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Jonathan Arendt, DX Media – “NME’s Radio Proposition”
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Jonathan Arendt, DX Media – “NME’s Radio Proposition”


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- How NME Radio plan to leverage their brand heritage on to radio. …

- How NME Radio plan to leverage their brand heritage on to radio.

- NME Radio has always seemed like a no brainer, so why launch now? Brands are developing and distribution is changing, to survive in the modern media marketplace a brand must be across all media, and not just a magazine etc… Also includes details on how to tie up a launch with an established form of media.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • 1. The Most Influential New Music Media Brand in The World Consumer Media Brand of the Year PPA Awards 2008 NME Radio The latest development in NME’s multi platform strategy
  • 2. The Most Influential New Music Media Brand in The World 3.4 million votes were cast on for “ the first track” to be played on NME Radio
  • 3. Weekly Brand Audience of 1.1 million
  • 4. NME – defined by talent Talent Brand Distribution Mark Beaumont Tim Chester Priya Krissi Paul Stokes Conor McNicholas Marc Maclaren Jam James Marian Paterson Jamie Fullerton Alex Miller
  • 5. The NME Brand – Never Been Bigger Never been accessed in so many different ways Readership and online Source : NRS (NME) and ABCe/Omniture Unique Users (
  • 6. Strategic Roadmap 2007 2008 2009 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr NME .com (launched 1996 2m unique users ABCe) Profile 25-34 NME TV Sky 221,000 viewers/wk BARB Profile 25-34 NME magazine (launched 1955 circ 64,033/ issue NRS) Profile 15-24 NME Radio Adult weekly reach 295,000 est. Profile 15-34 est. Multi Platform NME Awards NME Awards Summer Events e.g. Reading, V Festival etc Summer Events e.g. Reading, V Festival etc NME Mobile City RSLs Live Events Live Sessions DAB MOBILE
  • 7. Digital platform data 2007/8 Digital weekly reach 31% DAB 27.3% Adults 15+ own a DAB set at home (up 70.6% yr on yr) DTV 80% ( 22 million homes, multi channel take up in 87.6% of homes) Source Ofcom 27/03/08) Mobile 85% own 1+ phones Broadband 79% 13.2m homes have broadband, 90% of all internet users Source: RAJAR, Q4 2007. Ofcom, IAB, National Statistics Industry estimates Continental Research (9.4% of adults 15+ claim to have listened to radio via mobile up 21% yr on yr. For 15-24’s 22.6% claim to have listened via mobile up 13% yr on yr) Source: RAJAR, Q4 2007 . Source: RAJAR, Q1 2008
  • 8. Digital platform projections 2010 DAB 53% DTV 90% Mobile 90% Broadband 85% Source: Ofcom National Statistics DRDB, IAB, Industry estimates
  • 9. Platforms S KY, Virgin Media, Online via NME.COM, Freesat, series of FM RSLs selected mobile handsets and DAB. When Launched 24 th June 2008 Measurement Rajar - first survey results October 2008
    • NME is a respected, world renowned iconic music brand with a level of awareness and heritage that’s second to none
    • NME Radio delivers all that has made the brand so successful but in audio form
    • NME Radio – a thirst for music
    • music intensive and presenter-driven
    • playing the best of new and cutting-edge music
    • balanced with familiar tracks
    • incorporating sub-genres of alternative rock and dance
    • more proactive than other commercial stations
    • targeting an audience with strong appetite for discovery
    • designed for those who discover their music on-line
    • and through file-sharing
  • 10. Talent Chris Martin Edward Adoo Nick Luscombe Claire Sturgess Ben Osbourne Neil Cole Paul Stoakes Alex Miller
  • 11. Programming Schedule Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Time Sat Sun 7-10am Breakfast with Claire Sturgess - getting you ready for the day ahead with the best indie alternatives, past and present 8am-12pm Sarah Kerr with music news, gig guides, festival updates and the best indie alternatives past and present 10am-1pm Neil Cole brings you m usic news, gig guides and festival updates along with the best indie alternatives 12-4pm Neil Cole Iain Baker 1-2pm The request hour with Neil Cole 2-3pm The Afternoon Lounge – Music to digest 4-8pm Claire Sturgess Chris Martin 3-7pm Iain Baker presents you with live sessions, interviews, music news, reviews and discussions, along with the best indie alternatives 8-11pm Electric Nation Edward Adoo presents a journey showcasing dance, electronic and urban beats with the latest club news, listings and guest mixes Flomotion Nick Luscombe delivers modern electronic music, from deep house to dubstep plus guest interviews, club and live music updates 7-11pm 7-10pm (Fri) Chris Martin brings you up to date gig guides, festival updates along with the best indie alternatives past and present Ben Osborne presents Slipped Disco , a wonky look at the dance floor with added wobble. 11pm-7am 10pm-8am (Fri) Thirst For Music - NME Radio brings you the best overnight indie alternatives
  • 12. Promotional Plan In house inventory Monday 9 th June 2 hr pre recorded show Ricky Gervais 2 wks Prior: Stunt Launched: 24 th June Satellite, Cable. Online, ATL Online 1 wk Prior Launch wk NME ATL is targeted to core audience
  • 13. Social Networking, Ticketing and Festivals
  • 14. First Track Voting Page
    • Generated over 3.4 million votes
    • Hit an all time high with 400,000 page impressions in just one day
    • More page impressions than the home page and the photo section of!
  • 15. Commercial Opportunities Bespoke Opportunities Branded Content Live Events Exclusive Content Multi Platform Huge, PR-able Partnerships
  • 16.  
  • 17. Audience Predictions Year Reach Hours (000’s) 1 295,000 1,180 2 396,000 1,758 3 511,000 2,252 4 633,000 2,816 5 755,000 3,429
  • 18. Audience Predictions Source: Rajar Q1 2008, NME estimates Reach 000’s Hours 000’s