Intellectual property
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Intellectual property



Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property



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Intellectual property Intellectual property Presentation Transcript

  • 4.1- Intellectual Property is generally characterized as non-physical property that is the product of original thought.
  • References
    • (
  • The following are considered to be intellectual property.
    • musical, literary and artistic works
    • discoveries and inventions
    • words , phrases , symbols, and designs
    • Yes, WORDS are considered to be intellectual property. And if you use those words without giving the author credit, then you are PLAGIARIZING.
  • However, some things are considered to be common knowledge .
    • COMMON KNOWLEDGE -is simply things that are commonly known; things that can be found in a general reference source (like an encyclopedia)
    • Examples of common knowledge include:
    • folklore, common sense observations, myths, urban legends, and historical events
  • It is most likely considered common knowledge if:
    • you can find the same information undocumented in at least five credible sources
    • you can find the information from a general reference source (such as an encyclopedia)
  • Examples of common knowledge vs. intellectual property The first example is common knowledge ; this information can be found undocumented in at least five different credible sources. This information can also found in general reference sources.   The second example would be considered intellect property . This information cannot be found undocumented in at least five credible sources. This information cannot be found in general reference sources Note: this quote was taken from the following source: ) Common Knowledge Intellectual Property 1. John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.     2. President John F Kennedy’s secret interviews with his wife claim he warned his assassination would safeguard his legacy around a year before his death.
  • Now, it’s time to practice!!
    • State whether the following is an example of intellectual property or common knowledge .
    • There are many types of applications that customers can download for their iPods.
    • A study done by Kevin Brown showed that students who used iPods for educational research received better grades.
    • Raleigh is the Capital of North Carolina.
    • Find an example of intellectual property, and post it to the class discussion board.
    • Also, post an example of common knowledge to the discussion board.
  • Answers
    • common knowledge
    • intellectual property
    • common knowledge
    • Answer will vary.
    • If you missed any these, please go back and review section 4.1.