Heroic Nights Events


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This is an outline for our events and community involvment. These events are a great way to partner with us.

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Heroic Nights Events

  1. 1. “Heroic Nights”<br />Socialite & Community Events<br />
  2. 2. Company Overview<br />SuperHeroCars.com is a listing service for used cars and car customization services and products . <br />With the e-consumer ever evolving this provides the ideal platform for the modern day online-shopping. From weekly publications, monthly newsletters and blogging; we reach a niche market who embrace car customization as a lifestyle. <br />With the emergence of social media as a viable means of reaching various markets; this opens up a stream of low cost and effective partnerships. <br />The wave of the future is Digital Media, reaching the auto market through these means will reinvent the way we market to consumers. <br />
  3. 3. The Marketing Problem? <br />In today&apos;s marketing climate; there exist a need for more ways to reach potential consumers on a grassroots level. Advertisers are faced with a huge task of drawing in consumers with an effective message. <br />With the markets volatility many are seeking an efficient grassroots marketing platform; which adds value when reaching your niche market with your message. <br />Consumer needs are shifting and spending habits are being changed throughout the auto industry. The need exists for a grassroots level to reach that niche market of 18-34 year old consumers within this industry. <br />
  4. 4. The Innovative Solution…. <br />SuperHeroCars.com tackles this marketing challenge with our events and online marketing strategies. <br />This mix creates two portals of self expression to the consumers and opens the landscape of branding opportunity on the B2B level. <br />With sponsorship of SuperHeroCars.com social media you can reach your niche audience on a grassroots level. With our “Heroic Nights” you can reach socialites in both New York City & Washington, DC. <br /> “Heroic Nights” will be the official launch party for SuperHeroCars.com. You can not only own the event but have access to our monthly unique website visitors.<br />Visitor Profile: <br /><ul><li>- 65% of total visitors are male.
  5. 5. - 56% of total visitors are in the Northeastern region.
  6. 6. - 48% of visitors are between the ages of 18-45.
  7. 7. - 78% of total visitors own a vehicle or plans to own one within a year.</li></li></ul><li> Online Benefits <br />As a sponsor of SuperHeroCars.com “Heroic Nights” Launch Event you can have your ads on our website. <br />This includes Banner ads, Tile ads and Text Ads. <br />Sponsor Banner Ads <br />Sponsor Banner Ads <br />Sponsor Tile Ads <br />Sponsor Banner Ads<br />Sponsor Tile Ads <br />
  8. 8. Promotional Branding <br />Heroic Nights. <br /> Presented By..<br />YOUR MESSAGE & BRAND IMAGE. <br />Heroic Nights offer a variety of branding & signage options such as: <br />1. Signage on Wrapped vehicle <br />2. Signage on Step & Repeat. <br />3. Branding on event merchandise <br />4. Signage at DJ booth and event canvas. <br />YOUR MESSAGE & BRAND IMAGE. <br />YOUR MESSAGE & BRAND IMAGE. <br />
  9. 9. “Diamond Hero” Sponsor Benefits <br /> Full Event & Online Exclusivity:<br /><ul><li> Exclusive logo signage on main step and repeat. (10 impressions)
  10. 10. Branding on merchandise. (300 t-shirts)
  11. 11. Sponsor banner ads on company website 30 days prior to event.
  12. 12. Sponsor branding on Email blasts. (over 1MM)
  13. 13. Product feature on website blog including link to sponsor homepage.
  14. 14. Signage on flyers and tickets for event. (500K flyers printed)
  15. 15. Feature mention in all radio promotions before event.
  16. 16. Press Release feature story and distribution.
  17. 17. Product give away to all VIP and exclusive guest for event.
  18. 18. Exclusive Signage on custom paint vehicle. (Own side of vehicle)
  19. 19. Feature story in Hero Nation our company newsletter. (250k printed: Email Blast)
  20. 20. Exclusive Signage at DJ booth and outside of each venue.
  21. 21. Exclusive mentions on all Pod-Cast throughout entire year. </li></li></ul><li>“Platinum Hero” Sponsor Benefits <br />Event & Online Sponsorship: <br /><ul><li> Platinum Hero Sponsor signage on main canvas. (5 impressions)
  22. 22. Branding on merchandise. (150 t-shirts)
  23. 23. Sponsor ads on company website 30 days prior to event.
  24. 24. Sponsor branding Email blasts. (over 500k sent)
  25. 25. Mention on flyers for event. (500K flyers printed)
  26. 26. Exclusive product giveaways to all VIP.
  27. 27. Signage on custom paint vehicle. (Own the rear bumper)
  28. 28. Two placement ads in Hero Nation our company newsletter. (500k printed)
  29. 29. Mention on Pod- Cast feed about sponsor products or services.
  30. 30. Online text ads on our blog 1 month prior to event. </li></ul>YOUR MESSAGE <br />& BRAND IMAGE. <br />
  31. 31. “Golden Hero” Sponsor Benefits <br />Gold- Hero Sponsor Benefits: (full exclusivity) <br />- Product giveaway at event to VIP and tastemakers. (5 impressions) <br /><ul><li>Branding on merchandise. (150 t-shirts)
  32. 32. Sponsor ads on company website 30 days prior to event. (select pages)
  33. 33. Email blasts. (over 500k sent)
  34. 34. Mention on flyers for event. (500K flyers printed)
  35. 35. Signage on custom paint vehicle. (own the rear bumper)
  36. 36. One Placement ad in Company newsletter. ( 500k printed)
  37. 37. Mention in press release and on live video feeds. </li></ul>YOUR MESSAGE <br />& BRAND IMAGE. <br />
  38. 38. “Heroic Nights” Run-Down <br />Event Logistics: <br />1) The SuperHeroCars.com Launch party will take place in two places at the same time. <br />2) All guests (including celeb guest) have photo-op on step and repeat. <br />3) One event will be held in NYC @ a proposed venue TBD. <br />3) Other Event will he held in Washington D.C @ Club Zanzibar. <br />4) Each event will start and finish at the same time & include branded projections screen. <br />5) Each will have a live feed; from the other location. <br />6) Each event will have a top pop DJ and socialites in attendance.<br />7) Camera crew presence at both events for patron reactions. <br />8) Each event will follow the exact same event online. <br />9) Each event will also have CinematicNights.com film crew; to film the live action. <br />
  39. 39. Cooperate Partnerships <br />Cinematic Life’s philosophy is that Life is Cinematic, so we strive our hardest to build on our branding by taking on partnerships with event promoters in order to directly reach the night life consumers in our targeted demographic. <br />CinematicNights.com enhances events by the use of Cinematic Marketing through a series of commercials, short films, photography and logistics for your event. The nightlife social network launches in Spring of 2009. <br />
  40. 40. Become A Heroic Sponsor <br />Package Deals: <br />Diamond Hero Package- $200K<br />Platinum Hero Package- $100K <br />Golden Hero Package- $75K<br />SuperHeroCars.com also welcomes your interest in working with us; we can also combine an la carte package which meets your marketing needs.<br />For more information on “Heroic Nights” or working with SuperHeroCars.com please contact. <br />Lennox Browne- themachine@superherocars.com<br />Verrion Wright- verrionw@gmail.com<br />