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This document will be TRANSLATED in MULTIPLE Languages for viewing. Please be patient with us because we are still under attack by the United States of America's CORRUPT Terrorist Regime that is trying to keep the PUBLIC/WORLD from getting this information.

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. UPDATING OF INFORMATION ON WEBSITE COMING SOON: WWW.VOGELDENISENEWSOME.NETDRAFT OF HOMEPAGE INFORMATION – NOTE: Links in this document may be replaced with SLIDESHARE Embedded documentswhere applicable.Thank you for your continued interest in the TRUTH and visiting this website as well asdocuments shared at The following documents were recentlyposted and/or have been posted in the SlideShare forum. With all of the RECENT Newscoverage and the PUBLIC’S/WORLD’S interest in KNOWING the TRUTH, we appreciatebeing able to share information that some of the United States of America’s SLANTED and BIASMedia is doing their best to keep from the PUBLIC/WORLD. Moreover, doing their BEST toMANIPULATE News Coverage and WHO they want to give CREDIT to for EXPOSING theCRIMINAL activities of the United States of America’s TERRORIST Regime – i.e. whichappears to be CONTROLLED and RUN by a PRIVATE Law Firm by the name of BakerDonelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz (“Baker Donelson”) and its cohorts. Yes, that is theNAME of the Law Firm that REPRESENTS the United States of America’s President BarackObama/EXECUTIVE Branch, as well as the LEGISLATIVE Branch/CONGRESS andJUDICIAL Branch/SUPREME COURT of the United States.A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO SAY THANK YOU TOEDWARD JOSEPH SNOWDENFOR TAKING A STAND ANDBLOWING THE WHISTLE ON THENATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY,FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTION andCENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY
  • 2. We BELIEVE as a matter of INTERNATIONAL Laws, that Snowden DOESNOT have to be EXTRADITED back to the United States and CAN seekASYLUM when he FEARS for his PROTECTION! UnderINTERNATIONAL Laws, Foreign Nations also have a DUTY andOBLIGATION to PROTECT Snowden from HARM! The United States ofAmerica WILL NOT be able to PROVE that they do not intend toharm Snowden. On this Website and other Social Forums in which Vogel DeniseNewsome has shared information of PUBLIC/WORLD interests, the EVIDENCE clearlysupports that one CANNOT get JUSTICE in the United States ofAmerica if they are African-American, a Person-Of-Color, have RELIGIOUS values (i.e. itappears FROM EVIDENCE the United States of America has been TARGETINGCHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS, those with POLITICAL values or are Members in aPARTICULAR group that that the United States of America’s TERRORIST REGIME (thatappears is led by Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) does NOT LIKE!Political asylum - Someone may ask for apolitical asylum when they are frightened to live in their own country. They willthen go to another country. If they are allowed to live in the new country this iscalled political asylum.The political asylum is one of the human rights affirmed byArticle 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and a rules ofinternational human rights law. All countries who have agreed to theUnited Nations Conventions Relating to the Status of Refugees must letpeople, who do qualify, come into their country.
  • 3. People who qualify for asylum are those who can show that theymight be badly treated in their own country because of their: . .. Political opinions or Membership of a particular social group or social activities. - - As of06/24/13 of asylum (sometimes called political asylum,from the Greek: ἄσυλον[1]) is an ancient juridical notion, under which aperson persecuted by his or her own country may be protected by anothersovereign authority, a foreign country, or church sanctuaries (as inmedieval times). . . .Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that"Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylumfrom persecution." The United Nations 1951 Convention Relating to theStatus of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status ofRefugees guides national legislation concerning political asylum. Underthese agreements, a refugee (or for cases where repressing base means hasbeen applied directly or environmentally to the defoulé refugee) is aperson who is outside their own countrys territory (or place of habitualresidence if stateless) owing to fear of persecution on protected grounds.Protected grounds include race, nationality, religion, political opinions andmembership and/or participation in any particular social group or socialactivities. Rendering true victims of persecution to their persecutor is aparticularly odious violation of a principle called non-refoulement, part ofthe customary and trucial Law of Nations.These are the accepted terms and criteria as principles and a fundamentalpart in the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status ofRefugees non-refoulement order. - - As of 06/24/13 “RIGHT OF ASYLUM” - law is the branch of international law whichdeals with the rights and protection of refugees. It is related to, but distinctfrom, international human rights law and international humanitarian law,which deal respectively with human rights in general, and the conduct ofwar in particular. . .Under international law, refugees are individuals who: are outside their country of nationality or habitualresidence; have a well-founded fear of persecution because oftheir race, religion, nationality, membership in aparticular social group or political opinion; and are unable or unwilling to avail themselves of theprotection of that country, or to return there, for fearof persecution. - - As of 06/24/13
  • 4. It has been WELL OVER 20 YEARS thatVogel Denise Newsomehas been AWAITING JUSTICE and has REPEATEDLY reported CRIMINAL and CIVILviolation(s) to the applicable Government Agencies and TO DATE (June 24, 2013 –i.e. her quest-for-justice beginning in 1988) has NEVER receivedJUSTICE in regards to COMPLAINTS filed. So YES, it appears EDWARD SNOWDENis ENTITLED to the POLITICAL Asylum he seeks! It would have been a WASTEof TIME and either the United States of America’s CORRUPT Government Officials thatSnowden reported the criminal activities to, most likely would have CONSPIRED withOTHERS to silence him (i.e. through MURDER and doing a COVER UP alleging SUICIDE orWRONGFULLY having him CONVICTED on FALSE CHARGES). Therefore, webelieve it would have done any good for Snowden to take his concerns to the applicableGovernment Agency(s) because they are ALL CORRUPT, RACIST and believe theyare ABOVE the LAWS of the United States of America and aboveINTERNATIONAL Laws!Yes, it appears it was a good thing they had Edward Snowden taken out of HONG KONGbecause BAKER DONELSON BEARMAN CALDWELL & BERKOWITZ is ROOTED there inCHINA. From research it appears they have offices in BEIJANG and it appears Baker Donelsonis the PRIVATE Law Firm RUNNING/CONTROLLING the United States of America’sGovernment: those who may recall, Julian Assange (of WikiLeaks) thought that he could get justicein LONDON. Well it appears he found out that he could NOT and has NOW soughtASYLUM. Yes, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz has LEGALOFFICE(S) in London as well and GREAT BRITAIN is one of thisTERRORIST REGIMES “BIGGEST” allies and most like FULLY AWARE of the UnitedStates of America’s NUREMBERG Principle violations and WAR CRIMES and a STAUNCHSUPPORTER/CONSPIRATOR to their TERRORIST activities!
