needs to be rehearsed (George, Zahra, Hassan, Marie, Prabhleen, Sara + all prisoners)Scene six- Flashback scene- needs to be completed(Michael, Zahra, Sara, Fatima, Zeeshan, Prabhleen)Scene seven- guards’ bit- rehearsed (Michael, Hassan, Logan, Rajan, George, Parnyan, Zeeshan)Scene eight- dinner hall scene (all cast)Scene nine- (all cast)Scene ten- (Sathma, Nazish, Katra, Navina, Najma, Nazish, Hassan, Sannah, Parnyan, George)Scene eleven – (George, Rajan, Sara, Logan + all other guards)Scene twelve- recreation room (all inmates)Scene thirteen- good bye scene, song and dance (all cast, Sara, Prabhleen)