A Simple Digital Marketing Plan


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You can take a blog, an email list, a few social sites and a bit of content marketing and make a simple digital marketing plan that is designed to bring you leads and sales from people who WANT to buy from you.

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A Simple Digital Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Checkpoints for Simple Digital Marketing Part of the "Creating a Simple Digital Marketing Plan" course at FreeTrafficTip.com By Tinu Abayomi-Paul
  2. 2. Generate new targeted leads, bring them to your site, convert them to subscribers, follow up until there's a sale. Secondary goal: create content for humans that will also rank well, bringing us pre-targeted prospects from several sources including search. What are Our Goals?
  3. 3. What Does Success Look Like? Measurable increase in email leads Uptick in traffic Leads keep flowing even if one social channel ceases to deliver
  4. 4. 4 Our Digital Marketing Phases Phase 4 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Planning & Preparation Conversation & Curation Content & Conversion Statistics & Sequels
  5. 5. 8/9/2011 5 • Listen to your desired community • Find out what they need that's related to what your company does • Figure out how you can help through content • Build a content path- from interest to intent • Set up your pre-sales content • Set up your blog to deliver that content and channel traffic to the newsletter / email updates • Begin building the alliances you'll need a month from now to share your message. Phase One: Plan & Prep
  6. 6. 6 • A home base you own & control • A way to collect email leads • Landing pages - especially if you have multiple offers • A basic understanding of your search strategy • A way to track & measure relevant details : sales, page views, conversion • A content map for the entire customer experience • A block of Time to setup & customize your system • At least 20 minutes a day to execute- you can go faster if you like. Planning & Prep: What you need
  7. 7. 8/9/2011 7 • Now that you've listened, start to speak • Head to where your crowd gathers and have conversations built on common ground • Contribute from your expertise, curate related items • Find the balance between talking about your customer interests vs your company interests • Discover the apex of that content deficit & create into that space Phase Two: Conversation & Curation
  8. 8. 8/9/2011 Who loves people who only talk about themselves? No one. Besides the person. And themselves. People rarely buy the first time they hear about you. Give them a reason to return so you can keep trying. Email signups are KEY to follow up on a budget. 8 Why?
  9. 9. 8/9/2011 9 You can start from zero. Create the content, then ask past customers, clients and allies one on one to help or sign up. Drive traffic to landing page Ask: what questions would each buying persona need to have answered before they buy? What do people who need my product or service also need help with? Relate any freebies or tips to your product. Your email list
  10. 10. 8/9/2011 10 1. You know what your folks like by now. Go make it. 2. Give them an irresistible reason to be reminded to return via email 3. Make it super easy to get to sales pages 4. Test, tweak, repeat Phase Three: Content & Conversion
  11. 11. 11 A Simple Marketing Ecosystem
  12. 12. 8/9/2011 Know one major keyword family. Shape and name your content accordingly when you can. Anchor text links from shares and embeds count Sometimes sites like YouTube can attain a ranking you can't yet 12 Basic Search Research Tips Free tools SEObook's keyword tool Wordtracker free keywords Premium tools Wordtracker Hit tail Nichebot Open Site Expolorer Ahrefs Moz
  13. 13. Content Great content marketed well builds trust based on knowledge & value exchange. Content is tied to both email & sales pages Email A good email update reminds people why they love you and what you have to offer. We set it up to lead back into content for more trust-building or directly to a sale. Transactions You might have a sales page on your site or a link to your book on Amazon. Either way, this is where the money happens. A smooth process can mean referrals or repeat business. Alternate view of Our "Ecosystem"
  14. 14. 8/9/2011 14 1. You gonna follow this up with Godfather II or III? 2. Pore over stats at least monthly. Daily isn't enough data. 3. What succeeded? What failed? ASK. Even if you trust the numbers, ask. 4. Get some partners and kick it up a notch. Phase Four: Stats & Sequels
  15. 15. You did it! Maybe not yet. But you will. This slide is actually here for no other reason besides the fact that it feels happy to me. I thought it might make you smile too.
  16. 16. 16 Okay, Seriously. I'd love to share the rest of this course with you. If you hurry you can join us live. If you miss us you can sign up for the self-paced version. http://www.freetraffictip.com/traffictest