  • 6. With ALL of the RECENT “BREAKING NEWS” regarding the SCANDALS plaguingUnited States of America President Barack Obama, his Legal Counsel (Baker Donelson BearmanCaldwell & Berkowitz – WHO they are doing their best to PROTECT and keep BEHINDCLOSED DOORS and out of the SPOTLIGHT), and his Administration, at this website, welook forward to providing the PUBLIC/WORLD with the TRUTH:Hosea 4:6 - My people are DESTROYED for lack of knowledge. . .For instance, on this website, we will provide the PUBLIC/WORLD with information regardingcurrent and/or past events that we believe may require providing FEEDBACK that is educationaland informative so that the PUBLIC/WORLD can see for themselves how it appears the UnitedStates of America CORRUPT Government Officials ALLOWED a Terrorist Regime asBaker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz with its ALLIES/CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS to bring about the DESTRUCTION/DEMISE of this Country as well theMAJOR/KEY Roles in bringing about the ECONOMIC/FINANCIAL Collapse here in theUnited States of America and ABROAD:REITERATED FOR TRANSLATION: America will NEVER bedestroyed from the outside. If we falter and LOSE OUR FREEDOM, itwill be BECAUSE we DESTROYED ourselves – Abraham LincolnThis country, with its institutions, BELONGS to the people whoinhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government,they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, OR exercisetheir REVOLUTIONARY Right to OVERTHROW it – AbrahamLincoln
  • 7. 1) INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (“IRS”) SCANDAL- BIRTHED OUT OFCINCINNATI, OHIO:For instance when President Barack Obama and Congress were NOTIFIED of theUnited States Department of the Treasury’s and the Commonwealth of KentuckyDepartment of Revenue’s ROLE in the CRIMINAL ACTS – i.e. the unlawful/illegalEMBEZZLEMENT of Vogel Denise Newsome’s monies from her Bank Accounts withJ.P. Morgan Chase Bank and US Bank (Banks that are also CLIENTS of BakerDonelson) - for CHILD SUPPORT (when Newsome has NO Children, has NEVERbirthed, adopted NOR aborted child(ren)) – President Obama JUMP and his LEGALTEAM GLADLY JUMPED ON THE BANDWAGON! These CRIMINAL Acts werecarried out WITHOUT a COURT ORDER!! For instance, in AUGUST 2009, theCommonwealth of Kentucky Department of Revenue and President Barack Obama and hisAdministration were attempting to UNLAWFULLY/ILLEGALLY get their hands ondocuments and property through FURTHER CRIMINAL PRACTICES – i.e. so that thePUBLIC/WORLD is kept in the DARK about the United States of America’sTERRORIST/RACIST Regime in power: appears United States Department of the Treasury/President Barack Obama and hisLegal Counsel (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) did KNOWINGLYCONSPIRE and AGREE with the Commonwealth of Kentucky Department ofRevenue, JP Morgan Chase Bank and US Bank to EMBEZZLE and STEAL (byTHEFT) monies Newsome had in her Bank Accounts in RETALIATION to Newsome’sJuly 13, 2010 email to President Barack Obama entitled, "U.S. PRESIDENT BARACKOBAMA: THE DOWNFALL/DOOM OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION -Corruption/Conspiracy/Cover-Up/Criminal Acts Made Public"
  • 8. THANKS to the WORLD/INTERNATIONAL interest in the ATTACKS by theUnited States of America’s CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS’ on Vogel DeniseNewsome’s LIFE! It is GOOD NEWS to see the WORLD/INTERNATIONAL interestin LEGAL proceedings in which the APPROPRIATE actions have been brought toEXPOSE the CORRUPTION of TERRORIST REGIME as Baker Donelson BearmanCaldwell & Berkowitz and their CLIENTS (i.e. President Barack Obama,CONGRESSIONAL Members and JUDICIAL Members. . .)Then in FURTHERANCE of these UNLAWFUL/ILLEGAL criminal attacks andTHREATS made by JP Morgan Chase Bank to Newsome to REPORT her so that shemay NOT be able to open up Bank Accounts, PROCEEDED to contact certain
  • 9. financial institutions/banking industries, Credit Bureaus, etc. – i.e. TELECHECK,EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN, TRANSUNION, etc. to make GOOD on their THREATS andCONSPIRACIES to destroy Newsome Financially:and to see that Newsome is BLACKLISTED and PREVENTED from OPENING upBank Account(s), etc. with institutions that RELY/DEPEND upon reports from theseagencies.So NOW you have United States of America’s KENTUCKY Senator Rand Paulwho appears to be one of the TEA PARTY’s Spokesperson and the DRIVING-FORCEbehind the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) Scandal and INVESTIGATIONSattempting to COVER-UP WHEN he FIRST obtained KNOWLEDGE of theCriminal Acts of the United States Department of the Treasury. PERTINENT andRELEVANT facts to understand what President Barack Obama is calling aSIDESHOW by Congress on this issue; in that it is merely ONE of the MANY Gamesbeing played on Capitol Hill with Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz atthe CONTROLS. you have KENTUCKY Senator Rand Paul attempting to use the IRS Scandal – i.e.BIRTHED out of CINCINNATI, Ohio to provide him with a PLATFORMfor the 2016 United States Presidential Elections. However, what Senator Rand Paul isDELIBERATELY making sure the PUBLIC/WORLD doesn’t know is:a) In January 2011, Newsome contacted her Kentucky Senator (RandPaul) via an email entitled, "INVESTIGATION of UNITED STATESPRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA - Senator Paul URGENT AssistanceIs Being Requested." About April 22, 2011, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s Officecontacted Newsome in regards email and left a voicemail message.
  • 10. c) It appears based on the recent National Security Agency(“NSA”)/Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”)/Federal Bureau ofInvestigation (“FBI”) SCANDAL – LISTENING IN ONCONVERSATIONS - that President Barack Obama and his LegalTeam (Baker Donelson) went to work to BEGIN CLEANING upthe LIES told about the September 11, 2001, BOMBINGS of theWorld Trade Center Towers and other targets that day. Using theDAY OF and FOLLOWING Senator Rand Paul’s Assistant’svoicemail message to:i) On the SAME day (April 22, 2011) request copiesof President Barack Obama’s Certificate of LiveBirth. The following is a CALENDAR-OF-EVENTS for April 2011: On Monday, April 25, 2011, came the plannedANNOUNCEMENT that Mississippi GovernorHaley Barbour (i.e. a CLIENT of Baker Donelson)would NOT be running for President in 2012 –see the Calendar-Of-Events which provide LINKSfor articles. Information which may bepertinent/relevant for those who were wonderingWHY the TOP 2012 Presidential HOPEFUL forthe Republican Party did NOT run:
  • 11. It appears that Baker Donelson used Member(s) –i.e. such as Jon Lewis (CHAIRMAN of theMississippi Athletic Commission under MississippiGovernor Haley Barbour’s Administration) – tocarry out the FEBRUARY 14, 2006,KIDNAPPING of Newsome: conduct reported to the Hinds CountyBoard of Supervisors: the GOVERNMENT was WELL AWARE of theCriminal Acts being carried out by these WhiteRacists and their Legal Counsel/RepresentativeBaker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz.Nevertheless, did NOTHING and, therefore, leftthem to believe they could go on and CONTINUEsuch CRIMINAL practices leveled againstAfrican-Americans and/or People-Of-Color becauseof their WELL-ESTABLISHED HISTORY ofRACIST practices: Donelson also RECRUITED and RELIEDupon one of their CORRUPT Judges WilliamSkinner to ORCHESTRATE Newsome’s
  • 12. February 14, 2006 KIDNAPPING. Judge Skinneris the SON of the Jackson Mississippi Officer(Police Lieutenant William Louis Skinner) that itappears the United States Department of Justice’sFederal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”)MURDERED/KILLED and then FRAMEDthe Republic of New Africa for. TheRepublic of New Africa is a LEGACYof Muslim Civil Rights Leader MalcolmX. The United States Government resorting toCRIMINAL practices for purposes ofDESTROYING this Organization – i.e. taking thelife of Jackson Police Officer William Skinner andthen FRAMING members of the Republic of NewAfrica for ILL PURPOSES of dismantling thisorganization. Judge Skinner is a WhiteSupremacist and member of Baker Donelson’sand the FBI’s Conspiracies TARGETINGAfrican-Americans and/or People-Of-Color andwas placed on the Judicial Bench for purposes offulfilling their RACIST agenda AGAINST African-Americans and/or People-Of-Color. FBI TRAINED Judge William Skinner as wellin: (i) FBI Special Weapons and Tactics ("SWAT")Training; (ii) FBI Crisis Management; (iii) FBIDefensive Tactics Instructor Certification; (iv) FBISemi-Automatic Weapon; and (v) Pistol Transitionfor Instructors
  • 13. iii) On Monday, April 25, 2011, some may recall thiswas when the alleged HUGE PRISON ESCAPEoccurred claiming that approximately over 500POLITICAL prisoners had escaped through aTUNNEL - i.e. COINCIDENTALLY the allegeddigging of this tunnel taking approximately FIVEmonths (beginning about December 2010 –EMPHASIS ADDED) the alleged LOCATION of Osama Bin Ladenin August 2010.Then, last August, after years ofpainstaking work by our intelligencecommunity, I was briefed on apossible lead to bin Laden. - 05/01/11U.S. President Barack Obama President Barack Obama’s May 1, 2011Speech, Osama Bin Laden was located about LASTAUGUST (2010). Therefore, according to theNews Reports the digging of this alleged tunnelbegan about December 2010 – i.e. approximatelyTWO months AFTER Newsome’s October2010, United States Supreme Court pleadingentitled, "Emergency Motion To Stay; EmergencyMotion For Enlargement Of Time and OtherRelief The United States Supreme Court DeemsAppropriate To Correct The LegalWrongs/Injustices Reported Herein." the TERRORIST Regime of BakerDonelson and TWO months AFTER the October2010 PowerPoint Presentation entitled, "CLEANOUT CONGRESS 2010 - AMERICANS Take
  • 14. BACK Your Country/Government Come November2010 - Vote OUT The INCUMBENTS CAREERPoliticians." On Monday, April 25, 2011, according todocuments released by President Barack Obama’sAdministration, there is a letter dated April 25,2011, allegedly produced by Loretta J. Fuddy(Director of Health – State of Hawaii Department ofHealth) at Page 4 of the following. One GUESSwho may have actually DRAFTED this letter andthen HAD FUDDY sign it?WHAT the PUBLIC/WORLD may not be awareof, is that Fuddy was CONFIRMEDapproximately 27 days PRIOR to her allegedresponse to President Barack Obamas requests. approximately FIVE (5) days AFTERPresident Barack Obama’s RECEIPT on or aboutMarch 23, 2011 of Newsome’sEXTRAORDINARY Writ submitted for filing withthe Supreme Court of the United States andRECEIVED by the Court on or about March 16,2011: Certificate of Live Birth provided by PresidentBarack Obama does NOT have the "OATH ofCertification" required to supportAUTHENTICATION. Just a mere statement in aletter most likely drafted by President BarackObamas attorneys and appears provided to Fuddyfor her signature – See at Page 4:
  • 15. REITERATED FOR TRANSLATION PURPOSES is an excerpt ofLoretta Fuddy’s letter:I have reviewed your request for two certified copies of youroriginal Certificate of Live Birth. As the Director of Health forthe State of Hawaii, I have the legal authority to approve theprocess by which copies of such records are made. Throughthat authority, in recognition of your status as President of theUnited States, I am making an exception to current departmentpolicy which is to issue a computer-generated certified copy.We hope that issuing you these copies of your originalCertificate of Live Birth will end the numerous inquiriesreceived by the Hawaii Department of Health to produce thisdocument. Such inquiries have been disruptive to staffoperations and have strained State resources. . . .IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Fuddy ACKNOWLEDGES making “anexception to current department policy.” What is that policy according toher letter? “To issue a COMPUTER-Generated CERTIFIED copy!”ONE guess WHY Fuddy may NOT have adhered to department policy inthe handling of this matter? A computer-generated copy for PresidentBarack Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth may NOT be produced because itis NOT in the Computer and he WAS NOT born in Hawaii as alleged!While perhaps a citizen of the United States of America, it does NOT meanthat President Barack Obama was born in the United States of America.Like Newsome and many other citizens, one can be born abroad andSTILL be a CITIZEN of the United States; however, like Newsome andmany others, while her parents are citizens of the United States of Americaat her birth, she was born overseas – i.e. thus, a FOREIGN jurisdiction –therefore NOT a “NATURAL BORN” citizen. A GROWN manapproximately 50 years of AGE and having hadPASSPORTS in the past and he simply could NOT makea PHOTOCOPY of his CERTIFICATE OF LIVEBIRTH already in his POSSESSION that he had torequest one? Let’s get real!
