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Consultancy gains flexibility, security with operating system, hardware upgrade


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Consultancy gains flexibility, security with operating system, hardware upgrade

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study Consultancy Gains Flexibility, Security with Operating System, Hardware UpgradeOverview ―We work in a fast-paced, deadline-drivenCountry or Region: United StatesIndustry: Strategic communications environment. The ease of use of Windows 7, combined with the stability of HP systems, gives us exactly whatCustomer ProfileNyhus Communications provides we need to accomplish more, faster.‖strategic guidance, insight, and creativity Sally Poliak, COO, Nyhus Communicationsto client challenges, including newproduct launches, raising publicawareness, and brand positioning in acluttered marketplace. For Seattle, Washington–based Nyhus Communications, speed Sally Poliak, COO, Nyhus Communications and quality are the crucial ingredients to success. The 17-Business SituationNyhus Communications needed to find a employee strategic communications firm provides publicmore efficient, effective way of relations, public affairs, and new media content services tocompleting everyday tasks, updatingtraining manuals for a growing staff, and clients across North America. Nyhus Communications believesprotecting sensitive documents and files. that connecting clients’ brands with the right audience requiresSolution delivering a finely tuned message at the right time in the rightWindows 7 Professional and the HP medium. This careful blend of precision and timing is madeProBook 5310m provided users withmore intuitive, efficient ways to complete possible through reliable, efficient systems that enabletasks, work on-the-go, and share highly employees to develop and complete projects as quickly assecure files and folders. possible—while maintaining accuracy in everything they do. SoBenefits when company leaders discovered the lightning-fast speeds and Increased productivity Improved data security remarkable reliability of the HP ProBook 5310m running Reduced energy costs Windows 7, they knew they had found a powerful combination that would enable employees to accomplish more in less time. Works the way you want
  2. 2. Situation operating system and assess whether this Nyhus endured lengthy system startup and combination worked for their business.* resume times that inhibited its employees’ According to Sally Poliak, COO of Nyhus ability to get work done. And because Communications, this trial paid off. laptop batteries did not last as long as users would like, employees would often ―We work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven have to stop what they were doing and environment,‖ she says. ―The ease of use of search for power outlets—particularly Windows 7, combined with the stability of frustrating for workers who are increasingly HP systems, gives us exactly what we need on the go. to accomplish more, faster.‖ Simply finding files and applications With faster system response times, required hunting through multiple folders, increased mobile flexibility, and enhanced and comparing notes between documents security, the combination of the HP meant having to manually resize windows, ProBook 5310m and Windows 7 or print and view hard copies to avoid the Professional gave Nyhus the solution it had tedious multistep process of manipulating been seeking. Due to this improved―With Windows 7 window sizes. On top of all of that, mobile performance, Poliak has opted to deploy workers found it difficult to securely share the system across the organization.Professional, my files with team members while workingcomputer starts up and remotely. Benefitsruns at lightning Keeping client information safe was an Improved Efficiency and Flexibility ongoing challenge for Nyhus employees, Windows 7 features faster Sleep andspeeds.‖ who lacked a simple way to encrypt and Resume times** that enable users to work Sally Poliak, COO, Nyhus share important data. And the training within seconds of starting their PCs. Communications team grew increasingly frustrated with the Together with HP QuickLook 3, which tedious, time-consuming process of having provides users with access to email, to copy, paste, and reformat multiple calendar, and task items at the touch of a screenshots in new documents when button—even when systems are in creating reference materials. hibernation—users found they could get to work and complete projects sooner. Nyhus managers knew that these issues were cutting into team productivity ―With Windows 7 Professional, my significantly, and wanted to give their computer starts up and runs at lightning employees more intuitive ways to speeds,‖ says Poliak. ―Couple that with HP accomplish everyday tasks, protect QuickLook 3, which lets me access email sensitive information, and work more without even starting my system and efficiently whether in the office or on the you’ve defined ultimate performance.‖ road. Adaptive screen display brightness, a key Solution feature of Windows 7 Power Management, To accomplish this, Nyhus managers began enhances mobile performance by reducing investigating solutions. They found that energy consumption. In addition, the HP Microsoft and HP were offering a way for ProBook 5310m with HP Mobile organizations to test the HP ProBook Performance gives users impressive battery 5310m running the Windows 7 Professional Works the way you want
