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Windows 7                                                Customer Solution Case Study                                     ...
Situation                                         SolutionSilverpoint Press has about 120 employees,        Silverpoint wa...
“Booting up and restarting the computer is        previous Windows versions. Silverpoint’s                                ...
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Printing Press Benefits From Windows 7 Professional upgrade - Case Study


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Printing Press Benefits From Windows 7 Professional upgrade - Case Study

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Printing Press Benefits From Windows 7 Professional upgrade - Case Study

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study Printing Press benefits from Windows 7 Professional upgradeOverview “Booting up and restarting the computer is muchCountry or Region: IndiaIndustry: Printing faster in Windows 7 Professional compared to our previous experience.”Customer Profile Mr Sanket Chavarkar, IT Head, Silverpoint PressSilverpoint Press Private Limited provideshigh quality sheetfed printing facilities. Ithas its headquarters and a plant atdifferent areas in Mumbai. There are over Silverpoint Press Private Limited (SPPL) is a commercial Printing100 employees in this company. Press based in Mumbai that offers high quality sheetfed printingBusiness Situation facilities. Established over two decades ago, they have a workforceThe company uses an ERP applicationcalled PrintSmart to manage the complete of over 100 employees between their headquarters in the Lowerprinting process. This software slowed the Parel area of Mumbai and their plant at Mahape, Navi Mumbai.booting of computers and broughtincompatibility issues in the device drivers. While the marketing and accounts team operate from the headquarters, the remaining employees are based at the plant.SolutionSilverpoint wanted an OS that facilitates Due to the mission-critical printing applications they use for theirgreater performance and security in prepress functions and end-to-end production requirements, theaddition to supporting its Line of Business.They chose to upgrade their OS from company was looking to upgrade all their computers to anWindows XP to Windows 7. operating system that could enhance their infrastructure andBenefits performance needs, while delivering greater functionality and Easy implementation scalability. Better speed and performance Easy to use Enhanced Security Better compatibility
  2. 2. Situation SolutionSilverpoint Press has about 120 employees, Silverpoint wanted to upgrade to an operatingwith its headquarters in the Lower Parel area system that would help facilitate greaterof Mumbai, India, with the printing unit in productivity and enhanced security, whileMahape, Navi Mumbai. The company’s IT fully supporting their existing Line of Businessinfrastructure consists of central servers (LoB) applications. And they wanted to do solocated in its headquarters, and 38 desktop while keeping hardware upgrade costs to acomputers including 10 desktops at the plant minimum.and two laptops across their two locations, allrunning Windows XP. The company uses a Although the company had the minimumdedicated point-to-point data connection to hardware infrastructure requirements forlink their two locations. Their central servers upgrading to Windows 7 Professional, the ITare connected to other client computers over team decided to upgrade the RAM in theirEthernet. The company’s primary server is a existing desktops and laptops to 2GB. ThisXeon-based Sun machine with two smaller was done to ensure adequate computingservers—one for email and the other for file power to run the new operating system andserving. their applications. The company’s IT team is currently handling the upgrade internally andAt the headquarters, the company was using is conducting the installation in phases tolicensed anti-virus software and firewall minimize business downtime. The team willapplications, and had implemented policies have completed upgrading all theirthat restricted Internet access—all part of computers by the end of January 2011. Theytheir security protocols to safeguard their found that all of their existing softwarenetwork from malicious programs and applications, including their in-house ERPunauthorized access. The company uses application, operated seamlessly on WindowsPropalms as its RDP client, and the Microsoft 7 Professional.Office 2010 suite. The key application thatdrives its printing business is a homegrown Since the users were familiar with theERP application called PrintSmart, which Windows XP operating system, they requiredenables them to manage their printing almost no training and were able to transitionprocesses end-to-end. The users were to using Windows 7 Professional seamlessly.connecting to this ERP application through Windows Security Essentials, which isspecialized front-end client applications included in Windows 7 Professional,developed in Visual Basic. interoperated perfectly with their current network and desktop security solution,Due to the high performance demands of the providing enhanced file and network safety.ERP application and consistent concerns Users experienced a tangible increase insuch as slow bootup time and incompatible operating speed and faster application loaddevice drivers, the company decided to move times with their LoB software. They alsoto a superior operating system that could experienced faster navigation within Windowsalleviate all of these issues. and while multitasking among their desktopAfter analyzing the advantages of Windows 7 applications. With Windows Search locatingProfessional, the company’s IT team decided important files and applications isto upgrade all their client computing significantly faster than before, facilitatingsystems—including desktops and laptops—to better productivity.the new operating system.
  3. 3. “Booting up and restarting the computer is previous Windows versions. Silverpoint’s much faster in Windows 7 Professional users especially realized this benefit as they compared to our previous experience. The were able to seamlessly continue using their built-in Windows Search makes locating files in-house ERP application after the upgrade. and applications much easier. This translates to gains on a daily level,” says Sanket Chavarkar. Benefits The customer benefited from the Windows 7 Professional upgrade in the following ways: Easy implementation Hardware upgrade was minimal, so Silverpoint could handle the entire upgrade internally and with minimal business downtime. Better speed and performance Windows 7 Professional makes more efficient use of system resources, enabling Silverpoint’s staff to work faster when using multiple applications, experience quicker system bootup, and faster file and application searching. Easy to use With its intuitive user interface, users were able to easily get accustomed to the new operating system, enabling them to focus on their productivity-related applications. Almost no training was required for any of their users.“The built-in Windows Enhanced SecuritySearch makes locating Their existing antivirus software, when coupled with Windows Security Essentialsfiles and applications features, enabled users to enjoy moremuch easier. This enhanced security when using Windows 7 Professional. Silverpoint’s IT team are nowtranslates to gains on a more confident of their network’s security.daily level.” Better compatibilityMr Sanket Chavarkar | IT Head | Silverpoint Windows 7 Professional has the ability to runPress almost all applications compatible with
  4. 4. For More Information Windows 7For more information about Microsoft Faster and more reliable: Window 7 will helpproducts and services, call the Microsoft your organization use information technologySales Information Center at (800) 426- to gain a competitive advantage in today’s9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft new world of work. Your people will be able toCanada Information Centre at (877) 568- be more productive anyway. You will be able2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- to support your mobile work force with betterhearing can reach Microsoft text telephone access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in tools. And your IT staff will have better toolsthe United States or (905) 568-9641 in and technologies to enhance corporate ITCanada. Outside the 50 United States and security, data protection, and more efficientCanada, please contact your local deployment and management.Microsoft subsidiary. To access informationusing the World Wide Web, go For more information about Windows 7, go to: more information about SILVERPOINTPRESS PVT. LTD. products and services call(022) 2493-9908 or visit the Web site Software and Services − Windows 7 Professional  ProductsThis case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFTMAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published February 2011