  • 16. v) Approximately TWO DAYS later April 27,2011, President Barack Obama releases whatappears to be a FAKE/FORGED Certificate of LiveBirth. Approximately FOUR (4) days later (May 1, 2011)came the announcement from President BarackObama alleging that Osama Bin Laden had beenkilled. Reports stating encounter was 40-MINUTESShootout. This appears to have been ANOTHERone of Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell &Berkowitz’ – as Legal Counsel/Advisor to PresidentObama – CONCOCTED LIE and RELEASEDto the PUBLIC/WORLD clearly INSULTING theintelligence of not only United States Citizens butthat of Foreign Nations/Leaders/Citizens. Forinstance, the PUBLIC/WORLD is NOT expected tobe able to rationalize and process the LIES told bythe United States of America’s TERRORISTRegime. Such FACTS as: 40-MINUTES FIERY shootout down the street from Pakistan Governmentfacilities as well as MILITARY forces and there is NO response from PakistanOfficials for OVER 40 minutes! For instance – it was reported Osama Bin Ladenand his guards were ARMED and RESISTED by fighting back; then, reports saysthat he was UNARMED and did NOT resist!Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation againstthat compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. A small team of Americans carried out theoperation with extraordinary courage and capability. No Americans were harmed.They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight, they killed Osamabin Laden and took custody of his body. - 05/01/11 U.S. President BarackObama
  • 17. SEVERAL/MULTIPLE versions of the 40-MINUTES shootout were told by UnitedStates of America President Barack Obama – i.e. when they allege WATCHING the entireoperation in the situation room. ALL Watching alleged 40-MINUTES shootout andclaiming that Osama Bin Laden was ARMED! Later reporting that Osama Bin Laden wasUNARMED! 40-MINUTES FIERY shootout and NONE of the neighbors calledEMERGENCY Responders (i.e. the POLICE) and NO Pakistan MILITARYresponse!
  • 18.  NO Live Footage – Footage of Shootout created on a COMPUTER/COMPUTERGENERATED. Because of questions, the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCEAGENCY allegedly requested access AFTER this SHOOTOUT to conduct theirINVESTIGATION – i.e. basically to RECREATE and PRODUCE Live FootageAFTER the fact. LOOK at the HEAD GEAR – i.e. looks like a regular MilitaryCAP and NO Night Vision Goggles! This was supposed to be a MILLIONDOLLAR mansion; however, look how TIGHT/CLOSED IN these quarters are.Obviously photographs which may have been taken from OTHER NIGHT Raidsthe United States of America’s Military are KNOWN for; however, NOT from thealleged Osama Bin Laden Killing/Murder!
  • 19.  NO Photographs have been released and NO persistence by the PUBLIC/WORLDto see these photographs UNDER the “FREEDOM OF INFORMATIONACT!” Not even the United States President Barack Obama can keep thesephotographs from the PUBLIC/WORLD. The use of an alleged STEALTH Helicopter that NOBODY has ever seen FULLYOPERATIONAL was just CONVENIENTLY used in this operation andCONVENIENTLY DESTROYED so the TRUTH of its use and seeing it flywould not be challenged. 40-MINUTES FIERY shootout of Osama Bin Laden who it had REPEATEDLYbeen reported was a “CAVE-DWELLER” – i.e. living in caves and/or mountainregions.
  • 20.  The branch of the United States of America Military used to carry out the allegedattack and murder/killing of Osama Bin Laden was the United States Navy – Seal 6Unit. Baker Donelson’s employee Raymond Mabus serves as the Secretary of theNavy. our look at the Wikipedia information for Baker Donelson, you willsee how they DELIBERATELY withhold information about RaymondMabus’ SERVING as the SECRETARY of the UNITED STATES NAVY: Alleged QUICK Burial CONVENIENTLY at SEA – i.e. NOT land so that theOsama Bin Laden killing/murder can be verified and NOT in accordance toIslamic CUSTOM! According to reports, the “At-Sea Burial” would NOT havebeen used and would NOT apply to Osama Bin Laden! This method was used forpurposes of “KILLING the LIES” the United States of America’s WHITE HOUSEand CONGRESS have been telling for years.d) About August 2011, Newsome submitted correspondence to theattention of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul entitled, "UNITEDSTATES KENTUCKY SENATOR RAND PAUL: Request Of StatusOf INVESTIGATION(S) Request Regarding United StatesPresident Barack Obama and Government Agencies/Officials;Assistance In Getting Petition For Extraordinary Writ Filed; andAssistance In Receipt of Relief PRESENTLY/IMMEDIATELY Due
  • 21. Newsome - WRITTEN Response Requested By THURSDAY,SEPTEMBER 15, 2011" ADDED on the SEPTEMBER 15, 2011, DEADLINEprovided because this is HOW it appears that Kentucky Senator RandPaul/CONGRESS and President Barack Obama/Baker Donelson usedthis time:(i) It appears TUESDAY, September 15, 2011, was used byPresident Barack Obama and Baker Donelson to SNEAKone of Baker Donelson’s employee (James C. Duff) out ofOffice in the position Duff held as “Director ofAdministrative Office of the United States Courts.” in efforts to SHIELD/HIDE as well as COVER-UP theCONFLICTS-OF-INTEREST in the Supreme Court of theUnited States’ handling of this matter and OTHERLawsuits/Legal matters brought before the Court involving
  • 22. Newsome in which Baker Donelson REPEATEDLY reliedon its employee(s) - as James Duff - to use their positionswithin the Government to OBSTRUCT legal proceedingsand to POST FALSE and MISLEADING information onthe INTERNET and/or in SOCIAL FORUMS released byGovernment Agencies to COVER-UP the CRIMINAL Actsof Baker Donelson’s Clients (i.e. such as Liberty MutualInsurance Company, Entergy (New Orleans), Floyd West &Company/Crum & Forster Corporation, Mitchell McNutt &Sams, Page Kruger & Holland, The Garretson FirmResolution Group, Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Judge Tom S.Lee, Judge Morey Sear, Judge Henry T. Wingate, MagistrateJudge Linda Randle Anderson, Judge John Andrew West -i.e. in that Baker Donelson is LEGAL COUNSEL for theFederal Judge Association – and many other clients andCONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS):e) IMPORTANT TO NOTE: In the IRS Scandal Kentucky SenatorRAND PAUL/CONGRESS want the PUBLIC/WORLD to believethat this matter was OPENED up because of the IRS’ handling of theTEA PARTY request for “TAX-EXEMPT” status – when it wasNOT! Not only that, that such inquiries by the IRS into these TEAPARTY Groups BEGAN about MARCH 2010 - When most likelythey were NOT!
