Flo rida – whistle analysis


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Flo rida – whistle analysis

  1. 1. Flo Rida – Whistle Analysis By Tom Carlton
  2. 2. The Video• The video itself is both performance and narrative based. There is elements in the video where the artist is performing which is the performance based area. Also there are aspects in which make the video a narrative based video, the story being the artist is relaxing and showing off in the day then goes to a party at night and gets the girl he wants. This is a popular theme in this genre of music.
  3. 3. Characters and Artist• The characters in the video are very appropriate as the meet the connotations of a hip hop/rap music video. There are many attractive females in provocative poses and clothing. The artist (Flo Rida) is shown in the stereotypical hip-hop, powerful, dominant male. He is shown surrounded by the females and having expensive items of clothing and jewellery, this signifies his power and wealth he has.
  4. 4. Location• The location is another element which supports the connotations of this genre. The production is filmed in a very glamorous and desirable location (Acapulco and Acapulco beach.) This again signifies the power, wealth and popularity of the artist, a connotation of this genre.
  5. 5. Camera• In the production, a variety of camera shots are used and many help portray the image of the artist and his life style. The composition of the opening shot is very carefully worked out. The title is centred in the screen, letting the viewer know instantly who the artist is and what the song name is. There is an establishing shot in the background of where they are giving the viewer recognition on where it is set. The extreme close up of the womans face, poised in a whistling expression which resembles the song title. The red lipstick is clearly visible which is a connotation of love, lust, sex and danger, signifying what the artist is associated with.
  6. 6. Lighting• The lighting techniques use in the video to emphasise certain elements. It may appear as natural lighting because of the bright sunshine but in fact there is artificial lighting used, this makes it more high key and makes the image crisper and more defined.
  7. 7. Editing • There is one specific point where I found editing has been used in conjunction to the song lyrics. When the artist (Flo Rida) sings the lyrics “…and we start real slow” the video then turns into slow motion often on the females. Once again putting more emphasis on the women signifying the artists wealth and power.Slow motionsequence
  8. 8. Editing Continued• There are times within the video that the shot is divided into two or three sections, this is showing a couple of things. One being that he is that popular and busy he can’t physically fit everything into one shot. Another is one particular divide where he is directly in the middle of one of the females. This connotes that he is surrounded by these girls. This emphasises his power, and a connotation of this genre.
  9. 9. Props• There are certain props used in the video where props are used its often a close up shot. A prop used in this video is a new expensive phone, which again shows his wealth and power. Making him more appealing because of this factor a connotation of this music genre.