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Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]
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Rx cut recruiting presentation al[1]


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    • 1.  
    • 2. Number of uninsured Americans rises to 50.7 million USA TODAY 9/17/2010 That accounts for one in six U.S. residents, according to the Census Bureau. The percentage with private insurance was the lowest since the government began keeping data in 1987. In addition, over 40 million employees with health insurance have inadequate or no pharmacy benefits The reasons for the rise to 16.7% uninsured were many:
      • employees losing their jobs in the recession
      • companies dropping employee health insurance benefits
      • families going without coverage to cut costs
    • 3. But the biggest driver behind the rise of uninsured the escalating cost of medical care workers now pay 47% more than they did in 2005 for family health coverage, while employers pay 20% more
      • For the fortunate who have employer provided insurance
      • 70% have deductibles that are higher than ever before
      • forcing out of pocket payments for retail pharmacy pricing
      • taping into earnings and depleting savings
      • before they can take advantage of co-pays for medication
    • 4. How about seniors on Medicare Over 40,000,000 Americans are 65 and older
      • By the year 2050, there will be over 80,000,000 Americans over 65
      • Social Security reform has put many retirees in harms way by limiting Medicare and creating gaps in coverage call Doughnut Holes
      • A Doughnut Hole is a period between the initial coverage amounts up to $2,840 in total drug spending during a calendar year and $4,550 known as Catastrophic coverage. During this gap, the total cost of prescriptions up to $1,710 are paid out of pocket
      • Most Seniors are on a fixed income and many have to decide regularly whether to buy necessities like food or purchase their medications
      • In addition, the are several drugs not covered under Medicare D
    • 5. Let’s Look at the total Numbers - Seniors 40,000,000 today and 80,000,000 by 2050 - Uninsured 50,000,000 and 40,000,000 without pharmacy coverage - Underinsured (70% of all with employer provided health insurance) - 39,000,000 Illegal Immigrants who will never have insurance - The population of the entire United States is 310,489,000 - OVER HALF OF AMERICA HAS INADEQUATE OR NO INSURANCE Will Obama’s Health Plan Bill Address this Problem? NOT ONE BIT The National Health Plan Bill does not cover prescription drugs 3,600,000,000 prescriptions filled in 2009 – 25% increase from 2008
    • 6. What is the solution for families who need help YOU By becoming a distributor for RX Cut
      • Can you picture yourself
      • Being involved in a noble business with no downside
      • Distributing free cards that save $1,000’s in RX Costs
      • Making a tremendous residual income
      • Not having to buy into a business to get started
    • 7. QUESTIONS? How does this program work Why doesn’t everyone already have a card Sounds too good to be true What pharmacies accept these cards Why would pharmacies accept these cards What medications can be discounted What other benefits can this program offer What kind of income can I create
    • 8. Pharmaceutical Industry Overview
      • RX revenue produced 300 billion in 2009 & will double by 2017
      • By 2012, medication will account for over 17% of Healthcare costs
      • Pharmaceuticals are one of the most profitable industries
      • The cost to produce the average prescription is less than $7.00
      • Drug manufacturers routinely mark up product over 300%
      • 3rd parties, PBM’s, add to the cost up to $28 per prescription
      • An industry insider has broken the cycle of escalating expense
    • 9. RX Cut Overview
      • Founder: A pioneer in medical billing technology for 25+ years
      • Testified before Congress to expose billing practices of PBM’s
      • Accredited PBA (Pharmacy Benefit Administrator)
      • Unlike PBM’s, RX Cut operates at 100% full disclosure
      • FIRST transparent pricing model in the industry, offering retail and mail order programs at guaranteed lowest prices
      • Vision: Deliver affordable healthcare to every family inside the US
      • Approach: Leverage knowledge of the industry along with efficiencies in technology and traffic volume to negotiate deep discounts and take PBM’s out of the equation
      • Vehicle: FREE prescription card accepted almost everywhere
    • 10.  