  • 23. Well here is information that we believe is IMPORTANT to explainthe CAPITOL HILL GAMES and the BACKDOORIMPEACHMENT efforts United States of America’s CONGRESS in efforts of keeping theTERRORIST/RACIST Regime of Baker Donelson BearmanCaldwell & Berkowitz out of the SPOTLIGHT while a WHITESUPREMACIST Congress moves to “THROW President BarackObama to the WOLVES” while they ESCAPE to CONTINUE theirHIDEOUS CRIMINAL practices – i.e. Nuremberg PrincipleViolations, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes AgainstPeace, etc. About December 10, 2009, giving Baker DonelsonBearman Caldwell & Berkowitz the RECOGNITION and theEXPOSURE it THRIVED to get, Newsome submitted aCOMPLAINT to the attention of United States of America’sPresident Barack Obama, United States of America’s AttorneyGeneral Eric Holder and United States of America’s Secretary ofLabor Hilda Solis entitled, "UNITED STATES PRESIDENTBARACK OBAMA - CORRUPTION: PERSECUTION OF ACHRISTIAN and COVER-UP OF HUMAN RIGHTSVIOLATIONS/DISCRIMINATION/PREJUDICIALPRACTICES AGAINST AFRICAN-AMERICANS; Request ForIMMEDIATE Firing/Termination of U.S. Secretary Of LaborHilda L. Solis and Applicable Department of LaborOfficials/Employees; Request For Status of July 14, 2008Complaint; Request For Status of May 21, 2009 Complaint andSubsequent Submittals; REQUEST FOR FINDINGS IN FMLACOMPLAINT OF JANUARY 16, 2009, and EEOC COMPLAINTOF JULY 7, 2009; IF APPLICABLE EXECUTION OFAPPROPRIATE EXECUTIVE ORDER(S) AND REQUESTDELIVERANCE OF FILES FOR REVIEW & COPYING INTHE CINCINNATI, OHIO WAGE & HOUR OFFICE ANDEEOC OFFICE ON DECEMBER 22, 2009 - HEALTH CAREREFORM: See How The Obama Administration Has
  • 24. Interfered/Blocked Newsomes Health Care Options and DeniedHer Medical Attention Sought Under the FMLA -- What ToExpect Under A Government-Runned Health Care Program." December 28, 2009, Newsome submits for filingwith the Federal Bureau of Investigation a COMPLAINT againstthe Justices of the OHIO Supreme Court – i.e. the HIGHEST Courtin the STATE of OHIO and a State RANKED in the TOP FIVE(5) as one of the MOST CORRUPT! GUESS which INSURANCE COMPANY controls theOhio Supreme Court – LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCECOMPANY – one of Baker Donelson’s TOP/KEY Clients. 27, 2009 United States Department of Justice PRESS RELEASE:". . . State Supreme Court Justice Thomas J. Spargo Convicted OfAttempted Extortion And Bribery" . . . Spargo solicited a $10,000 paymentfrom an attorney with cases pending before him. . . The trial evidenceshowed that when the attorney declined to pay the money, Spargo increasedthe pressure by a second solicitation communicated through an associate. ..According to the evidence at trial, the attorney felt that IF HE DID NOTPAY THE MONEY, both the cases handled by his law firm and his personaldivorce proceeding WOULD BE IN JEOPARDY."It is a SAD day indeed when a JUDGE BREAKS THE LAWS thathe is sworn to enforce," . . . The CRIMINAL Divisions PUBLICINTEGRITY SECTION will continue in its singular mission to holdaccountable WAYWARD PUBLIC officials who VIOLATE the law and theTRUST that has been placed in them.""Judges are supposed to serve the people who have elected them,NOT their OWN SELF-INTERESTS. What Mr. Spargo did is nothing morethan OLD FASHIONED EXTORTION,". . .
  • 25. The MAXIMUM statutory penalty for the charge of soliciting aBRIBE is 10 YEARS in prison and the MAXIMUM penalty for the chargeof ATTEMPTED Extortion is 20 YEARS. Spargo also faces a MAXIMUMfine of $250,000 for EACH count on which he was convicted. TO UNDERSTAND: Liberty Mutual Insurance Companyis the INSURANCE CARRIER in the Stor-All Alfred vs.Newsome matter in which United States of America PresidentBarack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson BearmanCaldwell & Berkowitz and their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS have MAJOR INTERESTS in theOUTCOME!(ii) Newsome had also BEGUN going PUBLIC/NATIONALLY/INTERNATIONALLY via email in sharing her information in2009. Based on the recent NSA Scandal, it explains WHY
  • 26. Newsome’s EMAIL ACCOUNTS kept getting SHUT DOWN!Nevertheless, for instance, about January 2010, Newsome sent outemails entitled, “OPERATION: TAKING ON GOLIATH (HelpBring About The CHANGE Needed!)” along with the supportingattachment entitled:”Let the REDEEMED of the Lord say so, WEWON’T BE SILENT ANYMORE!”REVIVAL of the CIVIL RIGHTSMOVEMENT!!The UNITING of a NATION OF PEOPLE!!A Call for BOLD SOLDIERS to STAND UPand FIGHT for JUSTICE!! - -We need YOU!!! About FEBRUARY/MARCH 2010, thencomes Newsome’s release her PowerPointPresentation entitled, "NOVEMBER 2010/2012ELECTIONS - CHANGE: ITS TIME TO CLEANHOUSE - Vote OUT The Incumbents/CareerPoliticians - Where have our CHRISTIANMorals/Values Gone?"
  • 27. EMPHASIS: NOTE the DATE about when this Presentation was created.President Barack Obama’s ROLES in criminal/fraudulent practices wereexposed. Then on or about July 13, 2010, Newsome’s EMAIL to PresidentBarack Obama, CONGRESSIONAL Members appear sparked their attorneys’Baker Donelson Caldwell & Berkowitz to SWING-INTO-ACTION and launchRETALIATORY practices to come AFTER her bank accounts with JPMorgan Chase Bank!(iv) In Newsome’s October 10, 2010, "Emergency MotionTo Stay; Emergency Motion For Enlargement OfTime and Other Relief The United States SupremeCourt Deems Appropriate To Correct The LegalWrongs/Injustices Reported Herein" filed with theSupreme Court of the United States, she EXPOSESwhat she believes to be the CRIMINAL,TERRORIST, and CIVIL RIGHTS violations, etc.of Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowtiz.Newsome also shares concerns regarding ANDREWJOSEPH STACK - a man who it appears took his lifeby flying his plane into the IRS Building in Austin,Texas because of what he felt may have been the onlyway to bring attention to the IRS’ CRIMINALpractices.No telling HOW long this man suffered at the hands ofthe LIKES of Baker Donelson and the United States ofAmerica’s TERRORIST Regime. Nevertheless, itappears Mr. Stack took matters into his own hands tobring attention to the IRS’ CRIMINAL practices.
  • 28. DID Kentucky Senator Rand Paul act on this information to bring thisinformation to the PUBLIC/WORLD’S attention? NO! Instead, it appearsthat Senator Rand Paul is merely using this information to LAUNCH CriminalInvestigations on behalf of the TEA PARTY and to COVER-UP WHEN heTRULY obtained KNOWLEDGE of President Barack Obama, Baker Donelsonand CONGRESS’ ROLE in the CRIMINAL Acts of the Internal RevenueService/United States Department of the Treasury.
  • 29. In FACT, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul FAILS to tell the PUBLIC/WORLDthat he is a RECIPIENT of MONIES and FUNDING from Baker Donelsonand/or Baker Donelson Clients (i.e. as Liberty Mutual Insurance Company)., it appears DUE to this CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST and FAILUREto ADVISE Newsome of such, MANY OTHER INNOCENT lives have beentaken through DEATHS/ASSASSINATIONS/ILLEGAL WARS, etc. for thepurposes of PROMOTING Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s and his Legal CounselBaker Donelson’s WHITE SUPREMACY Agenda – i.e. for instance NAVYSeals in August 2011:
  • 30. 2) ASSOCIATED PRESS SCANDAL – Alleged to have been BIRTHED from theAssociated Press’ coverage of the FOILED BOMBING of a Jetliner bound for the UnitedStates released about May7, 2012.
  • 31. What the United States of America’s TAINTED/SLANTED News Coverage FAILS toreveal is that on or about April 30, 2012, Vogel Denise Newsome filed a Complaintwith the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well as the Ohio Civil RightsCommission that may have resulted in the United States of America SCRAPPING theBOMBING of ANOTHER Jetliner. The April 2012 Complaint is entitled:OFFICIAL COMPLAINT/CHARGE OF DISCRIMINATIONFILED OF AND AGAINST THE GARRETSON FIRM RESOLUTIONGROUP INC. AND/OR MESSINA STAFFING/MESSINAMANAGEMENT SYSTEMS WITH UNITED STATES DEPARTMENTOF LABOR - UNITED STATES EQUAL EMPLOYMENTOPPORTUNITY COMMISSION – CINCINNATI AREA OFFICE andOHIO CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION – CENTRAL OFFICE;AND REQUEST FOR COMMISSIONER CHARGE TO BE ISSUEDSUBMITTED FOR FILING ON APRIL 30, 2012 The Garretson Firm Resolution Group and Messina Staffing/MessinaManagement. The Garretson Firm Resolution Group is the company Newsome accepted aCONTRACT employment with and appears is the firm RETAINED by the United StatesGovernment to handle the claims in the PAYOUTS to Responders in the September 11,2001 (9/11) Attacks.
  • 32. MATTER OF PUBLIC POLICY - INSIDER JOB: United States ofAmerica’s Government Attempts in COVER-UP of Role in the 911Attacks and Payouts To Victims - - Investigation(s) will yield and revealGRG being retained to handle the PAYOUTS to victims – i.e. such asthose as the 911 Responder Victims:Q. and A.: The 9/11 AdjusterIn recent weeks, rescue and cleanup workers who sued thecity over health damages they attribute to environmentalhazards at the former World Trade Center site have beenreceiving letters explaining how much compensation theywould receive under a recent settlement of their claims.The Garretson Firm Resolution Group, with offices inCincinnati and Charlotte, N.C., is administering the claims,which involve more than 10,000 plaintiffs. (Ninety-fivepercent of the plaintiffs must approve the settlement bySept. 8 for it to take effect.) We talked with Matt Garretson,the company’s president and chief executive, about the insand outs of 9/11 claims administration and calculating theindividual settlement amounts. Following are our questionsand his responses, edited for clarity and brevity. . .Q. Who pays your firm in this case?A. We’re being paid by the W.T.C. Captive InsuranceCompany (the city’s insurer). They agreed to pay up to $3.5million of our expensesIt appears President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson with theSUPPORT of the United States of America’s CONGRESS and otherCONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS then had the AUDACITY to have TheGarretson Firm Resolution Group bring a lawsuit AGAINST Newsome in efforts ofPREVENTING her from EXERCISING her CONSTITUTIONAL Rights and attemptingto use the TAINTED/BIAS JUDICIAL System to bring a Lawsuit AGAINST Newsome forpurposes of getting their hands on documents LEGALLY/LAWFULLY being shared withthe PUBLIC/WORLD:
  • 33. NO, Newsome did NOT give into this FOOLISHNESS and by LAW did NOT entertainthis TERRORIST REGIME’S BULLYING TACTICS and THREATS! Then whenNewsome went to post information regarding this employment experience, it appears The Garretson Firm Resolution Group turned toCONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS as Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell &Berkowitz to have information REMOVED and/or BLOCKED so that thePUBLIC/WORLD doesn’t see such CRIMINAL/CIVIL violations and thePERPETRATORS remain hidden from the SPOTLIGHT:
  • 34. REITERATED FOR TRANSLATION PURPOSES: Oh what a tiny WEB we weavewhen we PRACTICE to DECEIVE! Matt Garretson (Founder/CEO), Jeff Wolverton(Senior Vice President of Operations and Systems); Rick Beavers (Director of ClaimsAdministration); Sandy Sullivan (Director of Human Resources); Kati Payne(Portfolio Manager); Tina Mullen (Quality Assurance Trainer); Dion Russell(Program Manager); Elyse Gable (Program Manager); Mike Dittman (ProjectCoordinator); Brandy Jansen (Data Analyst); Jacob Bohnert (Data Analyst); and FredBrackmann (Data Analyst).
