Sheeja cherian bsn 449 assignment 8


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My professional development plan:

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Sheeja cherian bsn 449 assignment 8

  1. 1. Running head: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 1 Professional Development Plan: Maintaining Nursing Ability Sheeja Cherian American Sentinel University
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2 Professional Development Plan: Maintaining Nursing Ability Three years from now, I plan on still working within the Parkland Health and Hospital System of Dallas, Texas, but by 2015 I will likely be working in a newly constructed hospital for Dallas County. Ultimately, I wish to remain a charge nurse at the hospital that I am currently working in and have the same position within the newly constructed hospital. I also plan on joining the Texas Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association in order to gain access to updated nursing information and peer-reviewed articles. While I have no plans to continue updating my certification within three years, I do plan on continuing to study nursing developments and trends so I can keep my knowledge at a modern level. Not only would joining nursing organizations help me gain more free information, but it would also provide me with discounts for books and other sources of information. Over the course of these three years, I would like to remain stable as a professional while updating my skills, so that I am capable of being the best professional I can be. During my professional life, I would like to be able to ensure that patients get the best quality care possible, which would require a good amount of skill working with other professionals and having updated knowledge of the profession. Spending the past two years getting my BSN helped to satisfy this desire, as such an experience allowed me to gain more knowledge of nursing strategies, better understand modern nursing practices, and gain perspective on different nursing positions. However, in order to maintain an adequate level of knowledge, it is necessary to continue studying the nursing profession to maintain competency. That is why during these three years, if I wish to keep my nursing ability at its peak, I will have to find the means to constantly study this new information. The best way to accomplish this
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 3 would be by joining nursing organizations, as this will give me the chance to access modern nursing literature while also allowing for access to other benefits as well. Overall, the impact I would like to have as a professional would be maintaining efficiency in the workplace, so that patients of Parkland Hospital can receive the best possible care. Although my career goal is to maintain my current position, this would still require a constant investment of education. It is well-known that “all nurses have a professional responsibility to keep their clinical knowledge up to date”, as the profession is constantly changing (Effective Nurse Managers Ensure That Staff Have the Opportunity to Share Skills). Joining both the Texas Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association should greatly help with this responsibility, as both make a large amount of information available to members while also offering other benefits. If I ever decide to change my career plans during these three years, my membership with the American Nurses Association would help me with its career center for finding new positions and ANCC certification discounts. Being a member of the Texas Nurses Association would also give me a chance to affect the nursing profession for the state that I live in, since the TNA has the power to advocate for legislative changes in favor of nursing. Since “Professional associations can help [one to] learn subtle values and priorities not easily communicated in the classroom”, it would also be a unique learning method for me to join and interact with these organizations (Guerrieri, 2010). By joining the ANA and TNA, I can ensure that I have all of the educational resources and opportunities available to maintain my professional ability. Within these upcoming three years, the only change I expect to happen during my professional life is moving to a new hospital by 2015. Since it is necessary for nurses to
  4. 4. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 4 constantly maintain their skills, I will join the ANA and TNA to gain access to educational resources while also making other opportunities available. These actions will allow me to maintain my current position to my best ability and keep me informed of modern nursing trends and practices. Additionally, they will make it easier for me to continue advancing my certification and seek new positions, so it would be possible for me to set new goals after these three years.
  5. 5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 5 References (2009). Effective nurse managers ensure that staff have the opportunity to share skills. Nursing Times. Retrieved from that-staff-have-the-opportunity-to-share-skills/1964802.article Guerrieri, R. (2010). Learn, grow, and bloom by joining a professional association. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Retrieved from,_grow,_and_bloom_by_joini ng_a_professional.14.aspx