Windows 7 Professional Features


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Windows 7 Professional Features

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Windows 7 Professional Features

  1. 1. Windows 7 Professional –works the way you want Fast and reliable. Start using your PC quickly with fast startup, shutdown, sleep, and resume from standby. Works with what you have today. XP Mode provides you with the flexibility to run many older Windows XP productivity applications and a broad set of devices and application. Find what you need quickly. Find what you need fast with instant search, Jump Lists, and pop-up previews. Make everyday things easier. Enhancements to the Windows Aero® desktop experience (such as Aero Snap, Aero Peek, and Aero Shake) help navigate, arrange, and work with multiple open windows. Easily share your files and printers. Sharing documents, printers, and devices across multiple PCs is easy with Location-Aware Printing, that send documents to the right printer. Mobile workers stay productive anywhere. Mobile computing on the go easier with access to all mobile settings in one place and greater connection and networking options. Easily restore deleted files or folders. Quickly restore files or folders that get accidentally deleted or even an entire PC in the event of a hard drive failure. Protect and secure confidential information. Protect confidential information, such as credit card numbers or employee information, with the Encrypting File System. Get greater online protection. Windows Defender offers enhanced protection from Internet threats, spyware, and other forms of malicious software. Solve PC problems quickly. Windows 7 Action Center is one place to view, diagnose, and solve all PC problems. Easily access built-in troubleshooters for different problems.
  2. 2. Comparing Versions and Editions Use the Chart Below for Comparisons Windows 7 builds on all the great Windows features your customers know and love, while adding a whole lot more. Key Features Windows Search - Quickly locate files and programs Improved for better productivity Pining and Jump Lists - Faster and easier to launch programs and find the documents you use most often Improved Desktop Navigation - Make the things you do every day easier with Aero Shake and Aero Peek Live Thumbnails Preview - of each open window to keep track of files and programs you are using Connect Easily - Connect to other PCs in your vicinity without a network access device Windows Media Center1 - Watch, pause, rewind, and Media Center Ultimate and record TV on your PC Edition only Premium only Windows Touch - Support for Windows Multi-touch enabled hardware Home Group - Easily create a home network and connect your PCs as well as printers Aero Background - Personalize your PC with Aero Background Desktop Slideshow Domain Join - Connect to company networks easily Pro+ Business+ and more securely Windows XP Mode2 - Unprecedented compatibility with many programs designed for Windows XP Advance Backup and Restore - Easily backup your work on an external or network drive Location AWARE Printing - Automatically connect to Ultimate your preferred printer for each network you use only BitLocker - Help protect data on your PC and portable Not Ultimate only storage devices against loss or theft Portable 1. Additional hardware may be required. 2. Requires download of Windows XP Mode (which runs on Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate) and virtualization such as Windows Virtual