Resume and career services can help you


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Building a successful career takes not just days, months, or years. You build your career over your own lifetime. It is just not enough that you set your mind into getting employed and making your employer happy.

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Resume and career services can help you

  1. 1. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 1Cosmic Coaching CentreCorporate & Individual Career Solutions for Mid-Level Professionals & Executives
  2. 2. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2Building a successfulcareer takes not justdays, months, oryears. You buildyour career overyour own lifetime. Itis just not enoughthat you set your mind into getting employed andmaking your employer happy. In an era where theemployment market is full of people who are capableof getting several jobs in their careers, it is veryimportant that we know how to evaluate ourselvesjust to see to it that we are on the right path towardsachieving all our goals.It doesn’t matter if you are still employed now, orthat you are looking for a new job; here are somevery important questions you need to ask yourself,and whose answers will help you assess yourself andknow if you are still on the right career track.1. Is job hunting something you are ready to doanytime?Do you already have an up-to-date resume that youmay use or modify to fit any particular job you couldpossibly apply for? Take note that having a resumetemplate is different from having a resume that youcan customize anytime. Professionals offeringresume and career services would alwaysemphasize the importance of using a resume that ismade specifically for a job. This is one good way ofletting the hiring manager that you are the best fit totheir company.2. Have you built and maintained a solidprofessional network?Every worker needs to build good relationships withall the relevant people in their industry. In addition,your network should cover professionals within yourown locale, in your country, and even globally. Thisexplains why attending a huge industry event orconference at least once every year is advisable.3. Do you keep yourself educated enough aboutyour profession or industry?You need to continuously learn to make sure you stayahead of the pack. You can do this by constantlyreading publications and other books relevant toyour career and industry. It is recommended alsothat you look for many other opportunities toadvance your education.4. Is your career strategy long term or short term?With the pace at which technology continues tomodernize these days, it is not at all surprising to seehow industries change and evolve as well. Thus, yourcareer pathways should be built around theprinciple of staying in the industry for as long aspossible.Finding a new job andgetting more andbetter jobopportunities issomething that manyof us are habituallythinking of. In fact,many are even considering completely changing their
  3. 3. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3careers. This is not strange at all, but it isn’t as simpleas you think it is either. There are so many things thatneed to be taken into account to make sure that eachtime you change jobs, it will be for the betterment oradvancement of your career.If you are more than determined to try out a differentjob, one of the first things to do is refresh your oldresume. This is important because the playing field ischanging very fast, and employers are continuouslychanging as well in terms of their standards in hiringa job applicant.How to Restore Your Old Resume• Identify what your resume is focused on. Beforeyou do anything to modify and enhance your oldresume, you should know first what your jobtarget is. This is what even a professional resumewriter would do. Unless your resume clearlyshows what direction your career is heading, itwon’t do well in marketing your skills. If youhaven’t figured out what your job focus is, youmay as well make a comprehensive assessment ofyour skills or consult a career coach.• Be highly knowledgeable about your target job.Ask anyone in the industry, or do your researchonline to gather enough information so you canknow what qualifications are being sought byemployers in this industry. If you are a careerchanger, you may even have to take somecontinuing education classes just to make sureyou have the appropriate skills for the job.• Come up with your career objective. As you startpreparing to write your resume, pay attention tothe objective that will tell the hiring managerwhat it is exactly you are looking for. This sectionshould also be used to detail the skills you havethat the company can benefit from.• Choose a more modern design for your resume. Ifit’s been years since you last used your resume,chances are its design is obsolete already. Takeadvantage of the word processing features on thecomputer, or you may also try using some of thebest resume templates online. Take note that atpresent, companies are putting a lot ofimportance in the way an effective resume isconstructed.Let’s face it. Anemployer faces piles ofresume each day andwon’t pay attention toyour resume unless itcatches his attention.But how are we to getthe attention of apotential employer?Easy. Refrain from making the all-purpose standardresume because it will keep you unnoticed. Genericresumes could bring out the boredom in yourpotential employer.Resume targeting is about producing resumes thathave gradually replaced the common resumes thatyou see on the market. Such types of resumes aredesigned to suit you and the particular employmentobjective in searching a career or a job. Usingtargeted resumes isn’t just common sense; it’s alsosignificant and critical. Aside from the fact that itpersuades the potential employer that you will be anasset in the company by just going through yourresume, it will also persuade him to choose you asone of those he will invite for an interview. It alsomakes the potential employer see the relevance ofyour qualification to particular requirements in thejob.
  4. 4. Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4The problem about the all-purpose resume is that it’sgeneric characteristic, as it becomes obsolete, makesyour resume lost in staffing black holes.Here are three simple steps in writing a targetedresume.1. Prepare your primary resume.Have a list of every single aspect in your backgroundthat can serve as tools to modify your resume likeyour work experiences, skills and capabilities and ofcourse your education background. Your primaryresume will be your reference every time you makeyour targeted resume. However this one, will neverbe passed to a potential employer hence be used as aresource where you can pull out basic informationabout yourself as you need it.2. Know the requirements of a job.Basically, if you want your resume to gain attention,make sure that it suits the requirements asked by aparticular job. However don’t be confused betweenthe duties stated and the job requirements. Since youhave a list of specific aspects on your background,you can pick those who are relevant only to the jobyou’re applying for.On the other hand, if you’re only posting your resumeonline, it will be easier to use your generic or all-purpose resume and in the purpose of catching theattention of employers, it is best to research andstudy as many job ads as possible.3. Customize your resume.When you have all the requirements compiled toattain a tailored resume, always go back to yourprimary resume to check out some information youmay add in that will supplement your resume andincrease your chances of getting noticed.Since resume writers have also gained respect in thefield and have probably made their clients get the jobthey applied for, it is advised to consult them or asktheir professional help especially when you just can’twrite your own resume. It is best to state what youwant a resume developer to do. More specifically,telling them to write a targeted resume that willsurely draw the attention of the employers.