  • 35. Messina Staffing is the agency Newsome also worked for that assigned her to the contractemployment with The Garretson Firm Resolution Group. It appears upon LEARNING ofthe places WHERE Newsome was employed, United States of America President BarackObama, his Legal Counsel (Baker Donelson) along with his PRESIDENTIALCAMPAIGN MANAGER (Jim Messina) Conspired to see to it that Newsome’sEMPLOYMENT was TERMINATED and that the PUBLIC/WORLD was kept in theDARK about the TRUTH behind the United States ROLE in theORCHESTRATING/PLANNING and CARRYING OUT of the September 11, 2001,BOMBINGS of the World Trade Center Towers and other targets to provide them withEXCUSES to BEGIN wars in the MIDDLE EAST (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, etc.).REITERATED FOR TRANSLATION PURPOSES: JimMessina (Campaign Manager/Deputy Chief ofStaff/Director of Personnel for the Transition Team forUnited States Barack Obama)PRESIDENT OBAMA STOLE MY JOB! DON’Tbelieve the FALSE “Jobs/Employment” Report thatPresident Barack Obama’s Administration is releasing. TheDROP in Unemployment Claims” may be due to the FACTthat individuals’ Unemployment Benefits have RUN OUT and
  • 36. they were NOT eligible for EXTENSIONS. It has NOTHINGto do with the ECONOMY improving - - THAT IS A LIE byPresident Barack Obama and his PRO-MEDIA Allies becausethis is an ELECTION year! President Obama and hisAdministration came AFTER Vogel Denise Newsome’s job atMESSINA STAFFING and their ALLY’s Company –GARRETSON RESOLUTION GROUP (i.e. who has handledthe settlement payouts to 911 Responder Victims, etc.) to“Silence Her” from EXPOSING the Truth behind the 911ATTACKS and other CRIMINAL Practices by United StatesGovernment Officials and their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS! It appears that President Barack Obamaand his Administration are attempting to bring FRIVOLOUSLawsuit(S) against Vogel Denise Newsome to keep her fromsharing his CRIMINAL/CIVIL violations with thePUBLIC/WORLD!ONE GUESS WHO was behind the CREATION of the FALSE IRAN REPORT putout by former United States of America President George W. Bush and Vice PresidentRichard “Dick” Cheney? Yes, it appears the United States of America’s CORRUPTGovernment Officials’ attorney, BAKER DONELSON BEARMAN CALDWELL &BERKOWITZ – i.e. relying upon their employee DAVID S. ADDINGTON - who duringthe Bush Era was KNOWN as “The MOST POWERFUL MAN YOU’VE NEVERHEARD OF”
  • 37. In the White House Emergency Operations Center, 9/11. Addington is standing at rear., it appears from News recent released, that the July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 thatcrashed off the coast of New York, may have been brought down by a missile strike. Ifthis is the case, just add this to the PACK-of-LIES by the United States of America’sCORRUPT Government Officials and Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz.The SKELETONS in the CLOSET are really beginning to RATTLE! If this is anotherATTACK orchestrated by the TERRORIST REGIME of Baker Donelson BearmanCaldwell & Berkowitz with former United States of America President William “BILL”Clinton, there is SIMPLY “NO EXCUSE” for it. HOW MANY more loved ones willhave to become VICTIMS of such EVIL/WICKED Terrorist Regimes before the UnitedStates of America’s HEADS-OF-STATE are brought to JUSTICE?
  • 38. BENGHAZI ATTACKS SCANDAL – It appears United States of America PresidentBarack Obama and United States of America Secretary of State Hillary Clinton alongwith their Legal Counsel (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) and theirCONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS are attempting to COVER-UP whatFOREIGN Reports and/or other News Coverage are claiming to be BOTCHEDKIDNAPPING attempt by President Barack Obama and his Administration:
  • 39. See this is WHAT HAPPENS when a ROGUE TERRORIST REGIME as BakerDonelson Bearman Caldwell &Berkowitz and its ALLIES are allowed to REMAIN AT-LARGE because the United States of America’s CONGRESS did KNOWINGLY FAIL toact on the July 13, 2008 Complaint submitted by Vogel Denise Newsome entitled,"EMERGENCY COMPLAINT AND REQUEST FOR LEGISLATURE/CONGRESISINTERVENTION; ALSO REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATIONS, HEARINGS ANDFINDINGS" and OTHER LEGAL ACTIONS Newsome has REPEATEDLY broughtbefore the appropriate GOVERNMENT AGENCIES (EMPHASIS ADDED – i.e. sincethey want the PUBLIC/WORLD to think that ROBERT SNOWDEN (the CIA/FBIWHISTLEBLOWER would have been better served bringing his concerns to aTERRORIST GOVERNMENT who’s about to GO DOWN!) only that because CONGRESS as well as the United States Department of JUSTICEFAILED-TO-ACT on the JUNE 26, 2006, Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”)Complaint filed against CLIENTS (Jon Lewis, Judge William Skinner, Melody Crews,Spring Lake Apartments, etc.) of Baker Donelson that were behind the FEBRUARY 14,2006, KIDNAPPING of Newsome.
  • 40. The LAWS of the United States of America are CLEAR that when you DON’T put aHALT to the CRIMINAL Activities of the likes of Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell &Berkowitz, they then GO ON-AND-ON-AND-ON CONTINUOUSLY engaging inTERRORIST and RACIST behavior and have even HIJACKED Government Agenciesfor the PURPOSES of carrying out their TERRORIST Acts ABROAD: is a LARGE FILE; however, may be downloaded with AUDIO from: appears that the TRUE reasons for the TALKING POINTS changing in the BenghaziAttacks were because President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Baker DonelsonBearman Caldwell & Berkowitz Lawyers and their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS may have been made aware of Newsome’s POSTING of “HILLARYCLINTON – Dealing With The United States of America’s STINGERS” posted in Forum on or about August 21, 2012 - BEFOREthe Benghazi Attacks, in which Hillary Clinton ADMITS to the United States ofAmerica’s CONGRESS’ ROLE in the CREATION of TERRORIST Cells in the
  • 41. Middle East and THREATS OF SANCTIONS AGAINST Nations that opposes theUnited States of America’s TERRORIST PRACTICES - i.e. according to HillaryClinton known as STINGERS! instance, the PUBLIC/WORLD may first recall that United States of America PresidentBarack Obama/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton/United Nations Ambassador SusanRice as well as White House Spokesperson Jay Carney REPEATEDLY attempted toCOVER-UP what reports claim to be a BOTCHED Kidnapping by the ObamaAdministration as a PROTEST against an ANTI-Muslim Video in which it appears thatthe Obama Administration along with Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitzand their JEWISH Counterparts were BEHIND in FUNDING – i.e. using BakerDonelson’s CLIENT (YouTube) to allow the posting of an OFFENSIVE video forpurposes of DIVERTING the PUBLIC/WORLD from the TRUTH of what appears tobe a KIDNAPPING plan that was hatched by Baker Donelson, President BarackObama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS that went BAD.
