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CSPC sppeds up workflow with Windows 7 Professional


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CSPC sppeds up workflow with Windows 7 Professional

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CSPC sppeds up workflow with Windows 7 Professional

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study Workflow Speeds Up for Government Policy Think Tank CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF THE PRESIDENCY AND CONGRESS “Pinning and Jump Lists make it easy to navigateOverview donor spreadsheets to track fund raising activities.Country or Region: United StatesIndustry: Non-profit The most recent documents are right at my finger tips in the task bar. I’m instantly productive.”Customer ProfileCSPC is a non-profit, non-partisanorganization that systematically examinespast successes and failures of the Emily Shaftel, Coordinator, Communications and Special Projects, CSPCPresidency and Congress. There are 20staff and 10 revolving interns with 30 PCs. The Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (CSPC) isBusiness Situation a non-partisan, 30 staff member Washington, D.C. group thatFinding and navigating documents whilesupporting temporary help are three key thinks strategically about tough policy issues and draws on lessonsconcerns of CSPC management. of history to help the President and Congress reach informedSolution decisions. In order to prepare its briefing papers and publications,Features in Windows 7 like Taskbar Pinning the Center must manage its own growing databases plusand Jump Lists, the Aero® desktopexperience, along with tools for managing thousands of documents and publications by others. Districttraining and enhancing collaboration, are Computers, LLC, recommended that the Center participate as onepositively impacting the organization. of the first non-profits in the pre-introduction trials of the newBenefits Windows® 7 operating system. CSPC has discovered a number of Searching Simplified Faster Navigation, Faster Editing new Windows 7 features that streamline workflow through better Collaboration Made Easy navigation and improved search and maintenance tools. Easier Security and Maintenance Monitoring Rapid Training Tool
  2. 2. Situation SolutionThe Center for the Study of the Presidency CSPC is finding a number of features in theand Congress (CSPC) is a non-partisan, non- new Windows 7 operating system that areprofit organization founded in 1965. The now helping streamline workflow throughCenter staff and policy experts from better navigation and improved search andgovernment, academia and the research and maintenance tools.public policy communities systematicallyexamine past successes and failures of the HomeGroupPresidency and relate their findings to CSPC users can quickly connect up to fiveCongressional and Executive Branch leaders. Windows 7 computers with or without aBoth the Executive and Legislative Branches server to create a mini version of aare highly compartmentalized, and this often distributed network. Files, information andposes a challenge to strategic thinking, bi- devices such as printers can be shared.partisan action, and the best use of and human resources. In addition, Federated Searchthe nation remains polarized even though This functionality enables the CSPC team topublic opinion polls show a desire to break find virtually any type of file whether locatedthese barriers and face our nation’s real on local drives, network or the Internet.public policy issues. Lessons learned from Searches are deeper and morepast American experiences offer insights on to deal with these challenges. Problem Steps RecorderOne of the most pressing business Problem Steps Recorder allows CSPC staff tochallenges for CSPC is juggling a myriad of precisely capture and communicate adocuments in a more efficient way. As an computer problem. It also enables staff toorganization whose major deliverables are document fixes, create tutorials orposition papers and policy briefs, a large knowledge-based reference materials forportion of staff time is spent in front of a CSPC constantly accesses a largedatabase located on its server to retrieve and Action Centerstore information for a variety of publications. Action Center keeps CSPC users informedEfficiently locating the right documents is about PC status without interruptingoften a challenge. workflow. It also provides direct links to a large variety of security and maintenanceThe organization has approximately 20 full- solutions.time staff and 10 interns and an attendantnumber of PCs. As with any firm that utilizes Aero desktop experiencetemporary help, training and knowledge The Windows 7 Aero Snap feature allowstransfer impacts productivity and workflow to CSPC users side-by-side window viewing byvarying degrees. dragging windows to borders, left and right. Grab and shake the foremost screen to makeFinding and navigating documents while all other screens disappear. The Peek featuresupporting temporary employees are three is invoked by clicking the lower right handkey concerns of CSPC management. Show Desktop rectangle. The desktop is immediately visible to view gadgets and other desktop icons.
