Tips on How to buy from taobao english shopping guide--By YOYBUY most reliable and professional taobao agent


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This is A to Z taobao shopping guide composed by YOYBUY. It is aimed to help overseas taobao users to learn more about taobao and how to buy high cost performance products from taobao, how to search on taobao, how to filter the taobao search results by brand, price, popularity, how to order from taobao/tmall. In the end, this guides gives you the secrets in saving money from taobao, by finding similar/same products from taobao and make a good comparison. This shopping guide is written by YOYBUY, the most reliable taobao agent worldwide,

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Tips on How to buy from taobao english shopping guide--By YOYBUY most reliable and professional taobao agent

  1. 1. How to Buy from Taobao? -----The A to Z Taobao Shopping Guide for Overseas Taobao customers Presented by YOYBUY Most Reliable and Professional Taobao Agent The aim of this Taobao shopping guide is to help overseas Taobao customers quickly find the things they need on taobao and buy with lowest price possible. In other words, buy good products from Taobao and truly save your money. Written by Edwin Sun @ YOYBUY Market Dept
  2. 2. Content List Introduction: What is Taobao?  Get to know Taobao homepage    top nav products category How to search on Taobao?  How to filter the Taobao search results by:       brands hot sellings suggested search terms sources: Taobao, Tmall, used, promotional price, popularity, seller credit, new arrival and others.  Secrets/tips in saving money on Taobao  find similar products find same products 
  3. 3. What is Taobao  The largest online shopping site in China ( similar to Ebay in US)  With millions of products at cheap prices  For more info on Taobo introdution, see our previous writing here:
  4. 4. Get to Know Taobao Homepage  Visit the taobao site: or  For Chinese users, they will see, for overseas users, they will be redirected to the Taobao global page, which is still in Chinese,
  5. 5. Overseas Taobao Homepage Top Navigation Search Box Ptar ruto oC de cg y Hot Items and Promotions
  6. 6. Top Navigation---Homepage Log in Register Mobile Taobao My Account My Favorites Taobao homepage Cart Seller Center Product Category Site N Contact us If you have the cards or AliPay or other payment methods accepted by Taobao, you can register an account on taobao and order directly from it. So you just need to know where to find " Log in" , "Register" and " My Account". However, most of the sellers do not know English and do not support international shipping, in that case you need to find a package forwarding service and let them handle the shipping for you. Packpage forward is part of YOYBUY's service, for more details, check here "My Warehouse in China"
  7. 7. Hot Product Category---Homepage Women & Men's Clothing Shoes, Bags & Accessories Digital Products Home & Decoration Mom & Baby Sports & Outdoors Tips: Familirizing yourself with these products categories will help you find what you need quickly on Taobao A Glossary of Taobao products: English to Chinese women's clothing--- 女装 men's clothing--- 男装 women's shoes--- 女鞋 men's shoes--- 男鞋 bag/handbag--- 女包 phones- 手机 cameras-- 照相机 computer-- 电脑 wedding dress-- 婚纱 kids' clothing-- 儿童服装 sports shoes-- 运动鞋 sports clothing-- 运动服
  8. 8. How to Search on Taobao ---Find all you need with search box and the right keyword Items/products Search Hover your mouser over " 宝贝”( Items), you will see changes below Items Tmall, which is part of Taobao, dedicated to Brand products with higher quality Shops on Taobao The above three terms define what you are searching for, in default mode, you are searching for taobao products. This is the aim of most users of course. You can also search products from Tmall or search for sellers.
  9. 9. More about Searching on Taobao As we all know, the words we use for searching determine what we saw in the taobao search results. So what words to use for searching? We have given a short list of words you may need for taobao searches, but it is far from enough. You can Google translate your English words to Chinese and then paste into the taobao search box. So easy!
  10. 10. How to filter the taobao search results Let's take "women's shoes" ( 女鞋) as an example to see how to filter the search results. The whole filtering section is divided into 6 parts, listed as A to F. A B C D E F
  11. 11. Section A of the Taobao results filtering Filter by Brands Filter by heel length Here you would find some well-known brands for your search products. You can filter by their brand names. However, this does not mean all the products you see will really be by that brand, since the results are generated automatically and there is no human examination process. So pay special attention if you want to find something of a brand. You can search under "Tmall", the overall quality is higher.
  12. 12. Section B of the Taobao results filtering Hot Selling Elements Trendy Shoes now Related products This part is not quite useful or widely used. But it can help you find more detailed and classified products under your searched term.
  13. 13. Section C of the Taobao results filtering Are you looking for ...? This section gives you the suggested products searches or hot searches related with yours. You can use Google translate or other tools to understand their meaning and filter the results if it is the right term for you.
  14. 14. Section D of the Taobao results filtering All products Used products Products from Tmall Event Promotional products: like 11.11 (single's day) or women's day here. Products with high cost performance Here, the 2 filtering buttons we use most are "all products" & "Tmall prodcuts". Here you need to know the difference between Taobao and Tmall. Taobao and Tmall actually are one, they both could be called Taobao, but Tmall differentiates itself in providing brand products or better quality products, Tmall is kind of high-end.
  15. 15. Section E of Taobao results filtering Overseas Sellers/products with Customer Protection Exclude products from the results with a keyword Genuine Guarantee Live Chat Products with ( Wangwang) Return Guarantee Online products Cash on Delivery This section actually is more useful for overseas customers, it helps you filer products by sellers' certificate (Customer Protection/ Genuine Products/Return Guarantee). Don't forget the filtering of "overseas products", in most cases from HongKong. But this does not mean you have to limit yourself within the overseas products, you can find a reliable taobao agent and let them buy for you from taobao and ship to your house. YOYBUY has enagaged itself in this service for 6 years and we have professional team to help customers worldwide buy taobao products with good quality and low price.
  16. 16. Section E of Taobao results filtering Rank by Popularity -----the most important part you must know Rank by seller's credit Rank by sales Rank by Comprehensive factors Rank by price Rank by new arrivals Filter by inputing a price range Location of products Show only one product of one seller by combing sellers This is the most useful fitering of taobao results for each person, espcially when you want to find something cheap and with good quality. Generally speaking, you can go with the following rules: More sales mean higher popularity and more reliable; Sellers with higher credit is more reliable; Don't buy products like this: very high/low price with quite little or no sales made.
  17. 17. Secrets/tips of saving money in buying from Taobao---You Must Know Besides the above filtering sections we have introduced, there is another secret tip for saving money or finding the dream product with lowest price and best quality!!! It is easy!! Hover Your Mouse Over this Pic When you have decided to buy one particular product, but not quite sure whether its price is the lowest or not, or want to find other sellers offering lower prices for the same items, then you only need to HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER THE PICTURE OF THE ITEM in the search results page, stop for a while and you will see "Find Same Products" / " Find Similar Products". Click on either of it, you will see all the products with lower or higher price by other taobao sellers. Then filter Find Same Products Find Similar products them by price, so all is clear now. from other sellers
  18. 18. Find Similar or Same Products on Taobao Finding same products would be like this, so all you have to do is check the price and the reviews of the products Following is finding similar products page, is it helpful?
  19. 19. Thank you, wish you happy Taobao shopping experience! If you have any other questions on Taobao shopping and other Chinese site shopping, like Paipai, JD, 360buy, and others, please contact our live customer service by visiting By YOYBUY