  • 42. 4) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S CITIZENS TAXPAYER DOLLARS FUNDINGTERRORIST CELLS SCANDAL appears from reports that NOT only has President Barack Obama’s Administrationused Taxpayers monies to FINANCE the United States of America’s TERRORISTCELLS’ (Al Qaeda, Taliban, etc.) terrorist acts here in the United States, but alsoabroad. It appears from RECENT reports with the United States of America beingBROKE and suffering from FINANCIAL RUIN/COLLAPSE, United States of AmericaPresident Barack Obama and the United States Congress with President Barack Obamahas: a) allowed the PAYROLL Tax INCREASE which has caused TAXES in payrolldeductions to INCREASE; b) FURLOUGHING of Government Employees; c)SEQUESTERING, etc. – as the TERRORIST REGIME that is in power STRUGGLESDESPERATELY to determine WHERE are they going to get monies to keep the UnitedStates of America’s FINANCIAL DEBACLE “HIDDEN FROM THE WORLD.”So it appears from reports, these CUTS were VICIOUSLY done to make UnitedStates of America Citizens SUFFER while President Barack Obama, Baker DonelsonBearman Caldwell & Berkowitz Attorneys, Congressional Members, Supreme Court of theUnited States Justices and their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS ROB citizensBLIND to SUPPORT their TERRORIST Activities.Not only that, NOW it appears President Barack Obama, Baker Donelson BearmanCaldwell & Berkowitz and CONGRESS are AGAIN going to ARM the United States ofAmerica’s TERRORIST CELLS (i.e. as Al Qaeda, etc.) for purposes ofOVERTHROWING ANOTHER GOVERNMENT – i.e. the Syrian Government.From RESEARCH, it appears that the announcement by President Barack Obama on orabout June 14, 2013, to ARM the Syrian REBELS CONFIRMS former Secretary ofState Hillary Clinton’s “STINGER” Interview ACKNOWLEDGING the MAJOR/KEY
  • 43. ROLE the United States of America is playing in the OVERTHROW of Governments.Such practices, which appears to be in VIOLATION of the Nuremberg Principle:CRIME AGAINST PEACE - - A crime against peace, in internationallaw, refers to "planning, preparation, initiation, or waging of wars ofaggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreementsor assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy forthe accomplishment of any of the foregoing".[1] This definition ofcrimes against peace was first incorporated into the NurembergPrinciples and later included in the United Nations Charter. Thisdefinition would play a part in defining aggression as a crime againstpeace. . . . The "sovereignty" rule means that it is a crime ofaggression to use armed force with intent to overthrowthe government of a state or to impede its freedom to actunhindered, as it sees fit, throughout its jurisdiction. TO NOTE: Are the TELEVISED Announcements of United States ofAmerica released AKNOWLEDGING ARMING opposition forces in SYRIA.5) BOSTON MARATHON BOMBINGS SCANDAL:For those who are interested in the CALENDAR-OF-EVENTS surrounding what clearlyappears to be “DOMESTIC” Terrorist Attacks by President Barack Obama and his LegalCounsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz (i.e. it appears theMASTERMINDS behind the WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBINGS, etc.) here it is:
  • 44. We look forward to seeing that this HIDEOUS TERRORIST Attack which appears wasANOTHER ORCHESTRATED “DOMESTIC” TERRORIST ATTACK CARRIEDOUT by President Barack Obama, his Legal Team Baker Donelson REMAINS FRONT-AND-CENTER on this website. It appears that President Barack Obama, the FederalBureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency along with their Legal CounselBaker Donelson and their CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS are behind theCARRYING OUT of the Boston Marathon Bombings and NOW it appears has theAUDICITY to try and FRAME INNOCENT citizens as Dzhokhar and TamerlanTsarnaev because they are Muslim!Please be PATIENT as well look forward to sharing with you HOW it appearsthe United States of America’s TERRORIST REGIME (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell& Berkowitz) – with the support of CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS - managed to
  • 45. pull off ANOTHER “DOMESTIC” Terrorist Attack on UnitedStates Soil and FRAME INNOCENT citizens and commit MURDER in theprocess!The PUBLIC/WORLD may find the United States of America’s ROLE in thecarrying out of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombings (a PRELUDE to theSeptember 11, 2001 Bombings) interesting as well.Not only that, it appears Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz havingDIRECT access to Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) Records during thePLANNING Stages during former Ronald Reagan’s Administration, former William“Bill” Clinton’s Administration, and former George W. Bush’s Administration. . . as wellas the FLIGHT Records of the Airlines used.6) RICIN SCANDAL – We look forward to shedding additional information with thePUBLIC/WORLD on the Ricin Scandal. Which appears to be ADDITIONAL LIES bythe Obama Administration in attempts to make it appear that he is NOT receiving
  • 46. copies of Vogel Denise Newsome’s pleadings – when President Obama and his LegalCounsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz are - submitted to the SupremeCourt of the United States for filing:REITERATED FOR TRANSLATION PURPOSES: Paul KevinCurtis – FALSELY ACCUSED in the RICIN SCANDAL STAGEDBy President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker DonelsonBearman Caldwell & Berkowitz. “To see a wrong and not expose it isto become a silent partner to its continuance” – quote used by PaulKevin Curtis. instance it appears that the April 26, 2013, HACKING of Newsome’s ADECCOaccount – according to RECENT NSA/CIA/FBI WHISTLEBLOWER SCANDAL is anONGOING of UNLAWFUL/ILLEGAL practices leveled AGAINST Newsome to shareinformation on this website and in other SOCIAL FORUMS and in LEGALPROCEEDINGS has been for purposes of obtaining information WHERE she is workingand then working with employers of LIKE MIND (WHITE SUPREMACISTMENTALITY) to HARASS and SUBJECT Newsome to
  • 47. RACIST/DISCRIMINATORY practices. In fact, it appears, although a recent employer(De-Bra Kuempel) stated Newsome’s QUALITY OF WORK as “EXCELLENT,” on orabout May 28, 2013, appears with De-Bra Kuempel to have Newsome’semployment TERMINATED!Newsome’s TERMINATION-OF-EMPLOYMENT with De-Bra Kuempel comingapproximately a MONTH AFTER what appears President Barack Obama and his LegalCounsel Baker Donelson’s and their CONSPIRATOR/CO-CONSPIRATORSHACKING of the ADECCO Account on or about April 26, 2013,where Newsome’s account was the ONLY Account HACKED! Acts, inFURTHERANCE, of their “FIRST” HACKING of the ADECCO Account on or aboutJanuary 4, 2013, (i.e. approximately 12 days AFTER Newsome’sDecember 23, 2012, Facsimile to President Barack Obama) in efforts ofdetermining WHERE Newsome was working and on a date (January 4, 2013) in whichNewsome’s Supreme Court of the United States RESPONSE was DUE!
  • 48. On or about January 6, 2013, Newsome submitted concerns about theCRIMINAL activities regarding the HACKING into her Account with ADECCO viaFacsimile to United States of America President Barack Obama:
  • 49. 7) GEORGE ZIMMERMAN vs. TRAYVON MARTIN SCANDAL (WHAT APPEARSTO BE A MISTRIAL BEFORE THEY EVEN GET STARTED) – First and foremost,THANKS to the WORLD/INERNATIONAL INTERESTS in the RACIST/WHITESUPREMACIST practices of the United States of America’s GOVERNMENTOFFICIALS.This is the Florida Criminal Lawsuit in which the Trial has just recently begun. Thisis a ANOTHER Criminal matter in which it appears that United States of AmericaPresident Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell &Berkowitz are keeping from the PUBLIC/WORLD the MAJOR/KEY Roles the UnitedStates of America’s Corrupt Government Officials are playing in obtaining theunlawful/illegal ACQUITTAL of George Zimmerman (JEWISH) for SECOND-DegreeMurder (i.e. from what CLEARLY appears to be FIRST-DEGREE Murder from theFebruary 26, 2012, 911 Call MADE by George Zimmerman).You WILL NOT get a BREAKDOWN of the following 911 Emergency Callmade by George Zimmerman UNDER DIRECT/CROSS-EXAMINATION during the TRIAL, because President Barack Obama and hisLegal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz are WORKING hardto keep the CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST and their ROLE in getting anACQUITTAL from the PUBLIC/WORLD!
  • 50. THE FEBRUARY 26, 2012, TRAGICKILLING/MURDER OF TRAYVON MARTIN IS ACLASSIC EXAMPLE OF HOW THERE HAS BEEN NOCHANGE AND HOW PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMAAND THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OFJUSTICE/BAKER DONELSON ARE ATTEMPTING TOCOVER-UP THIS RACIST KILLING:FEBRUARY 26, 2012911 EMERGENCY CALLFROM GEORGE ZIMMERMAN or Sanford Police Department. This line is being recorded this is Sean(?)ZIMMERMAN :04Hey, we just had some break-ins in my neighborhood and there’s a realsuspicious guy. Ah, it’s Retreat View Circle. Um the best address I can giveyou is 111 Retreat View Circle. This guy looks like he’s up to no good orhe’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walkingaround looking about.OPERATOR Okay, and is this guy White, Black or Hispanic?ZIMMERMAN :28 He looks Black.
