54 search submission links and related resources #growsmartbiz


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54 search submission links and related resources #growsmartbiz

  1. 1. Free Traffic Tips | 54 Search Submission Links and Related Resources #growsmartbizCopyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.comhttp://www.freetraffictip.com/search-submission-related-resources.php54 Search Submission Links and Related Resources#growsmartbizThis is part three of a series I’m doing to fulfill my promise to the attendees of the Grow Smart Business conference whoattended the session I was a panelist on: “ Stories, Content, & the Search Engine Sword Over Your Head .”The following is a list of links I advise beginners to visit once they are thinking of building a site or preparing to submit. - Read Google Webmaster Guidelines ...preferably before you build your site, at least before you submit - Use Google Webmaster Tools (See also their Quick Start Guide ) - Googles Webmaster Central Help section Some important sections - Submitting an XML Site Map News or MobileSite Map, Creating & Submitting a Video , Site Map - Tools for Generating XML Sitemapsfor static & dynamic sites & the general information site for XML Sitemaps - Plugins for Generating XML Sitemaps for Wordpress blogs [also mobile news image videofor WP blogs] , , , - Use Google Analytics ...to measure your search traffic and track whether its converting - Googles Free Conversion University - Google AdWords(Advertise on Google for a fee), Google AdWords for TV AdWords Beginners Guide Googles Seminars , , for Success(fee based), Google AdWords Small Business Center - Videos I created about using the Google info: search parameter to find out what Google Knows about Your Site [ Google Site Information Page Part One Google Site Information Page Part Two | ] - Use Yahoo Site Explorer[ Help page Introduction | ] .... to see what pages people are linking to.  Neat because you can analyze links to a single page or the whole site. - Submit to Google Local via Google Business Center (now known as Google Places - Google Places HelpSection - 30 Day Free Google Tags Advertisingfor Google Places users - Submit to Google Web Search via the regular submit form (I believe this is the slowest, least thorough method, but its better to do this than nothing.) - Submit to Google News Google News Sitemaps Help Google News Help , , - Three Part Series I Wrote on Other Ways to Get Into Google News and Why Youd Want to Do So , [ Part 2| Part 3] - Submit to Google Blog Search - Submit to Bing page 1 / 2
  2. 2. Free Traffic Tips | 54 Search Submission Links and Related Resources #growsmartbizCopyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.comhttp://www.freetraffictip.com/search-submission-related-resources.php (Yahoos search engine results are now pulled from Bingtoo) - Submit to Bing Local (Not available in the Chrome Browser) - Submit to Yahoo Directory - Directory of Googles blogs Googles main blog Googles Webmaster Central Blog , , - Directory of Google Twitter accounts - Yahoos Search Blog - Bings Blog - Bing Webmaster Toolbox(submit XML Sitemaps here) - Google Insights for Search - Google Trends Google Trends for Websites , - Report Spam to Google - File a DCMA Notice if someone reprints your content on the web w/o permission Google| Bing page 2 / 2