    • 11. Card Benefits
      • Save up to 75% on prescriptions
      • No Cost
      • No Qualification
      • No Enrollment
      • No Activation
      • No Deductibles
      • No Waiting Period
      • No Hassle
      • 24 Hour Customer Service Line
    • 12. Additional Benefits Laboratory Testing
      • Fast: No gatekeepers or waiting for approval.
      • Affordable: Deeply discounted rates!
      • Convenient: Choose the lab location that’s best for you!
      • Confidential: You decide who sees the results!
      The RxCut® Plus Advantage Test Name Retail RxCut® Plus Lipid panel $ 76.70 $ 25.55 General Health panel $ 185.00 $ 50.50 Basic Metabolic panel $ 45.07 $ 24.00
    • 13. More Benefits Imaging
      • Free Access to major imaging centers across the USA
      • Wellness - Prevention and/or early detection
      • Simple Procedure
      • Confidential Results
      • Discount Prices
      The RxCut® Plus Advantage MRI Average Cost $1,890 RxCut® Plus Average MRI Cost $855 CT Average Cost $1,068 RxCut® Plus Average CT Cost $499
    • 14. But Wait, There’s More Get Benefit Relief (related company with fee plans)
      • Discount plans from family dental programs starting at $9.99 a month to elaborate benefit programs including medical, vision, chiropractic, pet RX, physician hotline, wellness programs, discount legal, roadside assistance, identity theft protection and more
    • 15. What’s in it for ME? Consistent Monthly Income Every time the card is used, you earn a commission (.50 per swipe) If you distribute 5,000 cards and only 2,000 are used once a month, you would earn $1,000 per month in residual income Replicate yourself and your commission grows (.65 per swipe) If you brought on five distributors under you at .40 level with the same utilization numbers, you would earn $2,500 monthly at .25 while your down line makes ($800.00 monthly) on their distributed cards Ten sub-distributors nets you $5,000 in monthly residual income With no additional effort on anyone’s part after distribution
    • 16. What’s in it for ME?
      • Cross sell Opportunities earning from $2.00 to $8.00 per month for each family Dental and Medical discount plan
      • Free Website containing all the tools of the corporate site where visitors can print their own cards coded to you
      • Online Access to Partner Portal
      • - View usage on every card real-time
      • - Print high quality marketing material
      • - Strategies for distribution along with sales aides
      • Receive custom sales materials tied to your group number
      • Ongoing training and support from Corp & Leadership Team
    • 17. COST TO JOIN? One Time Sign Up Fee $.00 Monthly Recurring Fee $.00 Profit Sharing Fee $.00 Training Fee $.00 Website Fee $.00 The only out of pocket is $50.00 for 5,000 laminated Cards Which can be private labeled at no additional cost
    • 18. I Don’t know 5,000 people
      • Non Profit Organizations (no charge for 1 st order)
      • Churches and Religious Groups (free cards as well)
      • Small Businesses with limited health coverage
      • Insurance agents and other professional groups
      • Senior Citizen Groups & Assisted living facilities
      • Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists
      • All retail locations that you support
      • Social Networking Groups
      • Chamber of Commerce, ETC
    • 19. Why would businesses want cards
      • BRANDING
      • - good will leave behind for clients
      • - FREE advertising
      • - long shelf life associated with discounts
      • - community outreach program
    • 20. Is this Company Credible Philadelphia 100, 2010 WINNERS RANK COMPANY NAME 01 NextDocs Corporation 02 Solardelphia 03 Ohana Companies 04 Magic Hat Consulting, Inc. 05 Optimal Strategix Group 06 Magellan Hill Technologies, LLC 07 TicketLeap, Inc. 08 Fun and Function LLC 09 Higgins & Welch Real Estate, Inc. 10 Premier Luxury Rentals, Inc. 11 NHPN 12 CSG Global 13 Adept Consulting Services, Inc. 14 Cognis IT, LLC 15 Entech Consulting 16 Free For All Inc. 17, Inc. 18 Performance Additives, LLLC
    • 21.  
    • 22. Q&A Website Review
    • 23. How Do I Join the Team Thank You and Best of Luck Al Branca 856-304-4874 e-mail [email_address] Call your sponsor