  • 51. OPERATOR Did you see what he was wearing?ZIMMERMAN :32Yeah. A dark hoodie like a gray hoodie and either jeans or sweat pants andwhite tennis shoes. He’s here now. He was just staring.OPERATOR Oh, he’s just walking around the area . . . (interrupted by Zimmerman)ZIMMERMAN :45Looking at all the houses.OPERATOR Okay.ZIMMERMAN Now he’s just staring at me.OPERATOR Okay. Is this 1111 Retreat View or 111?ZIMMERMAN That’s the. . . That’s the Clubhouse.OPERATOR That’s the Clubhouse? . . . (interrupted by Zimmerman)ZIMMERMAN (inaudible ? That’s what I’m telling you)OPERATOR He’s near the Clubhouse right now?ZIMMERMAN :58 Yeah, and now he’s coming towards me.OPERATOR Okay.ZIMMERMAN 1:03 He’s got his hand in his waistband and he’s a Black male.NEWSOME’S COMMENTS:1) Zimmerman it appears is playing to the 911 Operator and continuing to “SET THESTAGE” by stating alleged suspect/Trayvon Martin is “Looking at ALL the houses” – i.e.again to IMPLY that Martin is casing the neighborhood for purposes of committingcrimes.2) Again, Zimmerman appears to be “SETTING THE STAGE” for PREMEDITATION for
  • 52. Murder and a CONFRONTATION with alleged suspect/Trayvon Martin to use hisPREMEDITATED “Stand-Your-Ground” Defense by stating, “Now he’s just STARING atme.” . . .”Now he’s coming TOWARDS me” . . . “He’s got his hand in his waistband and he’sa BLACK male” – i.e. attempting to NOW make it appear that suspect/Trayvon Martinmay be “PACKING/TOTING/CARRYING a concealed weapon/gun within his pants andapproaching him.” DELIBERATELY, attempting to paint a GANGSTER-Style image ofalleged suspect/Trayvon Martin and Re-EMPHASIZING race as BLACK!”3) PREMEDITATION: From the sound effects in the background while Zimmerman istalking, it appears that he may be getting out his gun and preparing to use it!OPERATOR Okay. How old would you say he is? . . . (interrupted by Zimmerman)ZIMMERMAN He’s got a button on his shirt. Late teens.NEWSOME’S COMMENTS:1) Zimmerman (i.e. Criminal Justice MAJOR) it appears is playing to the 911 Operatorand continuing to “SET THE STAGE” by stating, “Something’s wrong with him. . .He’scoming to CHECK ME OUT. He’s got SOMETHING in his hand . .” for thePREMEDITATED “Stand-Your-Ground” Defense. (Dahh – Going to a STRANGER’S - i.e.who could be a CHILD MOLESTER/MURDERER [i.e. which the latter appears to be thecase – a MURDERER] vehicle to CONFRONT him?)2) Zimmerman for the cover-up of PREMEDITATED Murder and to play to the “Stand-Your-Ground” Defense that he feared for his life interjects, “can you get an Officer overhere?” while preparing to use his gun – i.e. FAILING to advise the Operator that he had aGUN!3) Zimmerman’s obscenity and statement claiming, “they ALWAYS get away”ESTABLISHES AN ADMISSION OF A PATTERN-OF-PRACTICE WITH HIM (“CryingWOLF”) and PREMEDITATION that alleged suspect/Trayvon Martin WILL NOT get away!The Operator clearly wanted to be advised if suspect/Trayvon Martin did anything else.Zimmerman disappointed the Operator did not seem to be handling the call the way hewanted him to.4) Zimmerman has a CREDIBILITY issue as well. Under OATH at a hearing on Court onthis matter, he states:I wanted to say that I am sorry for the loss of your son. I did not knowhow old he was. I thought he was a little bit younger than I am. . .Of course testimony that President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel would love to
  • 53. keep the PUBLIC/WORLD from hearing and/or seeing. Late teens. Okay.ZIMMERMAN 1:17 Um hum. Something’s wrong with him. Yep, he’s coming tocheck me out. He’s got something in his hand. I don’t knowwhat his deal is.OPERATOR Okay, just let me know . . . (interrupted by Zimmerman)ZIMMERMAN . . . can you get an Officer over here?OPERATOR if he does anything okay. . . Yeah we got them on the way. Just let me know if thisguy does anything else.ZIMMERMAN 1:35 Okay. God (?) these a@@holes, they always get away. Yep.When you come to the Clubhouse, you come straight in and make a left. Actually,you would go past the Clubhouse.OPERATOR Okay. You say it’s on the left-hand side from the Clubhouse?ZIMMERMAN 1:57 No, you go in straight through the entrance and then you’d make a left. Ah yeah. Yougo straight in, don’t turn and make a left. Sh@t he’s running!(sound in background as if car chime – door opening & being slammed shut/closed –sound of wind gush)OPERATOR He’s running? Which way is he running?(sound of wind gush still going in background)ZIMMERMAN Uh, down towards the ah other entrance of the neighborhood.OPERATOR Okay. Which entrance is that, that he’s heading towards?(sound of wind gush still going in background)ZIMMERMAN 2:17The back entrance. These Fu@@king Coons!(sound of wind gush still going in background)OPERATOR 2:22Are you following him?(sound of wind gush still going in background)ZIMMERMAN 2:25Yeah.(sound of wind gush still going in background)OPERATOR 2:25Okay, we don’t need you to do that.(sound of wind gush still going in background)
  • 54. NEWSOME’S COMMENTS:1) Zimmerman using obscenity claims that suspect/Trayvon Martin is RUNNING!Sounds as though Zimmerman RUSHES to get out of vehicle because one can hearchime and door opening and being SLAMMED shut then wind GUSHING! Zimmermantelling Operator that suspect/Trayvon Martin is RUNNING!2) PREMEDITATED MURDER - “HATE CRIME:” Zimmerman calls allege suspect/TrayvonMartin a RACIST slur “Fu@@king COONS!” This RACIST alleged to be WHITE-Hispanic!3) Zimmerman was asked by the Operator, “Are you following him?” ZimmermanAnswering, “Yeah.” Operator advised Zimmerman “we don’t need you to do that.”Nevertheless, Zimmerman after AGREEING, “Okay,” DISOBEYS the Operator’s advice andCONTINUES PURSUIT “ARMED” with a “DEADLY WEAPON - a Gun!”ZIMMERMAN 2:27Okay.(sound of wind gush still going inbackground)NEWSOME’S COMMENTS:1) Zimmerman was asked by the Operator, “Are you following him?” ZimmermanAnswering, “Yeah.” Operator advised Zimmerman “we don’t need you to do that.”Nevertheless, Zimmerman after AGREEING, “Okay,” DISOBEYS the Operator’s advice andCONTINUES PURSUIT “ARMED” with a “DEADLY WEAPON - a Gun!”2) Zimmerman appears to be an UNKNOWN and STRANGER to suspect/Trayvon Martin;therefore, could have been perceived as a “CHILD MOLESTER,” “KIDNAPPER,” or“MURDER,” etc. – i.e. It is known that children are TAUGHT to run away from what theybelieve is DANGER/STRANGERS! So you have a GROWN man in a neighborhood“SITTING in a VEHICLE” and when a child is approaching he gets out and PURSUES HIMwith a GUN . . . with CRIMINAL intent which appears to have resulted in MURDER!OPERATOR Okay sir, what is your name?(sound of wind gush still going in background)ZIMMERMAN George. He ran.
  • 55. (sound of wind gush still going in background)OPERATOR Alright George, what’s your last name?(sound of wind gush still going in background)ZIMMERMAN Zimmerman.(sound of wind gush still going in background – Zimmer soundingwinded/breathing heavily from pursuit)OPERATOR And George, what’s the phone number you’re calling from?ZIMMERMAN (407) 435-2400.OPERATOR Alright George, we do have them on the way. Do you want to meet with the Officerswhen they get out there?ZIMMERMAN Yeah.OPERATOR Alright, where are you going to meet with them at?ZIMMERMAN Um, if they come in through the um gate, tell them to go straight past the clubhouse,and ah straight past the Clubhouse and make a left and then they go past themailboxes. They’ll see my truck.OPERATOR 3:18Okay, (interrupted by Zimmerman which is inaudible) what whataddress are you parked in front of?ZIMMERMAN 3:22Um, I don’t know. It’s a cut-throughso I don’t know the address.OPERATOR Okay, do you live in the area?ZIMMERMAN Yeah, yeah. I. . . (interrupted by operator)OPERATOR What’s your, what’s your apartment number?NEWSOME’S COMMENTS:1) Zimmerman is alleged to be the NEIGHBORHOOD Watch person; however, couldNOT provide the Operator with the address where he was parked. Apparently, a LIE andclearly FAILURE supports that he WAS NOT at/in his VEHICLE (i.e. but in HOT PURSUITwith a GUN) when giving this information. How difficult would it be to look at theaddress had he OBEYED instructions NOT to follow alleged suspect/Trayvon Martin?
