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FlightLine - April 2010


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FlightLine - April 2010

  1. 1. JSFFlightLine April 2010 A Brighter Outlook for the C-17 Assembly Area Things are getting brighter in the C17 Assembly area. The Vertical Stabilizer 810 Assembly Jig (AJ) was poorly lit which made it difficult to see, especially when both skins were attached and the sliders were extended. “Poor illumination can add to possible unsafe working condi- tions, loss of productivity, and com- promised quality of work,” said Norm Ramby, C-17 Assembly Manager. Two factors were identified as con- tributing to the poor illumination: out- dated light fixtures, and dark paint on Before new lighting and paint. After new lighting and paint. the assembly jig making it “blend in” with its surroundings. On April 16 action was taken to teamed up with the Maintenance Supervisor, The 810 AJ is much brighter, cleaner and improve the illumination by replacing Jim Hovis, to perform a Safety Kiazen / organized as a result of the team's efforts. the light fixtures with new technology Improvement. The Assembly Mechanics per- Other C17 assembly jigs in Building 6 are fixtures, and painting the jig with a formed 5S activities and cleaned the AJ. being scheduled for similar activities. white reflective color. Johnny Bentley, Electrical maintenance and painters moved C17 Vertical Assembly Supervisor, in and finished the task over the weekend. Jefferson Street and Marshall Street March for Babies Approximately 85 Jefferson Street and Marshall Street employees volunteered to walk in the March of Dimes March for Babies (not all pictured here). Total donations will not be finalized for a few weeks. Vought thanks all those who braved the rainy weather to support such a worthy cause.
  2. 2. Vought Attends Air Force Association Vought Says "Thank Fundraiser for Student Education You" to Local Service Personnel General Craig R. McKinley (center) Chief of the National Guard Bureau, presented the keynote address at the Fort Worth Chapter of the Air Force Association annual fund raising event on April 16. Vought joined other North Texas aerospace manufacturers as a sponsor for the event that raises funds for student educational pro- grams, scholarships and direct sup- port to Air Force active and reserve Aerosystems Division Military Programs, personnel. Mark Blanton (left) and were among Vought’s representatives at Doug Lewis (right), Integrated the event. Brother Bill’s Organization Reaps Vought's Jefferson Street Facility joined Generous Donation From Vought other North Texas companies and organi- zations in sponsoring the 9th annual ate some synergy between "Thank You" Barbecue and Community two related organizations. Awards Ceremony held to honor active David Whitney, Director, duty and active reserve military personnel IAD Human Resources, stationed at the Joint Reserve Base in wanted to replace the Fort Worth. The event was held Friday, dilapidated picnic tables in April 9, at the military installation. More the children’s play area at than 350 service personnel attended. Brother Bill’s. Ever the con- Keith Howe, Vought Vice President and summate deal maker, CFO, (shown left) presented the Vought David approached the Golden Eagle Award to the JRB’s Fleet Community Learning Readiness Center West, represented by Center where Vought Lt. John Reid (center) and Chief Warrant assemblers are taught how Officer Richard Gyure (right). The unit was to weld and presented his recognized for their outstanding record in A group of Vought leadership who regularly volun- idea. The result: New picnic maintaining the F/A-18, C-9 and C-12 air- teer their time at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, a local tables welded together by craft stationed at the local base. non-profit organization that helps the disadvantaged the students as a class community in West Dallas, saw an opportunity to cre- project. The cost: Priceless. Greg Prince Named Director of Assembly Operations Greg Prince has been selected as the plans, including the Vought Operating System. Director of Assembly Operations at Jefferson Greg has been with Vought for over 22 years, Street. Greg has responsibility for managing having begun his career in the Engineering the manufacturing assembly activities related to Department. He has held various management the C17, V22, Global Hawk and C5 Programs. positions within the manufacturing support teams Greg will work to ensure safe, timely comple- and most recently served as our Manager of tion and delivery within budget and according Facilities Maintenance and ES&H, before filling his to the required quality standards as well as acting leadership role for AssemblyOperations. develop and implement organizational strategic Congratulations Greg. JSF Flight Line | 2 | April 2010