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Presentation1 Kol3 Maisonette

  1. 1. LOCATION OF THE PROJECT: Lycabettus Hill in Kolonaki Area The property is fount at a privileged location closed to the outskirts of Lycabettous hill, in Kolonaki area. A perfect location for offices and elegant city apartments within the city of Athens and yet in surroundings reminiscent of the old neighborhoods we grew up in. It sits on a steep sloping site and has a face of 15 m on Demokritou st. The top floors will enjoy the panoramic views of Athens, Acropolis and Lycabettus hill. It will combine natural beauty and casual elegance with modern comforts and will offer unique and attractive solutions to fulfill all needs. Kolonaki is the aristocratic district of Athens, a small city within a city, with its own rules and pace of life. Many prominent Athenians live and work there. With its piazzas and narrow roads, the many famous up-market shops, bars and restaurants, Kolonaki has been, since the 19th century, a famous meeting point for intellectuals and celebrities. It is considered to be the posh area where everybody wants to be. And as a matter of fact, the Kolonaki Area is supposed to be the toughest market of all. Potential buyers are very sophisticated and demanding. Good plots of land are scarce and the building restrictions are stringent. Site Of the Plot and building parameters The Plot area is 309 m2. The proposed building is based on the zone building restrictions and consists of a gross area of 1.550 m2 (Covered and semi covered areas) above ground (balconies not included) and around 1500 m2 below ground. The detailed analysis is shown in table 1 that follows. Price: 23.500.000,00 Euro (the price can be altered after the paying terms, the buying procedures as well as the specifications of the building are discussed and fixed)
  2. 2. Architectural solution: Drawings will be shown upon agreement The complexity of the different purposes that the structure can fulfill makes this building a unique case. The building is designed by one of the most famous architects- town planners that the Greek History had proved, Mr Demetriou from US. The last four floors ie from the 4th to the 8th can be unified to an independent luxury maisonette with spacious verandahs a roof garden with a pergola, a deck and a plunge pool. From the 1st to the 3rd floor offices can be created. The ground floor is considered to be a restaurant, and will also be allocated to the entrance hall and to the entrance to the parking spaces. The basement areas contain the parking and the service areas such as extinguishing tanks for fire, mechanical rooms etc. Masterfully designed by acclaimed architects and interior designers, our luxurious properties boast sophisticated airy apartments and Office spaces with every amenity. A living space where one can escape, dream and restore the body and soul while the vibrant city continues its frenetic rhythm. Simple yet sophisticated, these luxurious buildings and interiors are the landmarks of “Arsinoe Sa”. The prices do not include the following: Air- conditioning system (from 0,5 to 1 million Euros depending on the study and the distinctive usage of each individual area) Security system: only the study & wiring is included. Furniture like bookshelves or tables, desks etc . Soft furnishings like curtains or blinds. Plants, soil and watering system whereas the insulation needed for the planters is already included. Analysis of the Areas on each separate floor and the corresponding prices are shown in table 1.
  3. 3. Materials to be used: Innovative materials used in conjunction with old techniques and know-how are harmoniously blended to give the desired effect. The art of design is about using space, light, color and texture to create a home or office spaces that enhance energy, but more importantly to reflect the owner’s identity. Internally, the light beige or gray marble treated in different textures are planed to be used in a great extend. In combination with precious wooden finishes along with frosted glass accentuated with stainless steel details will create subtle contracts for a natural appearance but yet exquisite finish. Special accessible velvet look stretch ceilings will be used in the areas that will be heavily loaded with air-conditioning fan coils that require often inspection. Externally, to soften the appearance of the hard clean surfaces of the fair-face concrete, timber louvers will be embracing the balconies and will screen out the unwanted view to the opposite buildings. The façade will exude certain gravity whilst its apertures will indicate a duality between interior and exterior. An added single- pitched roof will be rising towards the sky with a generous overhang. It will consist of a sheet-metal of zinc fixed above a sandwich structure specially studied for thermal and acoustic insulation, allowing air to flow between the two layers and thereby improving the thermal performance in the hot climate of Athens.
  4. 4. Safety and Energy Efficiency Features A very important issue for this property will be the energy saving. Extra care will be taken for reducing the future running expenses of the house and/or offices and reduce them to the minimum possible. Smart house-office solutions will be applied such as centrally controlled lighting, heating and cooling, shutters, kitchen electrical appliances, gas control etc. Floor heating will be used, of which the energy consumption will be regulated by sensors that will be placed in every different area measuring the exact needs. Geothermal installation will be associated with the heating and cooling of the house. Clever electrical appliances for kitchen will be easily manipulated remotely, through a telephone call or the internet. Energy saving lamps will be used where possible. The external electrical shutters will be wind and sunlight sensitive and this will help to protect the building from severe conditions. The staircase luminosity will be dropping while following the movement of the people between the different floors. This will help to lower the consumption. The lighting will be centrally controlled and programmed and will be producing special atmospheres for the different occasions. There will be internet network installation throughout each individual property and additional wireless system will be added on external roof gardens. The plumbing network will be totally accessible and every pipe will be controlled by a separate valve that can be isolated in case of emergency without disturbing the rest of the network. All the units will be independently connected to natural gas that can be used for cooking, heating and hot water supply. A special burglar installation and a CCTV system will be studied; fire detection and extinguishing system along with gas detectors will be used. The shell structure will be reinforced according to the new laws and specifications for earthquakes. All walls will be thermally insulated. The construction time is considered to be of 3 years after the building permits are secured by the Government.