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Threep presentation restaurants


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Threep presentation restaurants

  1. 1. Rewarding friends for shared experiences
  2. 2. What is Threep?Threep is a mobile application that rewards users for having theshared experience of visiting your restaurant.Promotions are based on 3 or more people demonstrating they aretogether at the same place and/or time (known as “Threeping”).The reward can be any digital content (coupon, mp3, video, etc.) butis often a retail discount.A tiered rewards program allows users to unlock better rewards anddiscounts the more they Threep.
  3. 3. Threep Provides• A solid monetization plan from day 1• Brand advertising in a way that users welcome instead of just tolerate• A meaningful response to the accusation that technology is increasing loneliness and isolation
  4. 4. Threep ProcessUsers “Threep” a promotion by visiting aparticipating restaurant in a group of 3 ormore and hitting the Threep button ontheir mobile devices at the same time.A “snapshot” is taken of the users’ time,location, and selected promotion, which iscompared to the Threeps of others on theuser’s Threep contact list to look for twoor more matches.If the matches are found, a successmessage is sent to the user’s mobile. A QRcode (or link to online content) issimultaneously generated and delivered tothe user which is used to collect on thepromotion.Promotional codes are verified by eachretailer using a specialized Retailer Appinstalled on each retailer’s mobile device(smartphone or tablet).
  5. 5. Retailer AppThe Retailer App verifies the QR codes thatusers present to redeem a Threeppromotion. It runs on any smart device (iOSor Android) and is utilized at the POSterminal.The employee scans the user’s QR codeusing the camera on the smart device. TheQR code is then displayed as verified (orrejected if no longer valid). Once a QR codeis verified, it is marked as such in ourdatabase and cannot be redeemed again.Retailer is billed by Threep for number ofredeemed (verified) QR codes. For MassThreeps where QR codes are not utilized,Retailers are billed by number of users whoThreep within the prescribed time window.
  6. 6. 3 Types of Threeps: Retail, Mass, Personal Retail Mass PersonalDescription: 3 or more friends Threep a Unconnected users Threep a Virtual “scavenger hunts” promotion at a common location promotion at a common time created by users to receive a and/or location to receive a discount/upgrade/reward discount/upgrade/rewardThreeped by: 3 or more friends linked in a Any Threep user who is at the right Friends on creator’s contact common contact list chain: place at the right time listIdeal setting: Restaurants, cafés, any retail store Concerts, events, Television Anywhere where people shop in groups broadcastsLimited by: Group criteria: 3 or more people Time criteria: Time window User created criteria can be Time criteria: Threep within 10 established by promotion (i.e. “in the group and/or time and/or seconds of one another next 10 minutes…”) -and/or- location based Location criteria: same location Location criteria: same location or nation-wide (depending on promo)Monetization Retailer pays $0.15 per redeemed Retailer pays $0.15 per redeemed Targeted advertisingplan: Threep (minimum; negotiable Threep (minimum; negotiable delivered to mobile based on product) based on product) handsetBenefit to Retail discount/upgrade, Discount/upgrade/reward, Digital reward uploaded byuser: Unlock new promotions Unlock new promotions creator. Also: fun!Benefit to Increased traffic at location Increased traffic at location N/Aretailer: Increased customer loyalty (if applicable) User data provided (demographic, User data provided (demographic, past Threeps) past Threeps)
  7. 7. Mass Threep - Sample A TV series offers a Threep promotion for their next episode. Viewers are instructed to watch for the Threep window during the episode. When the Threep logo appears, viewers Threep the promotion on their mobile device and are rewarded with bloopers or behind-the-scenes footage from the episode.
  8. 8. Leveling & Rewards SystemUsers gain Experience Levelsand earn virtual trophies for Certain levels grant “keys”using Threep which can be used to unlock Virtual trophies awarded for new features various accomplishments orEach level has certainrequirements which competitions Example feature: Randomencourage users to fully free reward granted (i.e. Free Example trophy: Mostexplore all the features of coffee) when Threeping (1 in Threeps (nationwide) in 1Threep, and promote higher 15 chance) week.shared usage
  9. 9. Business ModelRetail Threep fee Minimum $0.15 per redeemed Threep (negotiable with Retailer). Collected for both Retail and Mass Threep promotions.Branded Theme fee Minimum $0.15 per redeemed Threep (negotiable with Brand). Collected for both Retail and Mass Threep promotions Threeped while user has Branded Theme installed.Ad income (personal Threeps) Ads delivered to users while participating in Personal Threeps. In-App Purchases Keys can be purchased ($0.99 each) to access locked features in Threep’s leveling system
  10. 10. Market SizeLimited to:1. Smart device users – growing market – texting option to be added2. People who are: Approx. $400 billion USD in retail/food sales  Retail shoppers per month for 2011/2012 (in USA alone)  Restaurant patrons Source: United States Department of Commerce (  TV/Movie viewers TV viewership (USA): 28 hours/person/week3. People who know Movie viewership (USA): at least 2 others 1.3 billion tickets sold who share the per year qualities above
  11. 11. Retailer Benefits1. Increased traffic Customers who would typically visit as a single or couple are incentivized to invite at least 1 other person to join them.2. Customer loyalty As long as customers visit in a group, they can Threep the same promotion over and over. This encourages repeat visits and loyalty to your business.3. Personal data Retailer is provided with personal data (age, gender, other promotions Threeped) for each user who redeems a promotion through Retailer Dashboard.4. Minimal cost Threep fee ($0.15) designed to allow ? reasonable profit for each redeemed promotion even after discount.
