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Business Idea for Garnier_Round II entry

  1. 1. The Next Big Thing | MICANVAS ‘13 | Garnier for Men Rohit Rohan | Unmesh Lamture | Chirag Mediratta MICA
  2. 2. What are the trends? So. who are we talking to? • Working males – professionals and students • Married and single men • 22 - 35 years of age • SEC A and B+ consumers Spend on grooming Are style conscious Innovators, Early adopters Men’s deodorants was the fastest emerging category in men’s grooming in 2012, with growth of 33% in current value terms Companies promoted their men’s deodorants products by highlighting freshness of their brands and more variants for men compared to women According to trade interviews, the male population aged between 18 and 28 accounts for almost 60% of sales of men’s grooming products Skin care and hair care products are the main products used by the male population aged between 19 and 32 “Less is more” and “SPF” will be the core marketing and promotional taglines for the majority of men’s grooming manufacturers in India. The majority of manufacturers will offer consumers’ unique value propositions based on “Less is more” Source | Euromonitor
  3. 3. What do they need? Guys love the feeling you get when you wash off all the dust and oil post face or body wash Using face-wipes on the go is seen as “not-manly” Think of those pink Kara packs of wipes If a guy in Andheri has to dash off to Colaba for a meeting in the late afternoon, he doesn’t have time to stop for a bath. Guys on the go don’t have the time to stop for a quick wash He needs something quick and convenient he can use to at least wash his face of the pollution and sweat he’ll encounter along the way Most importantly, guys feel fresh after a wash “It’s like a wake up call” Men don’t want strong smelling washes, but that the scent gives a feeling of being clean
  4. 4. Hygiene Ease Feel-good experience Scent Fairness Refreshing feeling Expression of taste Feeling of cleanliness Quality of product Multi-utility Brand-value What are we selling? What do men seek from their products? Garnier Current product-line Oil Clear PowerLight IntenseFresh AcnoFight BRUNE| OUR PRODUCT Garnier Our product is trying to blend the need of hygiene, want of freshness and the desire for class and borrow from the offerings of the like and Re. Fresh
  5. 5. And all on the move! What are we saying? An innovative, classy facial sanitizer for men that provides them with the option of hygiene and freshness Does not need water Portable | for the pockets Spray and rub or just spray and enjoy! Keeps the skin sanitised Mild, masculine flavour of fragrance The burst of mist refreshes you Gives you a smooth conditioned scent Sleek Stylish Classy John Abraham remains the brand ambassador
  6. 6. Where do we sell? • Tier I cities + Selected tier II cities • Only urban markets • Chemists/Pharmacies • Beauty specialist retailers • Hypermarkets • Salons Where do they see us? • Magazines • Newspapers • Television • OOH • e-Retail channels Also, on- line! Online campaign • Viral video on YouTube • Funny, quirky yet informative video • Talks about the facial and skin- care history + evolution • Brand is seen as a trustable source • Entertainment content of video makes it viral On-ground campaign • Equipment attached inside lifts • Sprays fresh mist every time the door reaches ground floor • Creative inside the lift talks about the product
  7. 7. How much do you pay? Outer body Spray end Alcohol based solution Spray mechanism Outer packaging 9.5cms 5.5 cms Weight | (approx.) 95gms Aluminum, coke-can material For controlled misty spray More durable than water-based As used in perfume bottles Accounted for in the price* 500+ 300 200 150 0 100Kara tissues Our product Toners Perfumes Facewash Rupees 169|-
  8. 8. BRUNE