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LUNA - Vendor Slam


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Vendor Slam presentation by LUNA at the VRA + ARLIS 2nd Joint Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • We’re still here! Been in business for over 15 years. Started with digitization services and then complemented that with software development. Start by talking briefly about DIS services and then go into the main features of our powerful Insight + LUNA software.
  • When added to software like our  Insight + LUNA  software suite, your digitized material also becomes a dynamic part of the web.
  • Build, Manage, Share We provide best available platform for managing and delivering digital media. What does it do? Complete toolset for distributed collection building. Media processing, cataloging, user management.
  • Our toolset goes beyond just searching, zooming, and exporting. We’ve added on layers of functionality that encourage discovery, sharing and creativity. Build presentations, slide shows, media groups. Search by facets, categories, full text. Make content private or public. Let users do whatever they want! SEO, Google Analytics
  • Collections can be private (for dept only), institutions. Again, since the collection tools supports distributed collection building you can build lots of different collections each with their own metadata structure. Selectively shared. Or public. YOU CONTROL. Our example is the luna commons, we encourage you to take a look, public resource. Experience features yourself.
  • In 2008 we launched LUNA which supported audio, video and of course image files. We’ve now added support for a BookReader format. But like how our tool handles images, we do more than just you turn the pages, and search inside a book. You can work with the book as a whole, or break it apart and add individual pages to presentations and slide shows. Better than PDF delivery, no proprietary software or downloads and it’s FAST.
  • Click on a BookReader search result and it will open the book with the book search open to the results within the book. Easily jump to a page with that result
  • Archivision now in LUNA. Purchase the images or subscribe on an annual basis. Talk to Scott for more info.
  • All software tools, support and hosting for one low annual fee.
  • Happy to do demos. Provide DIS quotes. We’ll be at ACRL next week. Sign up for the enews learn about our upcoming new features and releases.
  • LUNA - Vendor Slam

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