Jerry Asp - Expanding Our Knowledge Conference Presentation


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Jerry Asp was kind enough to share his presentation with us in advance of the upcoming Expanding Our Knowledge Conference on April 15, 2013.

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Jerry Asp - Expanding Our Knowledge Conference Presentation

  1. 1. “Expanding Our Knowledge” By P. Jerry Asp
  2. 2. TNDC started 1985....Tahltan Unemployment Winter 98% Summer 65%
  3. 3. Tahltan Resource Development Policy• 1. assurance that the development will not pose a threat of irreparable environmental damage;• 2. assurance that the development will not jeopardize, prejudice, or otherwise compromise the outstanding Tahltan aboriginal rights claim;• 3. assurance that the project will provide more positive than negative social impacts on Tahltan people;• 4. provision for the widest possible opportunity for education and direct employment-related training for Tahltan people in connection with the project;• 5. provision for the widest possible employment opportunities for Tahltan people with respect to all phases of the development;• 6. provision for substantial equity participation by Tahltan in the total project;• 7. provision for the widest possible development of Tahltan business opportunities over which the developer may have control or influence; and• 8. provision for the developer to assist the Tahltans to accomplish the objectives stated above by providing financial and managerial assistance and advice where deemed necessary.
  4. 4. Tahltan Heritage Resource Environmental Assessment Team• Metal Leaching/Acid Rock Drainage,• Wildlife and Ecosystem Mapping,• Fish and Navigable Waters,• Water Quality and Management,• Access Road,• Mine Planning, Operations and Closure,• Power Transmission Corridor• Social and Culture,• Legal,• Heritage,• Archeology,• Economic, and• Cumulative Impacts.
  5. 5. Tahltan Development Strategy "Nation Building Model“ Not "Jobs and Training Model"
  6. 6. 1988 - 1997
  7. 7. Eskay Creek Mine – 1991 - 2008
  8. 8. Eskay Creek Mine - 1991 - 2008TNDC had many joint ventures and long-term contracts with the Eskay Mine, namely:• Constructing the 70 km road• Site preparation• Settling pond construction and maintenance• Camp construction• Catering and housekeeping for the 250-man crew• Road Maintenance• Ore haul with Arrow Tahltan• Bus serviceTNDC did well over 250 million dollars in contracts. Plus all the direct hire and training provided by the mine.
  9. 9. Galore Creek Mine – 2006 -2008
  10. 10. Galore Creek Kitchen
  11. 11. Northwest Transmission Line
  12. 12. Red Chris Mine
  13. 13. Altagas – Forrest Kerr Run-of-the-River Hydro Project Intake
  14. 14. Forrest Kerr Hydro Project Bob Quinn Substation
  15. 15. B.C. First Nations Clean Energy Business Fund Tahltans will receive, at least, $2.5 million annually for 60 years as a share of water rentals and land rentsWhich works out to a minimum: $150,000,000 Could escalate to $450,000,000 2nd agreement will provide the Tahltans with a budget of 1.2 million over 3 years to develop a land management office