  3. 3. life without compromising on speed or Keeping data highly secure is a snap when responsiveness. using the Encrypting File System in Windows 7 Professional, and the HP As Poliak indicates, ―The Power Credential Manager available in the HP Management features of Windows 7 ProBook 5310m adds an extra layer of Professional, combined with the impressive security—and productivity—by battery life of the HP ProBook, give me the consolidating user passwords and network flexibility I need to work on-the-go.‖ accounts within a single data unit. Employees found that using HomeGroup, As Poliak states, ―It’s critical to protect the which enables workers to connect up to sensitive data we have on file. The five computers running Windows 7 Encrypting File System plus the HP Professional with or without a server to Credential Manager offer a one-stop shop create a mini version of a distributed for security—and both are so easy to use.‖ network, provided an easy way to share―The Power data with enhanced security while working Found New Ways to EnhanceManagement features of out of the office.**** And the HP Mobility Tools enhance this experience by Productivity While originally designed to help IT teamsWindows 7 Professional, simplifying web connections. HP Mobile diagnose and solve system issues in less Connectivity, for example, assists users time, Nyhus training staff have found thatcombined with the attempting to connect to a new network. Problem Steps Recorder drastically reducesimpressive battery life of ―Being able to share documents with the time required to create training manuals by recording users’ actions in realthe HP ProBook, give me colleagues while working remotely makes a time. Plus, they have discovered that this huge difference in terms of getting more visual way of presenting new information tothe flexibility I need to done in less time,‖ Poliak remarks. users helps them retain informationwork on-the-go.‖ ―HomeGroup and HP Mobility Tools give us that extra edge.‖ better—and faster. Sally Poliak, COO, Nyhus ‖With Windows 7 Professional Problem Communications Simplified Business-Critical Tasks Steps Recorder, we can create robust Nyhus employees often need to compare training manuals with images,‖ says Poliak. documents side-by-side, such as client ―It saves our training team time in terms of proposals and content briefs. With Aero creation, and employees can learn and desktop personalization features, users can retain more information in less time.‖ ―Snap‖ windows side-by-side simply by pressing the Windows logo key plus the left *As part of the solution deployment through the or right arrow. And ―Peek‖ enables users to Windows 7 SMB Evidence Program, the customer quickly access their desktops by hovering received complimentary notebooks and technical over the small square in the bottom-right support from Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. corner of the taskbar. **New HP Business laptops with Windows 7 can ―I love the Snap and Peek features,‖ Poliak start up to 41% faster and have shut-down times says. ―I usually have a lot of documents that are up to 30% faster than an older laptop. open, and these features allow me to scan Test results compare HP 5310 systems with my desktop and find the right page or snap identical configurations with one system running two pages side-by-side when comparing Windows XP Professional SP3 (Genuine) and the notes.‖ second system running Windows 7 Professional Works the way you want
  4. 4. For More Information (Genuine). Actual results may vary based on Windows 7For more information about Microsoft system configuration and performance will vary Works the way you want: Windows 7 willproducts and services, call the Microsoft over time depending on software installed. help your organization use informationSales Information Center at (800) 426- technology to gain a competitive9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft *** HP QuickLook 3 is accessible when the advantage in today’s new world of work.Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- notebook is off and requires Windows-based Your people will be able to be more2495. Customers in the United States and systems and Microsoft Outlook. Timing may vary productive anywhere. You will be able toCanada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing depending on the system configuration. To support your mobile workforce with bettercan reach Microsoft text telephone enable the feature following the removal of the access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234. battery, restart the notebook prior to subsequent tools. And your IT staff will have betterOutside the 50 United States and use. tools and technologies for enhancedCanada, please contact your local corporate IT security and data protection,Microsoft subsidiary. To access **** Wireless access point and Internet service and more efficient deployment andinformation using the World Wide Web, required. Availability of public wireless access management.go to: points limited. Broadband requires purchased service contract. Check with provider For more information about Windows 7, go for availability and coverage in your area. to:For more information about HP products services, call 650-857-1501 or visit Systems may require upgraded and/or separatelythe website at: purchased hardware and/or a DVD drive to the Windows 7 software and take full advantage of Windows 7 functionality. SeeFor more information about Nyhus forCommunications products and services, (206) 323-3733 or visit the website at: Software and Services Hardware  Windows 7 Professional  HP ProBook 5310m Third-Party Products Partner − HP QuickLook 3  HP − HP Mobile Performance − HP Mobile Connectivity − HP Credential ManagerThis case study is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Document published September 2010 Works the way you want