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The Main Fairy Tail Characters.Certainly, there certainly are a number of characters in Fairy Tail anime. Here are several...
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The Main Fairy Tail Characters.


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Transcript of "The Main Fairy Tail Characters."

  1. 1. The Main Fairy Tail Characters.Certainly, there certainly are a number of characters in Fairy Tail anime. Here are several of the mainFairy Tail characters. The first character is Natsu Dragneel, he is the primary character to the animeand also a member of the Fairy Tail. Lucy at a later point joined the Fairy Tail guild along with Natsualong with the other members. Natsu or also known as the “Salamander” features a pink hair. Hescarefree as well as careless by nature. Natsu is actually a Fire Dragon Slayer. He grew up by hisfoster father Igneel, and he likewise taught Natsu to use a magic called the Lost Magic, the FireDragon Slayer magic. On the later on days, Igneel as well as the dragons just simply mysteriouslydisappeared, making Natsu thinking that he had been forgotten or even left out. Natsu ended upbeing seen from the Fairy Tail master Makarov Dreyar, and also he joined Fairy Tale. Days passedhe found an egg from the woodland thinking that it was a dragon egg. Then he asked Marakov tohave that hatched but merely he, Natsu can do all the things by simply watching over it and alsocaring for the egg. One early morning, he reckoned that egg is stolen or even lost simply to discoverthat Elfman got the egg to assist Natsu and also his good friend Lisanna. The egg hatched and it wassome blue cat with wings that came out. This blue cat with wings was basically called ‘Happy’, one ofthe Fairy Tail characters. Happy is an Exceed coming from Extalia. He is at the same time one of themembers to the Fairy Tail guild. Happy features a small shape as well as being incredibly faithful tothe Fairy Tail members together with his particular teammates. Happy also has a lot expertise on themagic world greater than Lucy and Natsu.Another Fairy Tail characters is Lucy Heartfilia, she is the Celestial Spirit Mage and the main femalecharacter as well. Lucy has an exceptional sex appeal and in addition she actually is at the same timevery sexy. The girl with a smart, kind, caring individual and in addition has the love for literature. Lucyhas excellent magic capabilities. Lucy doesn’t experience much of a good bond with his father sowhen her mother died, the girl left home and tried pursuing her very own path. She afterward joinedthe Fairy Tail guild along with Natsu as well as the rest of the members. Her capabilities arent that asgood from other members of the guild but she actually is happy to stand and also fight in danger forher friends. Another Fairy Tail characters is Gray Fullbuster, he was taught to use ice magic by Ur.He has some sort of rivalry between Natsu Dragneel, mainly because with their natures magic stylewhich is that, Natsu is being the fire and Gray certainly is the ice. Erza Scarlet is one of the manyFairy Tail characters, as a child she had been slaved inside the Tower of Paradise and had beenbeaten many times. She found her way to get away that place and eventually found its way to FairyTail. This lady has some interest in dressed in armors and later she had been referred to as the“Titania Erza”, the “Queen of the Fairies”.fairy tail lucy