  • 56. ZIMMERMAN 3:31It’s a home. It’s 1950 – oh Cr@p I don’twant to give that all out. I don’t knowwhere this kid is.OPERATOR 3:39Okay, do you just want to be with them by themailboxes then?ZIMMERMAN Yeah, that’s fine.OPERATOR 3:45Alright George, I’ll let them know to meet you.We’ll be out there. Okay?ZIMMERMAN 3:47Actually, could you. . .could you have himcall me and I’ll tell him where I’m at?OPERATOR Okay. Yeah, that’s no problem.ZIMMERMAN You want me to give you my number or you got it?OPERATOR Yeah I got it. (407) 435-2400.ZIMMERMAN Yeah, you got it.OPERATOR Okay, no problem. I’ll let them know to call you when they’re in the area.ZIMMERMAN Thanks.OPERATOR You’re welcome.NEWSOME’S COMMENTS:1) Zimmerman’s statement CLEARLY supports, again, his KNOWLEDGE of beingRECORDED! Furthermore, ACKNOWLEDGING/ALLEGING that he had LOSTsuspect/Trayvon Martin when he may not have. PREMEDITATED – i.e. Thinking aheadthat once he “BRUTALLY Murdered” suspect/Trayvon Martin, he did not wantinformation available on the 911 Tape - so he could not be found!2) Zimmerman agrees to MEET the police by the mailboxes. Then ZimmermanCHANGES his mind because of his OBSESSION/DETERMINATION to “HUNT DOWN” andCONFRONT what he called a Fu“@@ king Coon” and MURDER suspect/Trayvon Martinwhen he asked the Operator to have the police call him so he could tell them where he is
  • 57. at (i.e. rather than meet at a designated location - by the mailboxes)DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING WORLD/INTERNATIONAL INTERESTSin the following document, we are in the process of having the 911 Emergency Call withour personal NOTATIONS to support what we believe to be FIRST-Degree MURDER!We will also provide a TRANSCRIPT with our personal NOTATIONS on the website aswell as HOW the Prosecution WILL DELIBERATELY ignore theFACTS SUPPORTING First-Degree PREMEDITATED Murder (i.e.although they have had it downgraded to Second-Degree) by GeorgeZimmerman in the presentation of this case at trial! instance, in this CRIMINAL Trial, the following FACTS are important toUNDERSTAND HOW Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz and theirJEWISH Counterparts WHO CONTROL/RUN the United States of America’sJUDICIAL SYSTEM will look to PULL THIS OFF:A) UNDERSTANDING that Baker Donelson is LEGAL Counsel for the UnitedStates Department of Justice – i.e. which incorporates the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation (“FBI”) and the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”). TheDepartment of Justice’s LEADER is United States Attorney ERIC HOLDER!When these Agencies became INVOLVED in the George Zimmerman vs. TrayvonMartin matter, President Barack Obama, Baker Donelson and theirCONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS did KNOWINGLY WITHHOLD theCONFLICTS-OF-INTEREST of President Barack Obama and his Legal TeamBaker Donelson from the PUBLIC/WORLD! For instance:i. Yes, Baker Donelson is Legal Counsel for the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation/Central Intelligence Agency and it appears they TELL theUnited States of America President AND Congress WHO TO PLACE inpositions as the DIRECTOR of the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation/Central Intelligence Agency, etc.For instance, it appears AFTER, Newsome’s October 10, 2010Supreme Court of the United States pleading entitled, "EmergencyMotion To Stay; Emergency Motion For Enlargement Of Time andOther Relief The United States Supreme Court Deems Appropriate ToCorrect The Legal Wrongs/Injustices Reported Herein." PresidentBarack Obama and Baker Donelson MOVED SWIFTLY to beginCLEANING up their crimes because the pleading EXPOSES theCRIMINAL/CIVIL violation practices of the TERRORIST
  • 58. REGIME of Baker Donelson. It appears that approximately TWOMONTHS (December 2010) after the Court filing, W. Lee Rawls was“TAKEN-OFF-THE-FIELD” – apparently COLLATERALDAMAGE! Now recent News reports mention Robert Mueller is onthis way out. Robert Zimmerman (JEWISH) is George Zimmerman’s father.Robert Zimmerman is a former VIRGINIA Supreme Court MagistrateJudge and his mother a COURT CLERK. ONE Guess who is LEGALCounsel for the Virginia Supreme Court as well as the GOVERNOR ofVirginia. BAKER DONELSON! Information that isPERTINENT/RELEVANT in that there are those who are trying tofigure out HOW George Zimmerman may have been able to get awayfrom CRIMINAL Charges –DOMESTIC Violence (i.e. requiring a RESTRAININGORDER be issued)RESISTING Officer with VIOLENCE (BATTERY ofLaw ENFORCEMENT Officer)Allegations of SEXUAL Assault on his OWN Cousin(i.e. SEXUAL PERVERT)
  • 59. FRIEND of Police Officers with the Sanford, FloridaPolice Departmentand go on to COMMIT other HIDEOUS crimes he is accused ofcommitting on February 26, 2011.
  • 60. iii. The PUBLIC/WORLD was trying to figure out HOW GeorgeZimmerman was able to get TWO Passports! ONE Guess WHO LegalCounsel is for the United States Department of State – i.e. the Agencythat issues Passports? Baker Donelson! Think about it, if GeorgeZimmerman is innocent, then WHY did he LIE to get a SECONDPassport and WHY were the LAWS VIOLATED in getting him aSECOND Passport with an ACTIVE Passport ALREADY in hispossession! A reasonable mind may conclude he was PLANNING anESCAPE out of the United States of America. NOT only that, GeorgeZimmerman’s Attorney (Mark OMara) appears KNEW of the TWOPassports and was NOT really the ONE to break this News as theMedia may want the PUBLIC/WORLD to believe.
  • 61. Not only that, they are Legal Counsel for the United StatesCITIZENSHIP and IMMIGRATION for those who are trying tofigure out HOW United States of America President Barack Obamamay have been able to get the FORGED/FAKE Certificate of LiveBirth he RELEASED on April 27, 2011. WHY COURT Challenges toLEGALLY CHALLENGE this issue are OBSTRUCTED by theJUDICIAL SYSTEM to COVER-UP/SHIELD the CRIMINAL Actssurrounding placing President Barack Obama in the White House inVIOLATION of the 25thAmendment of the United StatesConstitution. Yes, as Legal Counsel to the JUDICIAL BRANCH, thisis HOW the Executive Branch/White House and LEGISLATIVEBranch/Congress are doing their best to keep the PUBLIC/WORLDfrom learning of the ILLEGALITY of President Barack Obama beingplaced in the White House – i.e. OBSTRUCTING lawsuits so thatLEGAL and LAWFUL Subpoenas for the PROPER records that willEXPOSE the LIES of President Barack Obama, Baker DonelsonBearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, Congress and the SUPREME COURTof the United States.
  • 62. iv. A Judge in this criminal lawsuit was trying to figure out HOW GeorgeZimmerman was able to RAISE so MUCH money in a short period oftime through PayPal and WHO is FINANCING George Zimmerman’slegal defense. ONE Guess, who Legal Counsel is for PayPal? Yes,Baker Donelson! likely FINANCING coming through the SAME methods ofFINANCIAL support used in the PRODUCTION and RELEASE ofthe OFFENSIVE ANTI-Muslim Video RELEASED/PUBLISHED onYouTube in 2012. Reports stating that the ANTI-Muslim Video isFINANCED through JEWISH FUNDING!
  • 63. and Baker Donelson CONNECTIONS to PROMOTE theirRACIST/WHITE SUPREMACIST and JEWISH Agendas forpurposes of keeping UNREST in the MIDDLE EAST alive. UNDERSTANDING the GAME: George Zimmerman DEFENSE vs.PROSECUTORS’ Defense - FACTS to support grounds forMISTRIAL that has been DELIBERATELY WITHHELD aboutBaker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz’ and President BarackObama’s ROLES in the COVER-UP of what appears to be FIRST-Degree Murder. Legal Counsel for the United States Department of Justice –United States Attorneys – Prosecutors’ Office Legal Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Investigation(“FBI”) CONTROL and RUNNING of the Administrative Office ofthe United States Courts – RESPONSIBLE forvi. Here is information we hope will better explain HOW GeorgeZimmerman may have been able to OBTAIN what clearly appears to beALTERED photographs of his INJURIES! ONE Guess WHICH lawenforcement agencies may have been used to FABRICATE GeorgeZimmerman’s INJURIES.
  • 64. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: A GOOD PROSECUTOR’S TeamWOULD bring in EXPERTS to AUTHENTICATE thePHOTOGRAPHS and DOCUMENTS produced/created by theGeorge Zimmerman Defense – i.e. this goes to CREDIBILITY andHOW government RESOURCES may have been used to OBSTRUCTthis criminal trial. Furthermore, looking to see whetherPROFESSIONALS/EXPERTS were used to ACCESScomputers/equipment (i.e. used to produce photographs, - moreoverproduction of NEGATIVES, etc.). These are areas WHERE TrayvonMartin’s Parents’ attorney (Benjamin Crump) needs to be VERYPROACTIVE (i.e. using the MEDIA Platform and OBJECTING tothe CONFLICTS-OF-INTEREST NOT being made KNOWN to thePUBLIC/WORLD) and see that a FAIR TRIAL with UNTAINTEDProsecutors, Experts, Witnesses and JURY is used – i.e. because this isNOT the case with the present George Zimmerman Trial that isunderway.Being PROACTIVE in OBJECTION of the JURY SelectionSCAM (i.e. 99% WHITE FEMALE Jury Selection, etc.) that wasused – i.e. Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz
  • 65. THRIVES on BOASTING about SPECIALIZING in PICKINGJURORS that will RULE in FAVOR of their CLIENTS!Baker Donelson also THRIVES of POSTING as listing of someof the JUDGES/JUSTICES they CONTROL and play aMAJOR/KEY Role in Judges ASSIGNED to cases in which they andtheir CLIENTS (i.e. as LIBERTY MUTUAL, etc. in the GeorgeZimmerman matter) have FINANCIAL, BUSINESS and PERSONALinterests in the outcome of lawsuits.ONE GUESS who may REALLY be behind Judge DebraSteinberg Nelson (JEWISH ?) SEQUESTERING the Jury in theGeorge Zimmerman Trial and WHY? Because George Zimmerman andthe Prosecutors most likely have selected women they PROFILED to puton a GOOD PERFORMANCE before a Baker Donelson Judge andSTACKED Jury!