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Film Magazine Covers

  1. 1. Film Magazines Ancillary Product
  2. 2. Conventions and Codes of a Magazine.Masthead. The position of the masthead is usually the top-left corner and should bethe largest text on the page. The style of the masthead should reflect the audience, agood example would be ‘Little White Lies’ have a very arty unusual style mastheadwhich is relevant to its content and audience.Image. The image on the front cover of a magazine should again reflect the audienceand style of the magazine, the type of shot used it often a mid-shot and the mise-en-scene should show connotations of the type of magazine and the article the image isrelated to.Fonts. There would usually be a mixture of fonts on a front cover, all depending on thestory, however they are usually kept to a minimum of 3 different fonts. They can very insize, colour, bold/italic, capitalised, etc.Buzz Words. Words that entice the audience into the magazine and stories which areinvolved. Some examples of these would be, Free, Exclusive, Only.Banner. These are often used on the front page of a magazine to show informationabout the content in the magazine.Anchorage Text. Text which overlaps the main image which overlaps the main image toexplain what the story is about an example would be a quote.
  3. 3. Empire.Empire is a British film magazine, and is published by BauerConsumer Media, monthly.Their circulation in 2009 was 194,016. The first issue was July1989.The magazine is entirely specific to film.The readership profile is said to be “ 76% male, affluent ABC1movie fans, smart, sophisticated, opinion leading consumerswho are totally tech savvy and always ahead of the curve” -BAUERMEDIA
  4. 4. The image on this front cover The masthead of Empireshows some connotations of magazine is conventionallyhorror, this would be due to placed at the top and is thethe low key lighting around largest text on the cover.the character as it emphasises The banner links with thethe eyes drawing in the footer, both explaining extraattention of the reader. The parts of the magazine. Thedark colours also have a red white text on the banner andtinge to them suggest heat or footer both stand out and thefire, also red has the images are there reinforcingconnotations of blood which the associated with a horror.Using a close up of the facepulls the audience in The text on this cover iswondering who he is, also the placed mostly on the leftfact that he is staring right out hand side, following theat the audience creates and convention of ‘left handinstant connection. third’. The text includes buzz words such as ‘World Exclusive’, the text also varies in colour to keep it all eye catching. The colours The anchorage text is a used for the text are convention of a magazine, conventional to horror as the as it overlaps the image, red text suggests Here it is being used to connotations of blood. Also show the main feature as by having parts of the texts it is the largest writing in bold it makes them stand letting the reader know out more, therefore that it is about ‘Hannibal’ attracting the audience.
  5. 5. Sight and Sound.Sight and Sound magazine is a British film magazine which ispublished monthly by the British Film Institute.The first publication was in 1932, and was handed over to the BFIin 1934.It writes reviews and shows film releases each month, includingthe art house films and blockbusters. They also include a full castand crew list with the reviews.
  6. 6. The masthead of this magazine is in the The image is the main part of conventional place of the the magazine. The direct top left hand corner. It is mode of a address from the also part of a banner image, made by the pointing which then continue son of the finger and the one eye the right side. The looking out, instantly connects essential information the audience with the needed on a cover is magazine. The skull in the shown clearly (issue background is a typical horror number, price, barcode, symbol, by being on his etc) shoulder and in the background could suggest a demon.The text is placedconventionally on theleft side. The textincludes buzz words,such as ‘Plus’. The text is The anchorage text isalso varied keeping it eye really effective because ofcatching. They colour of the see-through redthe font is conventional background looking liketo horror because of the blood which fades intored writing having the background. Theconnotations of blood. white text stands out against the red and darker backgrounds, theThe blood splat also typography is clear andconnotations of horror easy to read.because blood isconventional to a horror.
  7. 7. Little White Lies.Little White Lies is a British, monthly, independent movie magazine.The magazine features writing, reviews, illustration and photographywhich all relates to cinema.Each issue is themed around the front cover film, each cover isdifferent, however the template always stays the same.It is distributed to over 500 outlets in the UK.
  8. 8. This magazine front coverThe title of this issue is simple yet effectivesubverts the convention because it portrays theof anchorage text as it is genre of horror withoutat the side on the image. too many words. TheThe typography in white image is what makes thisstands out, along with effective.the writing looking likeblood, showingconventions of a horror. The blood dripping down the face on the image has The essential magazine connotations of the horror information is inside the genre, the blood is also circle at the top of the coming from her eyes which cover. The masthead is looks like tears which can included in this however show fear. The pale face can it subverts the also show vulnerability and conventions as it isnt the fear. The face is actually the largest text on the cover. main aspect of this cover, The tagline under the because it is bright and name also explains stands out against the black briefly about the hair and background. There magazine. The barcode is is a direct mode of address also on the front cover, in as the character is looking this area as it is into the camera, attracting conventional to have the the audience into the barcode on the front. magazine.