  3. 3. Taskbar recommendations. Consequently, the staffFeatures like Pinning and Jump Lists, spends a lot of time working on theirconveniently accessed from the taskbar, computers. Navigating a variety and volumestreamline document navigation. CSPC users of documents becomes a daily task. Windowshave their files move readily available. 7 however, provides a number of tools to ease the process. “Pinning and Jump Lists make it easy to navigate donor spreadsheetsBenefits to track fund raising activities. The mostSearching Simplified recent documents are right at my finger tipsCSPC utilizes a very large database of in the Taskbar. I’m instantly productive,”documents, information and resources to noted Shaftel.develop materials and publish policyrecommendations. However, finding the right Shaftel continued: “As an editor, I’m oftendocuments in an efficient way doesn’t always comparing two documents side-by-side. Thehappen. Searching for documents wastes Snap feature makes the comparison set uptime and spoils productivity. Windows 7 has a easy and the Peek and Shake functions keeppowerful new search tool that helps facilitate unused or unnecessary documents out of myfinding. “Federated Search solves complex way.”searches for policy documents locatedthroughout the network as well as simple Collaboration Made Easysearches for the desktop calculator. It’s easy It is quite common for several CSPC staffto use and gives us powerful results,” said members to come together on a joint project.Emily Shaftel, Coordinator for Windows 7 has some features that amplifyCommunications and Special Projects, Center the team’s efforts. “We’re just starting tofor the Study of the Presidency and Congress. experiment with HomeGroup, but it holds great promise for ad hoc teams that getWhile interns play an important role at CSPC, together on specific projects,” commentedmost stay only three months or less. One of Ficenec. “It makes collaboration much easierthe unintended consequences of their with the simple set up.temporary status is that documents end uptagged with different names and filed in a “Another exciting feature that we expect willmyriad of places. Prior to Windows 7 enhance collaboration is Windows 7operating system, the permanent staff was Libraries,” said Ficenec. “We can depositleft to manage the challenge on their own. links to all of the files we need for a newThis is not the case with Windows 7 policy paper in a single Library folder withoutaccording to Sarah Ficenec, Director for physically moving the location of the originalPolicy and Communications, Center for the files. That’s very helpful, especially for a staffStudy of the Presidency and with a wide range of computer skills.”Congress. ”Interns are with us about threemonths and then disappear. That means Easier Security and Maintenancesome of our files disappear as well. MonitoringFederated Search allows us to find them Both Ficenec and Shaftel agree they have aagain regardless of where they filed.” need to focus on work, not computer fixes. Action Center provides detailed informationFaster Navigation, Faster Editing on the status of security and maintenanceOne of the Center’s primary goals is to issues. “Action Center is a great one-stopanalyze and propose policy
  4. 4. For More Information feature for average computer users. It will Windows 7For more information about Microsoft allow us to see a dozen different security and Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will helpproducts and services, call the Microsoft maintenance status monitors all at once,” your organization use information technologySales Information Center at (800) 426- commented Ficenec. to gain a competitive advantage in today’s9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft new world of work. Your people will be able toCanada Information Centre at (877) 568- Rapid Training Tool be more productive. You will be able to2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- Problem Steps Recorder is viewed by Shaftel support your mobile work force with betterhearing can reach Microsoft text telephone as a great new solution for temporary staff. access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in “We see Problem Steps Recorder as a tools. And your IT staff will have better toolsthe United States or (905) 568-9641 in possible training tool solution for interns. In and technologies to enhance corporate ITCanada. Outside the 50 United States and less than five minutes, we can capture the security, data protection, and more efficientCanada, please contact your local sequence for a mail merge and have it as a deployment and management.Microsoft subsidiary. To access information permanent reference tool.”using the World Wide Web, go to: For more information about Windows 7, go more information about Center for theStudy of the Presidency and Congressproducts and services, call (202) 872-9800, or visit the Web site at:www.thePresidency.orgFor more information about DistrictComputers, LLC products and services, call202-558-5483, or visit the Web site Software and Services Hardware  Products  Lenovo − Windows 7 Professional  HP − Windows Vista® Business  Dell − Windows Vista Ultimate − Microsoft Office® 2007 Professional − Windows Small Business Server 2003This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFTMAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Document published July 2009