  12. 12. Key: Advantage Competition Disadvantage Feature Varies based on retailer. MostProprietary hardware for often a code is shown at POS. Smartphone No (location based check-in) NoMerchant? Also scanners installed to track walk-ins.Provide discount at POS Yes Yes (verification?) No - Prepaid web purchase YesUser Initiated Checkin Yes - Threeping Yes - Check in through app N/A NoPassive Checkin No No N/A YesCollect/Share Personal Info with Gender, Age, Other redeemed No - only collected for future Gender only Unknownbusinesses promos Groupon promos Varies based on retailer. SomePrivate info shared w/businesses No No No require mobile number to be(email, phone, etc.) shared.Retail Client support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - Advertising directly, sales Yes - Advertising directly, sales Potentially (by scanning certainBrand Client support No indirectly indirectly items in-store)Event support Yes Yes Yes (potentially) NoTV promo support Yes No No No Low - medium - Earning kicks by High - Check in from outsidePotential to "Game the system" Low Low walking near stores but not venue entering them Limited - Track redeemedMerchant login/dashboard Yes (planned) Yes Unknown coupons and money spentEncourages repeat business Yes Yes No YesIncentive to introduce friends to Medium - earn kicks for High Medium - limited group promos Lowbusiness introductions (implied)Incentive to introduce friends to Medium - required to find friends Medium - earn kicks for High Noapp on map introductions (implied)Promo available with every visit? Yes (with group of 3 or more) No No (one time offers) Potentially, but limits are set Poor - businesses often lose $0.15 per ThreepMonetization method None presently (but planned) money running promotions. Unknown success based payment Groupon also operating at a loss.Gamification Factor High Medium - High Low High Currently bestMisc Location focused, stalking factor Value since IPO dropped competitor to Threep
  13. 13. Marketing Plan1. Partner retailers Signage in all locations offering retail promotions2. Online campaign• Viral video in development• Board connections to M&C Saatchi and SEO organizations• Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)3. User marketing Users incentivized to introduce app to friends through rewards program4. Public Interest Articles Articles relating to use of technology in building and maintaining healthy social connections
  14. 14. Current Status1. iOS Prototype• Ready for market testing• In iOS App Store (“Threep Lite”)2. Android Prototype• 75% complete3. Backend Database• Retail and Mass Threep functionality in place• Retailer dashboard in beta phase of development4. Retail Partners Currently in preliminary discussions with top food industry groups and retail chains5. Funding• $80,000 from founder for prototype development• Seeking $2 mill for Series A funding
  15. 15. Management Team• Darren Conley (founder) – CEO & President – Innovative entrepreneur from the tech generation – First entry into mobile tech business space• Hesham Salah – Senior Vice President & Director, Operations – Extensive career blending strategic planning, international business development and marketing (iBDM), project management, and market research – Current CEO of Group IEG in Dubai• Ash Narain – Director, Investment – Read law at the Symbiosis Law School, Pune - a leading Indian law school – Has formidable networks and relationships with bankers, investment bankers, and private equity professionals across North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East through Directorship of Jeopardy Christ Mediations• Rowan Schaaf – Director, Marketing – Director of Technology & Innovation at Hypermedia Group, NZ – Former Executive Director of Digital at Ogilvy, NZ – Former Managing Director at Terabyte Interactive Ltd, NZ• Dr. Shane Reti – Director, Innovation – COO for the Division of Clinical Informatics (DCI), an affiliate of Harvard Medical School in Boston – GP and Dermatologist, with degrees and diplomas in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Philosophy (Ethics), Accounting, and Management & Operations• Pete Maher – Chief Financial Officer – Harvard MBA; Former CFO of Magico LLC, International Consolidated Minerals, and Hilo Hattie – Marketing & Licensing Manager at Walt Disney (Asia); Senior Auditor for Levi Strauss & Virage Logic• Steven Johnson– Food Industry Expert – Restaurant, Grocery & C-store “Fresh Food Marketing & Positioning expert” with Foodservice Solutions® – Currently spearheading our efforts to develop retail partners in the restaurant industry in the USA.
  16. 16. Three people, one button, endless possibilities Contact: Steve Johnson: (253) 759-7869 Darren Conley (CEO Tiriam, Inc.): ©2013 Tiriam, Inc.